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e: [[Image:TibiaWikiLogo.gif]] Votes: 0 By: ?
e: [[Image:TibiaWikiLogo.gif]] Votes: 0 By: ?
f: [[Image:Tibiawiki.gif]] Votes: 1 By: [[User:Pudd Knight|Pudd Knight]]
f: [[Image:Tibiawiki.gif]] Votes: 2 By: [[User:Pudd Knight|Pudd Knight]], [[User:Maverick the hunter|Maverick the hunter]]
g: [[Image:Tibiawiki2.gif]] Votes: 0 By: ?
g: [[Image:Tibiawiki2.gif]] Votes: 0 By: ?

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We're about to become a supported fansite, this time in our own right instead of piggy-backing on All that's stopping us is the 150x100 gif image for the listing on

Therefore, please post your suggested logos below, and tell your graphically-talented friends to do the same ;). Put any comments on your or other logos in the discussion page. Also, please only add a single vote for your favourite logo. If a new logo appears you may change your vote - remember every change is recorded! ;) --Erig 07:37, 15 January 2008 (UTC)

a: File:Tibiawikilogoaard.GIF Votes: 0 By: ?

b: File:Tibiawiki logo (bad).gif Votes: 0 By: ?

c: File:TibiawikiLogo1.gif Votes: 0 By: ?

d: File:LogoScratch.gif Votes: 0 By: ?

e: TibiaWikiLogo Votes: 0 By: ?

f: Tibiawiki Votes: 2 By: Pudd Knight, Maverick the hunter

g: Tibiawiki2 Votes: 0 By: ?

h: Tibiaiwikilogo Votes: 0 By: ?

i: Tibiawikilogo2 Votes: 0 By: ?

j: Tibiawikilogo Votes: 0 By: ?

k: File:Featherpitch Wiki Logo.jpg Votes: 0 By: ?

l: Tibiawiki3 Votes: 0 By: ?

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