When the bog god arose in Shadowthorn there was conflict between the god's followers and those who would not follow. These others rebelled by starting fires around the town. Once they were contained the town was safe, but only as long as they cannot get free.




Elves, Elf Scouts, Firestarters, Elf Overseers, Toads, and creatures on the way to Shadowthorn (e.g. Snakes, maybe Rotworms, Centipedes, and Slimes.


Crystal Wolf (Mount), achievement Firefighter, Firestarter loot: Coal, Flintstone

Required or recommended items:

To reach Shadowthorn:

  • Machete (recommended, or equivalent)
  • Rope (recommended, or equivalent)
  • Shovel (recommended, or equivalent)


The Thornfire World Change was introduced in the Summer Update 2011.

The elves of Shadowthorn lived like normal elves until one day the bog god's temple arose. Many came to worship the bog god. Some did not follow this god, like the others did, and tried to convince the followers. Soon the conflict turned to violence and the outsider elves set the follower's houses on fire.
These firestarters were contained and imprisoned in three prisons underground. The watchful eyes of overseers and the magic of the bog keep them imprisoned. They could only be freed if the power of the bog is removed.

NPC Pyro Peter, who lives in Venore and walks around here, knows about the condition of Shadowthorn. You can ask him about the current state in Shadowthorn, or alternatively ask any of the Guide NPCs about the thornfire world change.

To Release the Firestarters

Start at the entrance of Shadowthorn (at the blue flag on the picture below). Go just east and down the stairs in the tower.
Locate the three prisons underground marked by red Xs:


Each prison is guarded by an Elf Overseer. The only way into each prison cell are Wooden Bars which are covered in moss, by the magic of the bog god.
You must kill:

  • All three overseers (they will not respawn that day)
  • Every single elf in Shadowthorn (they will respawn, but they should all be killed at least once).

When you kill the bog god's followers his power will weaken and the moss covering the bars will recede.
Once the moss is gone the Wooden Bars can be broken with any weapon, so that the firstarters can be freed (the bars will reform and can be re-broken, but all that matters is that the moss goes away).

After the moss is removed from all three prisons (by killing all elves) and the firestarters are freed, the next day (after Server Save) the town of Shadowthorn will be on fire!

NOTE: Although you do have to kill all 3 overseers to release the firestarters you do not have to kill all 3 overseers to get the mount but it GREATLY increases your chances. If you have killed all 3 overseers your chance of getting mount is 50% . If you have not killed all 3 overseers your chances of getting mount reduces to 25%.

To Stop Shadowthorn from Burning

When the firestarters have escaped they will set the village of Shadowthorn on fire. Considering the magical nature of the flames only water from the bog god's temple, east of the entrance, can quench the flames.
The bog god's temple is marked on the above map with a cross. If you walk on the bog water you see the message
The water of the bog seems slippery and tries to escape even your clothes.
A normal bucket won't be able to hold the bog unless prepared with something caulking but also enduring such as embalming fluid

First get an ordinary Bucket, then use a Flask of Embalming Fluid on it to make a Prepared Bucket, which is sealed so it can hold the slippery bog water.
Bucket.gif + Flask of Embalming Fluid.gif = Prepared Bucket.gif

Then use the Prepared Bucket on the Bog Water. This gives a Bucket of Bog Water which you will take around Shadowthorn and use on the flames.
Prepared Bucket.gif + Bog Water.gif = Bucket of Bog Water.gif

After each use you have to refill the bucket. You may consider making multiple Prepared Buckets so you can put out multiple fires without going back.

Once you put out 500 thornfires, you will receive the achievement Firefighter.

Thornfire and Crystal Wolves

There is a small chance that some Thornfire Wolves will spawn when you try to put out the fires, but not every fire will spawn them. Regardless of where the fire is being put out, the Wolf will spawn west of the lake, here.

If your object is taming the Crystal Wolf, do not kill the Thornfire Wolves. When Thornfire Wolves are spawn, a red message will be broadcast :

Unleash the fire wolves and burn the house of the enemy.

Lure them to the bog god's temple and they will be transformed into Crystal Wolves. Then they can be tamed with a Diapason.

Thornfire Wolf.gif + Bog Water.gif = Crystal Wolf.gif
Crystal Wolf.gif + Diapason.gif = Crystal Wolf (Mount).gif

Players who want to kill the wolves for their Bestiary entry can use a trick to get one kill of each wolf with a single spawn. Start by using a weak attack on the Thornfire Wolf so it gets to red health. Lure it to the water, and as soon as the Crystal Wolf appears you must deal a final blow to the Thornfire Wolf (an attack Rune is recommended because Melee attacks may have a delay). If you do it correctly, the Thornfire Wolf will die, being counted for the bestiary, at the same time the Crystal Wolf spawns, allowing you to kill both.

Once enough fires are put out the Firestarters can be contained again and the city will return to normal at the next server save. Note, however, that the Fire will reset twice during the day, 8 and 16 hours after the Server Save, in order to give other players the opportunity to put them out and face the creatures exclusive to the World Change.

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