Property Value
Aliases Edron Mad Mage Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 8+
(80+ recommended)
Classification World Change
Version 9.1
July 6, 2011
Status Active


A mad mage built a tower in Edron to conduct experiments.




Potential to loot items for Elementalist Outfit, and a Golden Can of Oil.

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Fungus cleaning

Go to Edron and head south of Stonehome. There is a ruined tower here. Cross the bridge and talk to Servant Sentry.

Player: hi
Servant Sentry: The. Slime. Has. Entered. Our. Master. Has. Left! We. Must. Help.
Player: help
Servant Sentry: Defeat. Slime. We. Will. Why. Did. You. Kill. Us? Do. You. Want. To. Rectify. And. Help?
Player: yes
Servant Sentry: Then. Take. This. Gobbler. Always. Hungry. Eats. Slime. Fungus. Go.


Slime Gobbler being used to remove fungus

You will receive a Slime Gobbler. Go down two floors to reach the main area. Depending on your world status, there will be Slime Fungus all over the place. Use your Slime Gobbler on the Slime Fungus. If done correctly, you will receive 20 experience points and remove the fungus from that tile. Now proceed to the other covered tiles and use the Slime Gobbler on them.

Note that you can remove one fungus once every 5 seconds. It is suggested to call some friends to help you with cleaning the area. There are 350 funguses in total.

since Updates/10.52 you will need to gobble at least 25 Fungi for a chance to kill the Mad Mage, once you gobbled enough slime, a message will appear :
"You gobbled enough slime to get a good grip on this dungeon's slippery floor."
if you are doing this alone, once you cleaned the entire dungeon you are not able to leave until the mad mage is killed or the slime would come back and servants will stop spawning. if you leave you will be able to re-enter the dungeon if someone else is there and the next one to hunt there will start from the wave you left at last time. if you were hunting with another person and you didn't manage to kill the mad mage but the other person did while you were there you will get this message "The mage has escaped, better start gobbling to face him again!" and will have to clean the slime again in order to face a mad mage.

Servant raids


Iron Servants spawning south of the entrance

Once the entire area has been cleaned, Mage Servants will start spawning. They can be found in groups of Iron, Golden and Diamond Servants. One single-person run contains about 250 Iron, 200 Golden and 60 Diamond Servants. Once every servant has been killed, a new wave will appear immediately.
Note that you have to kill all of them in order for the next wave to appear
After killing all the waves the Mad Mage will appear in one of 3 possible spots (shown below): the northern corridor east of the entrance, the east-most corridor, or in the southern part near shallow water.


Mage spawn locations

once the mage has been slain the fungus will return to it's dungeon, waiting for the next person to help the servants.

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