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TibiaNews was a news website about Tibia. It offered many things but its main focus is on up-to-date news from all the Tibian worlds, other Tibian fansites and pretty much everything to do with Tibia. It was founded by Excessus in late 2001.

The site became inactive two years but was revived by Baka Deshi from Secura in March 2004. Excessus worked out a new design, bought a domain name (www.tibianews.net) and the site became more and more popular. It became one of the most popular and most frequently visited Tibia fansites for a time.

TibiaNews was one of the first three fansites to join the newly created Supported Fansite Programme on March 24, 2005.

Players used its encyclopedia, level calculator and many other tools to assist them in gameplay. TibiaNews was one of the first Tibia fansites to add a daily screenshot aspect, known as "Picture of the Day". The pictures were often submitted by regular users and become one of the highlights of the site. TibiaNews also had a user friendly Tibia's World Map that was well maintained for several years. They began hosting their own forum in September 2005.

In the late fall of 2007 TibiaNews was sold by Excessus to the owner of TibiaBR. This enabled the staff team to update the fansite as it had become dormant.

On June 3rd, 2011, TibiaNews became a promoted fansite again. Unfortunately, it did not take too long for it to become outdated again with occasional attempts to revive it over the next few years.

Some time in mid-July 2014 TibiaNews left the fansite programme. Soon thereafter their website was taken down.

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