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Lord Disarray (Solidera) (status: rejected, no verification sentence on character page comment)

I have been playing Tibia since 2003. I remember tibia Wikia coming onto the scene and it was life changing. Wanted to know prices of items? Tibia Wikia. Wanted to know how to do a quest? Tibia Wikia. Wanted to know what NPCs do? Tibia Wikia.

Thank you for all your countless hard working years making the tibia community stronger.

Samor Pohwn (Helera) (status: accepted)

I use Tibiawiki since a lot time ago but i didnt had an account, but now i want to participate on this event and win one of those rewards. I used tibiaML and tibiawiki but now only tibiawiki because tibiaML isn't working anymore.

Candango de Menera (Menera) (status: accepted)

To me, the best part of TibiaWiki is to find the loot statics of a determined creature. It seems silly, but I like to see what are my chances to drop some rare from a monster before I kill him. Sometimes, the rate of drop is really low, what make me more determined to kill and drop the item, playing against all odds and getting a rare. 

Bonde Da Dionese (Menera) (status: accepted)

The best part of TibiaWiki to me is finding spoilers of Quests, I really don't know what the game would be to me without this tool. Since the dialogues that are need to make some outfit and addon, until the steps of mission from quests, it's the most useful thing that I use and to me is what make my game improve. 

Submission by Luminatyk (Luminera) (status: accepted)

Long live TibiaWiki - thank you guys for all the spoilers and informations! It also helped me a lot when I came back from Tibian retirement - especially data about prey/charm/imbuing systems.

Luminatyk from Luminera

Sehrpatron (Harmonia) (status: rejected, no verification sentence on character page comment)

The main page of my browser :)

I use more this wiki than TikTok

Barbax - Inabra (status: accepted)

I love the fansite, because the information update is quick, making it easier to carry out quests. Even though I'm Brazilian, I use the site a lot to read quest spoilers, the information is always great!11

Submission by Tynusiiaa (Antica) (status: accepted)

Tibiawiki is like gold, like a precious treasure

helps me everyday in game and this is true

We need her as much as Ferumbras needs his hat

She is the best and We know that! ;)

This is a short poem, but I want to add some more text. TibiaWiki and all information that has been creating a great place for years. A huge knowledge base helps me in my everyday game, but also expands my knowledge about legends and curiosities. Thanks, I learned many new things that I didn't know about before. It often helps me when I do work for a competition. Thanks to the knowledge gained on the site I was able to help others on TibiaQA. You are really great, develop yourself and stay as long as possible :) all the best!

Name:  Tynusiiaa

Server: Antica

Submission by Daxius (Lobera) (status: accepted)

I've been using Wiki since the beginning, back in the day we used to have to use Erig to get any of our much needed information on tibia. Now that wiki is around, It has helped myself and my friends countless times during quests and/or just general information throughout the day. I do my best to add some boss information when new quests come out, then I get all excited and show all of my guild members the information I added. I believe it's a really cool feature to have the community itself be able to add more information about the game!

- Daxius (Lobera)

Ensalada Fabuloso (Relembra) (status: rejected, no verification sentence on character page comment, account information should not be hidden)

When im bored of hunting the same respawn i look at tibia wiki exp/hp ratio to think of new places, then i look at the resistances and what fields they pass by

Submission by Makadamia (Bona) (status: accepted)

Long time ago (in 2014), when I was a newbie in Tibia the only source of knowledge about game I knew was polish fansite - Tibiopedia. Just after I get the first Midnight Panther Doll in Tibia my friend showed me Midnight Panther Doll page on TibiaWiki and said something like:

„Look! They’re writing about you! You are famous!”

I was really unexperienced, so it was a shock for me! Wow, official fansite wrote my nickname on an item’s page! Amazing! :D I was so excited for a log time. Then I realized that it was him, who added some information! He simply pranked of me. It was my first „adventure” with TIbiaWiki and thanks to this I realized how it works.

I’m smiling even now, when I think about this funny situation.

That is why TibiaWiki nowadays is my favourite source of knowledge – because of good memories! 😊

Character: Makadamia

World: Bona

Submission by Ely Blademaster (Quintera) (status: accepted)

A little funny story that happened was when I was questing with some friends. It's been awhile since I went to continue the Opticording Sphere's Quest. A couple years ago I would always try to find out more about it and work together with other people reading books and trying different things, exploring places, etc. I did help others and update wikis with whatever info I knew. But I completely forgot about it until about 3-4 months ago where some of my friends wanted to continue their questline. So, as I was helping them, off of my memory, I couldn't remember one part of it and I got super frustrated which is when I came to check here on wiki. When I opened the page and scrolled to the part which we were stuck on, there it was, my own input from that specific part of the quest. We all laughed so much and of course my friends teased me saying "Oh my gosh Ely... how could you forget? You put this on the wiki yourself!" I couldn't believe that I forgot and couldn't stop laughing. We managed to continue it and complete it upto killing the bosses. They will probably never let me forget this and I still smile but it's one of the best memories that has to do with TibiaWiki.

This made me realize how active I used to be and motivated to put my knowledge into helping others in game and unfortunately now I am not as active anymore. Uptill today, I still get people asking me about some quests or achievements and I do whatever I can to help, but as I do get older my memory isn't as sharp as it was before, so it's nice to know that TibiaWiki is still here to help even for those small moments you completely blank when helping others through quests.

Thank you to the fansite TibiaWiki and everyone who helped it become what it is today!


