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TibiaPic doesn't exist anymore. Between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, it started to redirect to TibiaHispano's image section. It was a website designated for the uploading of screenshots from Tibia and sharing them with other players. TibiaPic offered everyone the possibility to host their Tibia-related screenshots for free and to show them to everyone in the world. The site offered additional features such as screenshot-rating and the possibility to comment other players' screenshots as well as your own screenshots. Uploading screenshots was very easy and did not require you to register. While uploading your screenshots you could personalize them by adding your own title and comment. When you didn't have anything to upload you could always browse through all the screenshots other people have uploaded to the website with an advanced search mechanism to get just the stuff you want to see. became a supported fansite since November 18, 2008, and was available in the 13 most popular Tibian languages, namely English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Italian, French, and Catalan.

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