A lot of House/Building pages have missing information, or badly formatted parameter content, which makes building lists look ugly. The following standardizations are suggested to all Buildings:

  • The parameters openwindows, floors and rooms must contain one integer number. Any additional information can be given in the notes section, or will be clarified by images in the images section.
  • implemented parameter should be added, this is often quite easy, since most buildings of a certain city were added to the game during the same update the city was released. Only for older buildings it is more difficult.
  • Use image parameter, in favor of old graphic parameter
  • Remove obsolete pipe symbols
  • Add street parameter, if no obvious street; add Wilderness as street
  • Add exact mapper location in location parameter

In the first stage only player ownable houses and guildhalls are reviewed. The second stage would be to add all other buildings.


Progress of project.

See also: TibiaWiki:Projects

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