Character - World: Ely Blademaster - Quintera

Submission by Mogh (Bona) (status: accepted)

From the very beginning of playing Tibia I used Tibia Wiki as a great source of knowledge about the game. And today nothing has changed. If I play, I use the Tibia Wiki. There are many fan pages dedicated to Tibia. But only a few of them, in my opinion, are on the highest level. And Tibia Wiki is one of them. The Tibia Wiki has helped me many times to do quests in the game. I remember that the Tibia Wiki was useful to me in some unusual case. I once downloaded the contents of all Tibian books from Tibia Wiki and uploaded it to the database. Thanks to this I created a search engine to search the content of Tibian books. This allowed me to send complicated queries to the database. Unfortunately it didn't help in discovering Tibian secrets. But it was worth a try. :)  

Character: Mogh

World: Bona

Submission by Beren da Caatinga (Astera) (status: accepted)

I like Tibia a lot and my biggest fear is that one day I will search one of the millions of things I look for every day and find the Tibiawiki homepage deleted, missing, or simply under maintenance.
I like RPG very much and in the past I used to find homepages that reveal the mysteries of the game that could be discovered by the effort of the players themselves a little unpleasant.
But where else can I, who am too lazy to go from one city to another, have read all the books in Tibia's libraries if I didn't come here? Not to mention all the doubts that come up every hour in the game. I think I access this page at least once every hour while I play to know something, and that's because I play every day. Imagine then those who are starting ...

character: Beren da Caatinga
world: Astera

Submission by Norelli (Antica) (status: accepted)

I have been using TibiaWiki for several years. TibiaWiki has big base of information about available achievements, quests and bosses. I use these informations to create correct answers on TibiaQA (I use TibiaWiki as source), because of that I can help for other players. My favorite tool is the mapper, by using it I can always show my location (it's so helpful when friends can't find me). Thank you for your work TibiaWiki!

Character Name: Norelli

World: Antica

Submission by Au Flamyy (Antica) (status: accepted)

Why Tibiawiki is important for me?

The answer is quite simple, let's listen to a story!

My friends were getting mad on me because I asked them too much, everyday, every hour, every time. The days were falling slow and even slower when I was trying to get new knowledge. Once when I woke up with sad humour and opened my mailbox I found a letter. The letter was titled "For guy who don't know anything", I got mad but decided to open the site which I saw inside. The site was tibiawiki so I started to read, I used all time I had to know everything. Monday, Friday, Sunday, I was reading everyday, the site became my lecture before, after sleep, and in my dreams. That's how tibiawiki helped me and I appreciate the time I spent with it :) 

Au Flamyy - from Antica

Dracek (Antica) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki is essential during my Tibian adventure. Often when discovering beautiful lands I struggle with a problem in carrying out some missions, but this irritation associated with powerlessness quickly passes after refreshing your site. It also helps me to develop my hero in terms of equipment and appearance of the character, also when using calculators to make my character more powerful which is a very important aspect during my game. I hope that our cooperation will last as long as possible!

Croupier Kookly (Antica) (status: accepted)

One day when I was walking around in Venore in the big Tibia World my heart started beating harder because in the house I walked next to I saw beautiful item and I knew that I want to have it in my collection. The time was passing and I didn't know name of the item, I explored many caves, readed many books, asked many people and nobody knew the name but some day a man who was walking around told me a simple 'tibiawiki' and firstly I didn't know what that means but I got interested. After few weeks of looking in tibia for the item I loved, I found it in 1 hour on the tibiawiki. That's how tibiawiki helped me to be happy and tell you that name of the item is: 'Voodoo Lily Pollen

Submission by Miau (Bona) (status: accepted)

The wiki has always helped me with the quests, saving me time to solve them. Whenever I started playing again, I used the wiki to update myself on new hunting spots, quests, outfits and my favorite part: bosses. Congratulations Tibiawiki, keep helping the players with this great job :)

Char: Miau

Server: Bona

Submission by Varath Brujah (Cosera) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki is one of my favorite sites, It helps you both in missions and in your way of hunting, you see with time what elements you will use what loot you will find, I remember a occasion that used 5 cards to put prey loot Cult Believer, if I had reviewed TibiaWiki it would open me found out that they do not have a good loot, it is the best site

Arendella (Quelibra) (status: accepted)

A phrase that resumes my connection to you is:
"Wisdom is not knowing a lot, but sharing that knowledge."
Always play tibia for fun, and between comings and goings, I always tried hard to keep up with game updates, so whenever I decided to do some searching, analyze new items, see tutorials on how to set up a marker and how to get the item, the first fansite that appears to me is TibiaWiki, which oddly enough has all the answers to my questions, except on how to get a Warlord Sword (hahaha).

I like to decorate the house, so I need to analyze all types of furniture, decoration items, plants and dolls, and how do I do it? Yes, through this website.

Skyfear (Nefera) (status: accepted)

Been using TibiaWiki every day and for years now!

It's been the best tool to use to obtain critical information pertinent to completing complex quest-lines and creature attributes to determine what supplies to use.

The collation of information relating to future and past updates is great to see what is upcoming in Tibia!

Character : Skyfear

World : Nefera

Sandby (Epoca) (status: accepted)

Ill use tibia wikia everyday when I forget something. Its perfect, thanks!

Loth Sebas (Pacera) (status: accepted)

The first time I used tibiawiki was in 2006 when I wanted to do the desert quest with my friend Jaime and we did not know very well which item each of us should bring. I remember that at the end of the quest the team with which we were going killed us and stole our 10k: <. Now, years after being retired, the page is helping me a lot to learn new things about the game and especially the imbuitmens that are new to me. Thank you very much for all these years helping the community!

