Tibia-Stats has been created by Kagonesti at the end of the year 2008, became supported on November 10, 2009 and a promoted fansite since April 14, 2010. Back then it was just a loot counting script used by a bunch of friends to easily count the number of kills and check their loot. Tibia-Stats got its name in January and that it the official date of creating the site - in January the site started to look as a site, but in the end of February the site has been shown for public.

The main feature of Tibia-Stats is Tibia-Stats account, thanks to it players are able to store their server logs and create their own statistics - for instance favorite creature, the best looted items and so on.

Additionally it contains interesting features such as:

The site is developing all the time - new features like new calculators are added at least 2 times per month, making it a good place to visit for every Tibia fan.

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