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Thoria was merged along with Kyra and Nebula into a new world Kenora on June 24, 2014.

About This World

  • First to reach level 100 was a polish player named Sikews.
  • First to reach level 200 was a Swedish player named Wladimix Wzyciek
  • First 100 magic level on Thoria reached Rixari .
  • First 11 magic level on a knight reached Evil Nameck.
  • The server is currently at war between New Order and Sebahere Squad.
  • Server is ruled by New Order  guild.
  • The server's main languages are Polish, Brazilian, Swedish and English.
  • Online record is 805 players on Jan 25 2009.
  • The power-gaming record in 1 month was Bennon with +77,608,224
  • Highest level on Rookgaard is Darq de Rook
  • Highest level of original characters are Rincognito
  • Other original characters that still play are YordranViolent'Nemra and Violent'Puja

Players with the best skills

Golden Trophy of ExcellenceLevelSayhegzon449
Spellbook of Ancient ArcanaMagicHikatsu Ryu100
Great ShieldShieldingAnimus Necandi112
The DevileyeDistanceShining Rossie, Arch Yoshimtsu, Sayhegzon120
The EpiphanySwordBovsky, Iluk Arror111
Dark Trinity MaceClubAnimus Necandi115
Solar AxeAxeAerodraken112
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistAerodraken85
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingEnry94
GamemasterAchievementsHikatsu Ryu684

Rare items on Thoria


Almost always there is a war on Thoria. 1–2 months after one war ends, the other one starts. There are a lot of retired people who use their characters just to PK. There aren't many people online usually. When there is a war, most of respawn places are free, but you have to wait long for respawn of monsters, because of too few people online. The community of Thoria has grown due to friendly social policy of leading guild. Thoria is good choice if you have friends here, who can help you, or if you want just to get some exp and fight against others.

Prices are low and there aren't many high levels as for not-so-new world, so you can always try to get into highscores lists. Few quest services are hosted due to the curret war, one side hoests for free and the other take high amount of simple quests.

There have been many huge wars on the Thorian lands, most knowed is the several wars between Kamikaze and Bloodz.

Other guilds worth mentioning are, Phenomenon, Anima, Consto Staturus, Luminarium, Inter Nos, Grom and Original Gangster.

Well known players:

"Dempah" a.k.a Dempah Darkshape leader of Kamikaze.

"Dendo" a.k.a Dendolito leader of Luminarium and Litos and friends.

"Daffy" a.k.a Vaarberg leader of Original Gangster.

"Xinup" a.k.a Xinup Saints and Mofi leader of Arashi.

"Zloty" a.k.a Nifheim leader of Anima.

"Stolek" a.k.a Sophina member of Kamikaze.

"Nemra" a.k.a Violent'Nemra

"Draxler" a.k.a Wladimix Wzyciek leader of Phenomenon, first to reach level 200.

"Kaka" a.k.a Marales leader of Consto Staturus.

"Baris" a.k.a Leathal Bex leader of Bloodz.

"Kungen" a.k.a Siiola member of Kamikaze.

"Adam" a.k.a Rudolf Payne

"Art" a.k.a Hestrial

"Halvz" a.k.a Clark Spit member of Kamikaze, knowed player from Antica because of his pvp skills and owning one of few Golden Helmets.

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