Character name: Loth Sebas

World: Pacera

Submission by Magis (Peloria) (status: accepted)

The most useful content for me has been the possibility to search damage weakness of monsters by element, this helped me to know which runes I had to take on my druid (especially on new places). I was able to hunt more efficiently improving my experience per hour and incrementing my profit. Thanks Tibiawiki for all those years!

Character: Magis

World: Peloria

Bardir Mormi (Tortura) (status: accepted)

Some time ago I was making POI quest with a big team but at a certain point got lost... People were waiting for me and I was quite anxious cause I knew they wouldn't wait much time, so I would probably die. 

I opened TibiaWiki and kept switching Tibia client/ TibiaWiki trying not to fall in the POI traps. 

I did that for like 15 minutes, while people kept messaging me and minuter after minute my death was closer. 

Moral: that's been quite funny, however, even if the quest guide was quite well made, I was (and still am) a noob, so after some time i fell in the wrong cave and have been killed.

That's the price when you're a noob. 

Bardir Mormi // Tortura 

Submission by Teh Rah (Peloria) (status: accepted)

Tibiawiki has done alot for me in my 15 year tibia career, most people view me as some sort of guru due to my knowledge of tibia. From learning POI levers to discussing varying techniques to efficiently hunt our targets in spawns, details on bosses and spells, npc locations, truely the list is almost endless, tibiawiki is the go to for anyone with a question.

I cant count how many times I have copy pasted wiki links as it's actually harder to explain something, then to show somone the information here. The detail is astounding from unatainable items, to the history of our old worlds. This is an archive. A place were memories become history never to be forgotten. 

The best part of tibiawiki for me are the statistics, the easily viewed loot stats and the damage descriptions are essential for anyone about to head into an area they havent been before. Measure twice, cut once!

Without this site, I would never have gotten as far as I have in this game, I wouldnt have the friends I have now. lastly, death is a big part of Tibia, and quite a harsh lesson each time, Tibiawiki is the tutor to prepare you for the world, the future and the unexpected apply yourself here and you will master this game, you may even master death itself. ;)

Alianake (Antica) (status: accepted)

Dear Tibiawiki Staff!,

Your work on this page helped me a lot with coming back to the game a couple of months ago! I was really lost man and no friend to play with so you were to me like this experienced buddy explaining all the mysteries in the game! No better site with so detailed quest spoilers and creature beating tactics! Everything explained in a nice simple way! Thanks to that I'm avoiding YouTubers who are asking only for subscriptions for half of the video! Great stuff boys, thanks to you I'm inspired to explore Tibia once more time and even more! I'm having real fun!. Ciao Ciao

Submission by Aerial Garden (Antica) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki is really good place for begginers to become professional tibian. It shares a lot of knowledge and I am very grateful for everything that i could get with your guys help. You make every quest easy. Thanks to you i made some charms in thornfire world change.

Submission by Elex Tinus (Kenora) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki is so important to me that i would give my life for it... you dont believe me? I already did it! I died when i was browsing wiki for spoiler of quest and when i checked tibia client - it was already too late.

Submission by Coconut Robin (Antica) (status: accepted)

For me tibiawiki is very useful because me and my friends like to do quests together and usually im the one opening spoiler and leading them through hard quests. Spoilers here are always accurate and easy to understand. 

Mari Aloran (Refugia) (status: accepted)

Being back on Tibia after many years of not playing, TibiaWiki has been very useful with helping to understand all the features that are new to me on Tibia, like prey and hunting tasks and the daily reward system. What I use most however is reading up on all spoilers of the newer quests! 

Although I admit, I have also been looking up old classic quests that I have completely forgotten that I think most Tibia veterans would know off by heart, like the very simple and straight forward Bloodherb Quest.... Which way in the caves do I go again!?

- Mari Aloran (Refugia)

Submission by Guzzlenaw (Antica) (status: accepted)

Hi tibiawiki! Thanks to you i learned much about imbuements so i could improve my gameplay much. We made also final heart of destruction boss thanks to spoiler. We did it without anyone dying when we were average level 500. Not bad!

Submission by Potion (Antica) (status: accepted)

Hey TibiaWiki! I'm very happy that i can use this webiste. Sometimes when I'm bored im just browsing random items or bosses and trying to think of new names for my character haha. I managed to get some good names like Potion, Dead on my account. Info on this website is really well prepared.

Submission by Dragon del caos (Secura) (status: accepted)

I have used this Wiki since I always play tibia. It has been and is of great help to me to follow the quests, inform me about the items and many things. Thanks to this Wiki I was able to know the value of many objects and be warned of monsters to avoid losing the game. Thank you very much for the great work.

Jundi Leads (Luminera) (status: accepted)

I was killing war golums for beastiary and got a yellow loot text "Tin Key". 

Thank you Tibia wiki for letting me know what a Tin Key was used for and how rare it is!  I love you!

Submission by Guuku (Talera) (status: accepted)

An anecdote that has happened to us all is when you start playing again, when before you already knew everything. So, you go back to the game and the first thing you know you should do is consult the lukewarm wiki. Later, the nostalgia begins that the page has changed and you did not realize when that happened. But you know that you are faithful to him because you learned to play tibia with Tibia Wiki although the aspect is different, it is still a kind of bible in the game. ¡Long live Tibia Wiki!

