FANDOM is a supported fansite founded by its administrators Liony and Kikix in early 2014. The main purpose was to develop a magazine whose content would be based on the magic of Tibia and the uncountable feelings it grants to its players. Certainly a magazine about Tibia is a good way to enjoy your spare time.

A new edition of the magazine is available at the end of every month and in it you can find News, Stories, Relevant Pictures, Interviews and some other interesting sections written in spanish.

Also in the website you can find up-to-date news, articles, contests, all editions and the forum, in which you can meet other people either in english or spanish.

It also has fanpages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. became a supported fansite on August 18, 2014.

The staff consists of:

  • Administrators: Liony, Kikix.
  • Editors: Will.
  • Translators: Mitos.
  • Columnists: Marie, GabeeofrOx.
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