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TibiaTR was created by Cingene aka Polathanem on 23 April 2007. This site was created for help to Turkish community. In early 2008 Rico Pasa became the one of admins of this site. Shade as Rico Pasa and Polathanem as Cingene are current site admins now. In January 2009 they applied to fansite programme.

They changed their design as 4th main upgrade in October 2009 for easy use. They also added English section to their forum at 2009. At the moment when you visit this website you can choose your language and you can see the buttons in 5 languages. ( English, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish and German) They regularly offer articles, photos, interviews and quests. You can also upload your pictures on their mainpage without register. They also have English section in their forum.

TibiaTR was a supported fansite from November 10, 2009 till January 2, 2011. The Frozen Heart is their fansite item and it was created by Kyward.

Contests organized a huge photo contest at 2009. TibiaTr - All Around the World, in Game and in RL also organized their fansite item contest at 2009. TibiaTr - Fansite Item Contest

The New Year Lottery of 2011 by TibiaTr & TibiaLottery contest. The New Year Lottery by TibiaTr & TibiaLottery

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