Submission by kirito the tank (solidera) (status: accepted)

tibiawiki seems to me the page with more information regarding tibia, having more information. Regarding Missions, Itens, Creatures, Map, Costumes, Montaria among others by providing us with characteristics, details, and data regarding the game. apart from that it is very well explained and detailed to make it easier for users to understand it. It should be noted that it is also very easy to acquire information from the page facilitating our lives in the game. that's why it seems to me that tibiaki is the best information page in the tibian world ... in particular, I think this page has made things easier for me and has helped me greatly to better understand the game and be able to overcome many obstacles ...

I have several anecdotes because I am a very clueless player: D but I think the most significant was when I spent 2 hours lost in the labyrinth to enter the inquisition quest and I could not find a way to pass it but thanks to this page I was able to finish it: D later I died by Hellfire Fighter ... but without TIBIAWIKI I would have died of boredom xD

Filosalos (Antica) (status: accepted)

I've got lost multiple times in desert quest, but tibiawiki always saved me!!! Thanks a lot, you really don't know how many times I got 10k thanks to your help!!

Name: Filosalos

World: Antica

Submission by Battistone (Venebra) (status: accepted)

Tibiawiki is very important to me cause im new in the quest or item that i need meet...i go to tibiawiki. Once i forget my char and stay studying tibiawiki...when i come back tibia, i was dead x.x 

Submission by Captain Jonhson (Monza) (status: accepted)

I love TibiaWiki cause help me everytime in the game ! Quest, tasks, itens, ... everything i search in TibiaWiki! Is the father of Noobs like me :D  thanks TibiaWiki s2

Submission by Hanneman Knight (Vunira) (status: accepted)

Im sure that TibiaWiki is the site that i check more times in the day ! :D  I need you to play my favorite game !! thanks TibiaWiki!!!

Submission by Sibon Faur (Vunira) (status: accepted)

I have followed TibiaWiki since the days of Erig. Often the first thing I check in the morning is logging on the site and press "Recent Changes" just to see if something new have been added since yesterday. In my opinion the best fansite in the whole fansite program. And in 2011 I got the chance to compete with other members of this fansite in the third Fansites Soccer Cup where we managed to take 4th place.

Submission by Captain Zinexi (Calmera) (status: accepted)

Without Tibiawiki I would never had been able to experience Tibia's full potential! Basically I would have been lost! 

Lilai Metenon (Funera) (status: rejected, character level is too low)

Tibia wiki fansite is important for me, player hungry for knowledge. It gives us alot of information about many quests we meet in Tibia. I use it everyday to be on time with everything.

Submission by Iron Tip (Solidera) (status: accepted)

Hi! Tibiawiki was before the youtubers doing tutorials, which are not always well done, here they tell you everything you have to know, the quest guides and what affects each monster I consider to be of greater reelevance, plus the % drop of each creature. Thanks to tibiawiki I became a walking library or at least that's how my friends consider me, one time I read the road to demona wrong and we were lost for almost 2 hours on that road, we were hungry and a friend died, we ran out of potions, my Friends wanted to kill me (not literally ... I hope so) but in the end, we could see Demona door in all its splendor, without being able to pass, and then we die too.

Iron Tip


Pd: I didn't know I could have an account here haha ​​thanks

Eightseptember (Garnera) (status: accepted)

I have been playing tibia since 2006, back then not many fansites were helping in the adventures of tibia, I remember my first premium account.
I was making access to Turtle Island, I was stuck in a part of Liberty Bay and the page that was helping me was Tibia ml at the time but the quest was not complete.

After a time of frustration I started looking at different pages and connected with tibiawiki is funny. Because after helping me a lot in the quest I was doing, I forgot the url of the page and started looking for warm wikia hahahahahaha, after a while I found it and saved it in my favorites folder.

I have been learning about tibia for many years thanks to tibiawiki.

In my retreats and returns to tibia I always try to keep up to date and tibiawiki informs me of all the news, thanks for always being so loyal in this wonderful game !!!!!.

THANKS tibiawiki happy anniversary :)
Hail tibia.

Hail tibiawiki.

Submission by Zanga lli (Ombra) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki is the most complete fansite ever.

If you don't know how to make a quest - they teach you, step by step. If you want to know something about an item - they tell you who drop it how much it costs and a lot more information. If you want to know some path - Mapper is there! You want a sprite from a creature? They have. Including effects, items, things on map!

It help us everyday... From low level, to high.

Hannibalex (Gladera) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki is my number one source for any Tibia related information! During my daily adventures I am constantly flipping from page to page seeking accurate and detailed information which it provides to help me get through the most difficult of challenges. Some of the most useful things I always find myself going back to are the quest spoilers, imbuing, and items pages. They are always so detailed and I always enjoy the photos. However my personal favorite is the updates page, which always seems to be involved so quickly with the new and upcoming content for future game releases. Thank you for many years of sharing your wonderful, vast knowledge, and your role in community involvement TibiaWiki!

Hannibalex (Gladera)

Submission by Voucx (Gentebra) (status: accepted)

A short Rap

Back in the days when I was a teenager

Before I was a druid, before to be a mage,

My pops used to say: "This game seems diabolic"

I looked at them and thought: "I cant be that workaholic".

Introvert, I had to socialize,

My parents were nagging to be wise

I showed them my favorite fansite

And said: "Mamma, daddy, I want to be a Designer". 


