This page shows the history of TibiaWiki, describing the most important events and changes. Because all edits made are logged and can be seen on history pages of all articles, all information is transparent and the information shown on this page can be verified by anyone. At the start of a new year, the last year can be documented here. Like anyone can contribute to TibiaWiki, anyone can contribute to it's history.


TibiaWiki is founded by Erig on November 22, 2004.[1] Initially, it is placed on a subdomain of the statistics webpage Erig.net and has the url tibia.erig.net. During these first few months of existence the only Administrator is Erig. The first content article is Hellsgate Library, and some other Library articles quickly following after that one. Anonymous edits are still possible, anyone can edit the wiki even without a user account.


This year the Administrator team is extended with Alreth, Borr, DM and Rune Farmer so including Erig there are now 5 Administrators. Erig.net becomes a supported fansite and TibiaWiki, being part of that site, becomes supported too.[2]
The year begins with some Libraries and Books and continues mostly with new pages for all existing Items, Creatures, and ongoing work on Cities, Hunting Places, Sets, Magic, NPCs, and Quests. Some of the first things that attract people are the Libraries and Quests, since at the time there are not many trustworthy sites with comprehensive information. Many Standards are established, including using templates to better organize information (much credit to Rune Farmer), and are progressively applied to existing pages mid-year into 2006.


Work continues, creating pages in existing categories as well as improving standards. Work begins on Buildings, Worlds. Personal pages are made for individual Keys and Books since previously their content was just listed on their respective category pages. Featured Articles start appearing on the Main Page. Erig adds Whitelaces, Diggersmith, Edwin de waterman, Lord de los Druidas, Hunter of Dragoes to the Administrator team and promotes Whitelaces to bureaucrat. Diggersmith retires himself 4 months after being promoted to Administrator.


New work on Objects begins. Continued effort to standardize all Books, Buildings, Loot pages with templates. Whitelaces creates 4 bots (TavinBot TypeLists, TavinBot CreatureLists, TavinBot ItemLists, TavinBot) to make repetitive edits, however they are only used for a small period of time. Art Featherpitch becomes an Administrator. Administrator Lord de los Druidas is hacked and immediately blocked by Whitelaces, followed by being permanently blocked and removed from the Administrator team by Erig two days later. In December, TibiaWiki moves from Erig.net to Wikia. With the new domain, posting any link to TibiaWiki in the game and in the official website is temporarily considered illegal.


TibiaWiki reaches 5,000 articles sometime in January or February 2008. TibiaWiki becomes a supported fansite on its own merits, this time under the new Wikia domain and linking to the site is once again allowed.[3] With the introduction of the new fansite programme, TibiaWiki immediately becomes a promoted fansite.[4] Around May of 2008, the library section of the website is finally filled with most, if not all, books in-game at the time.
TibiaWiki holds a logo contest.[5] Since TibiaWiki doesn't hold an Item Design Contest, its unique item, the Heavily Bound Book, is instead chosen from the TibiaNews item contest. Sixorish and Bennie are promoted to Administrators. Edwin de waterman and Whitelaces retire themselves. Talk:Administrator Team is created for easier communication between users and Administrators.


A change in the Damage Modifiers of Creatures (to make good use of DPL) is suggested by NeWsOfTzzz, causing a lot of controversy among the community. The situation is handled with TibiaWiki's first poll, which was a step forward to a more democratic community. Later, a weekly poll feature is added to the Main Page to accompany the weekly featured articles.
The Loot Statistics project begins in its first version. Craggles is promoted to Administrator. Bennie becomes a bureaucrat. Rollback permission is given to Maguu, Beejay and Kwigon the sharpshooter. Art Featherpitch briefly retires himself. TibiaWiki's mother site, Erig.net, closes its doors.[6] The TibiaWiki team places fourth in the second Fansites Soccer Cup.


Upgrade on Loot Statistics makes it process the needed information from Server Log and automatically upload it to the monster(s) Loot Statistics page. The Outfiter and Mapper tools are created. Erig passes the position of TibiaWiki contact person to Bennie. Beejay and Daniel Letalis become Administrators. The first TibiaWiki contest, Create a Creature Contest is held in September resulting in hundreds of submissions. Wikia launches a new skin "Wikia" in October/November, causing a lot of controversy.


Hunter of Dragoes becomes bureaucrat and contact person. Art Featherpitch returns. To get a better overview of projects, the page TibiaWiki:Projects is created. Important projects such as TibiaWiki:NPC Trade Project and adding implementation dates to Items and Creatures are started.


TibiaWiki reaches 10,000 articles in May 2012. Arkshi becomes an administrator. Questions about the consistency of spoiler tags are raised. Individual pages for Backpacks, Tapestries and other groups of items are created. TibiaWiki:NPC Trade Project and TibiaWiki:NPC Sidebar Project are finished.


TibiaWiki:Achievement Pages Project reaches its conclusion. The user Zantax suggests a revamp in the item rarity classification system, which is accepted. For the first time in TibiaWiki history, two regular users - Zantax and Foggy - are invited to the Tibia test server (10.1) as the Administrators leave two spots vacant.

In December 2013 Raylan13 suggests a layout change of the Main Page and the wiki colour scheme, discussed here. The changes are applied during December 2013 and January 2014.


Wouterboy becomes an administrator. To celebrate the Wiki's 10th anniversary two contests are held in December, a New Logo Contest and a Lottery.


The winners from the two contests started in December 2014 receive their prizes and the winning logo is now used (File:TibiaWiki.gif, File:Wiki.png, File:Wiki-wordmark.png and File:Tibiawiki Small.gif). In January a project takes place to update some largely used templates. Cauli92, Vapaus, and Mathias become administrators.


The wiki reached 15,000 articles in February 2017. User:Molx became an administrator.


TibiaWiki's Discord server is created in January. Following a decision made by FANDOM, the URL of TibiaWiki changed from tibia.wikia.com to tibia.fandom.com in October 2018.


A section displaying the Boosted Creature of the day was added to the Main Page. User:Lord Galarzaa became an administrator.


TibiaWiki reaches 20,000 articles in February 2022. User:Ricci1 joined the administrator team.

In November, TibiaWiki turned 18 years old.

Happy Anniversary TibiaWiki 18


User:LszTschis joined the administrator team.