Welcome to TibiaWiki. This contains many resources to help you contribute to this web site. Please make sure any articles you create comply with TibiaWiki Policy. Also, you can take a look at our standards. The easiest way to start editing is just by searching for an example (similar to what you want to achieve) and copy from there. You can also ask things to the admins here.

Infobox Templates

We have templates to give all articles of the same type a uniform appearance. See their documentation on the template's page or ask an experienced user for further help with using them. Note: this list is outdated, it is best to look here.


The pages in these categories may need maintaining:

Current tasks

See also: TibiaWiki:Requested articles and TibiaWiki:Projects

Some things on our to-do list:

  • Create articles for any remaining Objects, Streets.
  • Review all quest spoilers (grammar, images/maps).
  • Update Loot pages with new items from last update.
  • Upload screenshots for houses/guildhalls.
  • Check/recalculate all Formulas.

Tips on Editing Item/NPC Pages

When making item or NPC pages:

  1. Open another browser or tab and open up this site,
  2. Go right to the search page or enter in the search box in the top right the Item or NPC name

This will show you other pages that relate to this Item or NPC so you know what other information is available. This way you do not need to repeat information and can fit in what you want to add with existing information.

Tips on Adding Screenshots/Pictures

For more detailed help see this guide.

External Help

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