It's curious how random things in your life can guide you through a unknown and possible good future, I can remember showing TibiaWiki to my parents and having the thought "Oh this is soooo nice, I want to do these cool things also!", afterwards I started to look for content related to digital design and now here I am, I still play during my free time, hanging out with friends, but in the other side of the screen there is a professional who was briefly inspired back in the days by TibiaWiki's work. Thanks so much for that :)

I hope you from TibiaWiki liked my short rap (hahaha) about my past experience related to the Fansite, I know it sounds silly, but I like to have fun with this game <3 

Character information:

  • Character: Voucx
  • World: Gentebra

Submission by Batsu netsu mare (Menera) (status: accepted)

my experience in tibia wiki has always been to do quests, undoubtedly the best fansite and updated. Also it has exceptional information about other areas of tibia

Submission by Kanon de Geminis (Menera) (status: accepted)

hello, in my gaming experience and in other games tibiawiki-Fandom has served me, it really is a well-designed and very updated tool. with accurate information. we always use it with my friends and I

Submission by Mistic Runner (Antica) (status: accepted)

God bless TibiaWiki! Here i learned a lot about tibia and during my years of playing i always used it. Thanks guys you made the hard quests easy. I like how you can start on one page and then click references and gain so much knowledge. Time is ticking and im reading and gaining tibia knowledge.

Submission by Dark Dancerr (Harmonia) (status: rejected, no verification sentence on character page comment)

I cannot imagine playing Tibia without using TibiaWiki. I use it on daily basis to check all information I need i.e. creature details, quest spoilers etc.

Submission by Oriibsz (Peloria) (status: accepted)

Tibia Wiki, in my opinion I could say that it is the fansite wiith the most visits worldwide in the Tibian community. I have been playing Tibia since 2012 and since then the website has always been really helpfull , to make quest, bosses, events, achievements, even game mechanisms when Cipsoft implemented in the new "Open PVP" and those changes that we have seen over the years in the Tibia Client, it is the website with the most updated information.

In fact, my last help was when I did the search "THE SECRET LIBRARY in the THE LAMENT mission, it is the only fansite that I know of that has information on such a useful shortcut, for me as a low level (considering the new high lvls are 1300 XD ) all those tips are very helpful , we reduced so much time and supplies with that tip. For this and more Tibia Wiki is always and will be the first option for me! For has always been the first to give the most effective and accurate information.

The last I could say is: ¡Thanks! for your dedication for all over this 15 years and for the rest that are coming tho.

¡Happy Anniversary! 

See you in the next quest!

Trzyi Dwa Wiadra (Vita) (status: rejected: empty entry)

Trzyi Dwa Wiadra (Vita)

Lehula Dohon (Celebra) (status: accepted)

Well, I started to play Tibia in 2003 about the time CIPSOFT opened the world Harmonia. Since there I've been playing trough some worlds, and along some periods of time, with a lot of breaks. In August 2016 I came back and keep playing until now, moving my RP from Luminera to Celebra when they opened it. Tibiawiki, or Erig (al old times), is my handook while I'm playing, this website is fantastic and help players like nothing else, especially who has short time to play. I can't imagine myself playing without the support from Tibiawiki, whether to do quests, to choose my equipment or even where to hunt.

I remember around 2005 we were in a small group exploring POH, we didn't use any voice software that time, only chat in game, after some time I change window to check som info at Tibiawiki, when I returned to Tibia we all were at the temple of Carlin kk, all killed by Giant Spiders.

Submission by: Royce Gracie Jiujitsu (Vunira) (status: accepted)

Well, Tibiwiki helps me daily, i using for check creature strength, a percentage of drop items, and sometimes (almost always kk ") i see spoils of the quest. However, to be more exact, it was when I killed either the boss of the yielothax, The Raging Mage. for days I killed thousands of yielothax and after the boss, and nothing to drop the item, until I had the probability of dropping or elementary spikes from that boss. 
According to loot % from the tibia wiki, a chance of loot the elementary spikes was 1.18%, that is, in the media, every 84 bosses. I would kill would drop one, even if a approximate media, i had a approximate idea, so decide to kill this boss for 4 straight months and Voiala, after almost 110 bosses killed
I Looted the long-awaited elemental Spikes, a very beautiful item.

Eremo (Antica) (status: accepted)

Tibia Wiki has been of crucial importance to the Tibia community. For me in particular I remember printing the pages that I Found most relevant so that I could consult them on the fly while playing, back when I was a beginner.

Still this website's contribution to the community is unsurmountable. I can't stress that enought.

Thank you TibiaWiki! Thank you very much! Let's celebrate!

Cotelaria (Antica) (status: accepted)

I began playing Tibia in 2008 and made a few stops here and ther (who didn't?). But, when I returned to the game at the end of 2016, my mind was completely different of the mind I had back in 2012 (the last time I played constantly) and I dived deep into the lore of Tibia and also its legends. TibiaWiki was, then, an important tool for me, because I could have access to lots and lots of books all around Tibia and also have a better dimension of how great this game is and also how great its community is for being supporting it for so many years.

The knowledge TibiaWiki gave me was fundamental for me to be where I am now, holding a leadership position in a very important guild, which I'm very proud to be at. And, I think that if it wasn't for TibiaWiki and all the history content it has, I most certainly wouldn't be where I am and I'd probably be retired again.

Josipano Kagebe (Premia) (status: accepted)

Tibia wikia is like an enhancing blessing for tibia players because:

1. First of all, TibiaWiki is free! I thank every staff member for kindly putting some effort into it, so all player base can enjoy a better gaming experience.

2. TibiaWiki it's all about community, like a famous country motto: of the people, by the people, for the people!

3. Information Fountain: Tibia Wiki has a sistematized data file and information from Tibia, wich easy access to anyone. You can get hints of quests, updates, changeloges, technical information.. all in one place.

4. Last, but not least, we can learn about things like enhanced blessing! It was really valuable to me, a returning player, to found out what was game changes on last years from a trustable source such as Tibia Wiki.

Even if I don't win, don't know if anyone will read this, but for all tibia wiki staff: Thank you very mush, I wish you all the best.

Alanui (Antica) (status: accepted)

I am very grateful for all that the website's organizing team does for the community. In addition to promoting excellence in content, it unites diverse groups and Tibia lovers, in order to move a whole community. TibiaWiki is a reference when it comes to Tibian content, and it is certainly the best site for Tibia lovers. From my own experience, this site is responsible for several friendships created over the years, which I will take for the rest of my life.

Character: Alanui

Server: Antica

Flipies (Quintera) (status: accepted)

19 days after Tibia fandom was created, Vanishin was born, a club wielder knight who owned a mighy dragon hammer and slayed hordes of frost trolls on the remote isle of folda. 

Everything was smooth as ice untill Vanishin decided to go further into the dephts of the island only to face some evil minotaurs with sharp bolts and meet a sad fate. Exploring was exciting and worrying at the same time, as penalties for dying were harsh back then.

After one year, Vanishin has vanished and the journey continued with a different alias, strategy and vocation. But this time Tibia Fandom was known and to this day it's a must have tool, bringing knowledge and helping newbies, newcomers and oldschool players coming back after years away from tibia. 

Jesse Jaymes (Mitigera) (status: accepted)

I used to use TibiaWiki for everything but now it's all about the updates. Thanks for all that you do!

Comandante Drack (Menera) (status: accepted)

During my stay in the game, TibiaWiki has really helped me to orient myself the times that I really felt lost to continue with the mission, being a player who really enjoys the RPG and I don't like to stay stuck, it really helped me to continue avoiding a possible frustration.

Submission by Skippyjoe (Talera) (status: accepted)

I go straight to TibiaWiki anytime I want to hunt something new or explore new places. As a forever noob, I come back to this webpage again and again! Keep up the awesome work!

Kriiz Weeping - Talera (status: accepted)

Tibia Wiki is the Only SPOILER that you'll always LOVE!

Everyone hates spoilers but over this page SPOILERS are the BEST!


​​​​​My funny story happened some time ago, when my friends and i were killing Oberon and no one had the dialogs.. so i came over here (i was the ED) trying to find it and when i turn to tibia again.. there i was.. laying over the ground, so.. DEAD u.u' !

No one healed me AHAHA so that was the time i learned to have that messages on my bars! :D

Submission by Zariel Win (Lobera) (status: accepted)

Well guys, Wiki is the most important fandom page from Tibia for me, because i remember when i found this page and saw that it contains all the information about how to do Quests, How tibia works. So this page allowed me to discover the whole world of Tibia. Thanks to this fandom page was easy to me to learn how to play, or how to make some money (doing quests), to continue hunting in the game. I used to be an editor from this page, as i was fascinated how this website help to me to know more about the game, i created an account and my focus was "If anyone ever helped me with the information, i can give back to help more tibians like me". So every new major update, i was one of the firsts players to stop play normal tibia game, and waste all the time on the test servers, discovering How to do the new stuff and How can I help to post this new stuff here, to help more people.

It was incredible how my brother and i were playing test servers and update the pages, playing together and discovering the Tibia World together to help people to keep the spark of playing tibia and to do it easier to understand for everyone.

Actually, i growed up, so i haven´t the same time as i had when i was a child, and keep me on the editor profile is impossible to me, but the page continue doing his work, now when i need some information about a new major update, Tibia Wiki is still here for me, solving all my questions, showing me the path of the Quest... doing his work.

Yours, Zariel Win from Lobera.

Submission by Slowfi (Quintera) (status: accepted)

I have been playing tibia for many years, i have never been the kind of player who knows everything refered to quest, access, monsters, NPC, locations. 

So, for me TibiaWiki is the best Fansite so far. I use it everyday in my daily game day, since I have many doubts about monsters, or places to hunt, where to sell my loot? where to find "x" item? 

I just love it. It makes my daily game so EASY. 



Submission by Infernal Asca (Quintera) (status: accepted)

Tibiawiki is important to me because I can use the calculators!! I never know what level ranges I can share, I never know how much exp I need to my goal, and tibiawiki provides me with all that information.

As well as quests, mounts and outfits!!!

I also always forget where Rashid is each day!! hahaha

Infernal Asca - Quintera

Submission by King Puchi (Solidera) (status: accepted)

I find tibiawiki really useful in my daily life. I always use it for quest or to look for certain items i need for hunt. I mostly use it to split my loot after every hunt, so im able to know if its green or blue dijin. I have been using Tibiawiki since i started to play tibia which is quite a lot years.

King Puchi Solidera

Submission by Knowledge Elemental (Quintera) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki has become the most important tool in the game for me, I can find anything im looking for in tibiawiki. 

I find it really interesting, after every update TibiaWiki makes it really easy to get to know the newest of tibia and how to succed in the quest/access the implement to the game. On the other hand, I use it everyday for my daily game like questing, bosses, loot, etc..

Character :Knowledge Elemental

World: Quintera

Goku Dragon Celestial (Impera) (status: accepted)

Tibiawiki has been a very important part of my gaming experience with tibia ever since it was created. From learning new questlines to remembering old hunting grounds, Wiki is oftentimes my choice of preference when I feel the need of consulting strategies, game lore, and so much more, this page is a fundamental tool for me in Tibia.

I remember once I got lost in the mace of lost souls for about 3 days because I to find the route to the hidden city of Demona just on my memory from the old days. I finally decided to look up the route on Tibiawiki and after a quick refresher, I was able to head in the right direction in order to reach the lost city and revisit my warlock friends. I even found some evidence of Ferumbras plotting schemes with sudden death runes, an old crystal wand, some maps and lots of stone golems who sometimes carry other items with them...

Goku Dragon Celestial - (Impera)

Submission by Peyperzin (Quintera) (status: rejected, account information should not be hidden)

By the years, I have find tibia wiki really useful, it explains almost everything about tibia. 

I love to search about Tibia History, Quest, and mostly I like to look for the details of certain items that im willing to get, and its possible to get to know about them because of tibiawiki.

As well, I look in TibiaWiki for certain monsters, to know how to kill them, if theres any requirement for it, or certain kind of attack like fire, energy...

TibiaWiki is part of my everyday game.

Character Peyperzin

World Quintera

Submission by Carth Sho (Talera) (status: accepted)

Well it all started in Forters which is now Talera. after leaving rookgaard for a third time. The first time I died didn’t even know you could re-log and appear back in temple. The second time I arrived at rookgaard my friend was like “I died yesterday.” I was in shocked he level back up so fast so I quickly msg him privately asking how he did it... he then told me about how death worked. So later that day I logged back on my first chart again to be killed by a player killer. I was devastated. So I started a new chart and left beyond level 14 but then I was even weaker! Less health less mana. So the fourth time now I first rooked myself. This time I had many friends but I usually stayed in the city or depot eventually I made a skull candle. Which I sold to a noob. Then later my friend somehow ended up buying it. Realizing he paid 2,500gp and I sold it for 200gp. I wonder what other items I could make so I went on google while on googleI search forums on google and came across And I think to myself it has all the information I needed eventually I read about the thunder hammer. I spend months looking for one from a normal dwarf with no success. Then I read about the excalibug! It drove me crazy not only would I see what Item I was dropping but also if it had better stats than usual! Never found anything until I ran into orc fortress! When I saw it was Sam backpack I quickly posted it on advertisement I must have gotten around 200ks?? I was robbed. Then I tried buying a giant sword. But when I looked it was a two handed sword. Quickly I checked and there was a scam section. Eventually I started making a lot of gold using their guide!(how not to get scam) expect I used it the opposite way?? Sorry :S But by the time I had enough for premmy I had to use it all to save myself. Because back then the worst someone could msg you was. YOU ARE HUNTED. Which was what happened but it was an amazing experience. I still use wiki today to check what’s new on updates and maybe buy certain item. Like before imbue I trippled on vampire teeth I must have gotten 2000+ for 200gp each thank you :)

Submission by Madame Flatha (Refugia) (status: accepted)

Hello Tibians,

TibiaWiki is my first option to fulfil my curiosity about world of Tibia. Whenever I try to find some information I start with this page. As I am freak with bestiary and achievements those two sections are really useful for me. Without using this page perhaps till this day, I wouldn’t know what’s behind second penguin looking monster in bird category, now I have fully unlocked Dire Penguin. Also widely described achievements allowed me to collect over 700 points so far and still growing! Last by to least in my opinion it is the page with best developed search tool from Tibia fan sites. In fact, I prefer to use TibiaWiki than sites in my native language.



Madame Flatha

Inhabitant of Refugia 

Submissão por Violethy (Ferobra) (status: accepted)

You can't play without visiting TibiaWiki at least once a day, with it I can check hits, in addition to important quests. He is my pocket guide, and if I am the player I am today it is due to his contribution to his website. Thank you TibiaWiki for all your dedication to the Tibian community, always working to bring us new information.

And that this anniversary is one of many. <3

Character: Violethy / Word: Ferobra

Qeteyal (Furia) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki helps me and US, Tibians. She delivers great and trusted informations about every quests, items and much more... Fansites are very important to keep community having fun with Tibia!

Submission by Refab (Antica) (status: accepted)

I've been using this site

When I "was died"

By monster and so

It was a let go

To check the blessing locations

I needed confirmations

My memory is bad

Even more when I am dead

I don't always remember

Even at what server

I am playing on

But let's move on

To the conclusion

Of this poem illusion

With this site

I know where to buy

The blessings I need after I die

Refab, Antica

Submission by Kane the Fair (Relania) (status: accepted)

I always have the wiki open while I'm playing so I can check how to best use the world changes that happen daily, and to make sure I don't miss any chances in getting access to rare events! Also: what best way to find where to get that rare loot other than TibiaWiki's wisdom ?

Submission by Mikolaj (Antica) (status: accepted)

I love this site because it is the fastest way to find information about loot chance or what element I should attack diffrent monster or a description of thier attacks so I can prepare better hunt in special places.

Submission by Avidente (Antica) (status: accepted)

somebody introduce this site to me after like 4 years after playing without it. I cant tell how much easier this game is now, i slowly became addicted to tibiawiki. I wish someone told me of this site sooner.

Avidente from antica

Submission by Yuki Faith (Antica) (status: accepted)

   Till 2017, I've always used Tibiopedia to check all quests, etc. I never even heard about TibiaFandom before. But there was a time when I started to make achievements. I had to go to the mines in Krailos. But there was no explanation how to get down inside. It took me 4 hours, running around with my friend (I asked him for help). Then he asked me if I checked TibiaFandom! This how "we met". 

    This is my own, little and for me funny story.:) Since that day I always use TibiaFandom. I use it mostly to see spoilers, to read about bosses or about some Tibia history! TibiaFandom also helped me also to get my own Omniscient Owl from TibiaQA. I used it to make my questions or as a source in my answers. I think this is the best website about Tibia. If I don't know about something, then I don't even waste my time for other websites. TibiaFandom is my number 1.

 Yuki Faith from Antica

Ba'Lizer from Vunira (status: accepted)

congrats tibiawikia!! been using this site pretty much all my tibia life to check hunting places, check prices and find npcs etc. keep up this great site!

Submission by Favarona (Harmonia) (status: accepted)

Hello tibiaWiki Community and hi to everyone :)

I would like to explain how important TibiaWiki is for my daily routine regarding Tibia. Although I had a long break due to studies, I am back playing nowadays having a lot of fun with my friends during hunts, quests, chatting or getting achievements. All these would not be eased if TibiaWiki was not existing. And to be honest: Without tibiaWiki I somehow doubt if I would really play a lot or just be annoyed not to know what to do in any quest :-D

There are so many reasons I spend many time on TibiaWikis pages. First of all I like the Wiki-Concept. You can easily search for anything, if it's a creature sound or an NPC name. Also, I always admire and really appreciate the work of all admins who spend so much time and passion in writing new sites and texts and improving existing pages. Here, I would like to say thanks to every admin and editors <3

Another reason is the fact, that tibiaWiki is the number one of all fansites. I can easily contact the admins via discord and changes at any page are immediately done. That's just somehow mindblowing, how fast the admins react. And also, you can find so much information on all pages. TibiaWiki knows more than tibia gives information ingame e.g. where to buy a love poem or where to sell the old parchments :-D

And eventually, tibiaWiki has so many varieties. There are a lot of tips for all vocations as well as videos embedded and information about any monster, what they drop. And the best thing: Spoilers :D I think everyone of us needs spoilers else we might sit 10 h for a quest instead of only 1 :P

There may be many other reasons why I am a TibiaWiki fan but I think I would spam you :D

Best regards Favarona

Submission by Cat Astrofe (Celebra) (status: accepted)

To me, the best part of Tibia Wiki is lol'ing really hard with my friends when I realize that I forgot to bring the item for the next mission in the quest and end up updating the quest page warning people about it (or when I don't read how strong the next monsteris and we all end up doing another walk of shame).

Submission by Thanarthy (Epoca) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki has been my best friend ever since I bought my second monitor. It is a must when playing Tibia, and is always open :-) I have several bookmarks with TibiaWiki, ranging from the routes to the different Gold Token bosses to the order in which the instruments for entering Vashresamun should be played.

I can honestly say that TibiaWiki improves my quality of playing Tibia, and especially the part with an option to show the spoiler or not - so you can still keep the mystery alive but seek help once you've given up.

Huge thanks to the crew behind it.

- Thanarthy, Epoca.

Magerian (Celebra) (status: accepted)

Tibiawiki is at least once a week helping me, on missions, hunting grounds, how and where to get some items. For 11 years that I play tibia, going back and forth to the game, you from the tibia wiki are always helping me, practically every day that I play. Especially on those long, boring missions that I get lost in, you're showing her the way.

Zaren Kifex (Bona) (status: accepted)

What to say about this fantastic website? Without TibiaWiki many players wouldn't even be able to complete simple quests or getting to Hellgate and so on. A real Tibian is so only when he gets lost for the first time and is saved by TibiaWiki. 

Zaren Kifex, Bona 

Submission by Passifico (Celebra) (status: accepted)

I once needed tibiawiki to do my quest with my alias friend. I needed it many times and that was one of the best quests I've ever done. Thanks to the wiki.

She's the Wrath of the Emperor! One of the most laughed-out quests and I found it funny to use a box to hide. It was very tasty and a lot of laughter in addition to phrases like "Stop it !! go go go !!" "run!!" "look at the light !!" and several laughs and pure emotion !!! s2

If it weren't for tibiawiki, which one would help me with my quests and information about tibia!

Thank you very much from TibiaWiki for making my game more practical and easy!


Fabulous Jellyfish (Damora) (status: accepted)

TibiaWiki is an essential tool, without which playing Tibia would be like walking in darkness. This site is a beacon of light in every Tibian's journey. Whether it's to complete hours-long quest, or simply check price of a rune, information is always here.

Submission by Asuna Ishi (Antica) (status: accepted)

I always use TibiaFandom after update. I think it is the best way to make quests or search for any help if you need to.. First time I found TibiaFandom when i made a Forgotten Knowledge Quest. It was really helpful and good to find it! Happy Birthday!

Gaiptinus Demaki (Helera) (status: accepted)

Can't forget: first months I played Tibia, during POI quest, Pumin Seal, couldn't find how to talk with those skeletons and TibiaWiki helped me! Really, that was quite a hard experience for me, and everything gone well 'cause you helped me! Thanks ;). 

Name - Gaiptinus Demaki

World - Helera 

Ramq (Harmonia) (status: accepted)

Hi there!

I am regular user on TibiaWiki through the website's lifetime. I have celebrating my 15 anniversary in game with together since I made my first account. So many things changed in game and on fansite but TibiaWiki always going the right way. I just love searching on page it giving me results from sentences copied in game an the way it is all connected together as spiders web it expands my knowledge on a topic that intersts me. I am telling you people! Nowhere you find such well-written quests as on this page. Keep going with a great job you are doing for players and I wish you all the best for next 15 years or twice as long.

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