There is an island inhabited by an order of monks, one of those monks has gone missing in the Ghostlands.


Near Carlin, (Ghostlands and the Isle of the Kings)

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Required Equipment


This quest is split into two parts, in the first part you get access to the Isle of the Kings, in the second part you do some investigation for the monk Costello.

Access to the Isle of the Kings

  • Once, in the Ghostlands, go to the abandoned house to the south (here), and go down inside it.
  • Once in the house basement you may face a Demon Skeleton and a Ghoul or two. From here, follow the corridor to the south, and go down the stairs:

Family Brooch Quest Map 01.jpg

  • In the entry room or passage there may be 1-2 Stalkers. If you go north you run the risk of meeting more Stalkers, several Demon Skeletons, and a Wild Warrior (disguised as a Knight Statue). On this level, go east to the end of the passage.

Family Brooch Quest Map 02.jpg

  • Then go around to the south room. In this final room are about 2 Demon Skeletons, 2 Stalkers, and 2-4 Ghouls, here go up the stairs:
  • Simply "use" the head of the top coffin to find the Family Brooch (as shown in the illustration below).


The Investigation

Way to Brother Fugio 01.gif

  • Head down to the cave, labelled A, which has several Scorpions. Go to the end of the cave and in a structure you will encounter some Undead Creatures like: Demon Skeletons, Stalkers, and a Bonelord. Defeat some of them using GFB or other highly offensive attack, pull the switch and then haste back where the pair of magic walls were.

Way to Brother Fugio 02.gif

  • Go down three levels to the large cave in the last picture. The far right passage, labelled B, leads to a Giant Spider guarding a switch to lower one of the magic wall. Defeat the giant spider, pull the switch, and then Haste back to where the magic walls were.

Way to Brother Fugio 03.gif

  • Get your whole team at once through where the magic walls were, at C, but stay together, because there is a spot before the hole that resets the walls. Go down the hole and follow the passage north. You will encounter Demon Skeletons, Ghosts, Stalkers, Ghouls, and a Mummy. Farther, you will find a Dead Human (Quest). "Use" the body and receive a Backpack with a book and some other things in it. This book is the Monk's Diary.

Way to Brother Fugio 04.gif

  • Go back down the passage and take the portal out of the cave.


Access to the Isle of the Kings

player: Hi
Dalbrect: Be greeted, traveller.
player: Brooch
Dalbrect: What? You want me to examine a brooch?
player: Yes
Dalbrect: Can it be? I recognise my family's arms! You have found a treasure indeed! I am poor and all I can offer you is my friendship, but ... please ... give that brooch to me.
player: Yes
Dalbrect: Thank you! I shall consider you my friend from now on! Just let me know if you need something!

Now you can ask him whenever you want for a passage and he will take you to the Isle of the Kings for 10gp.

player: Passage
Dalbrect: Since you are my friend now I will sail you to the isle of the kings for 10 gold. Is that okay for you?
player: Yes
Dalbrect: Have a nice trip!

The Investigation

player: hi
Costello: Welcome,player:! Feel free to tell me what has brought you here.
player: Fugio
Costello: To be honest, I fear the omen in my dreams may be true. Perhaps Fugio is unable to see the danger down there. Perhaps ... you are willing to investigate this matter?
player: yes
Costello: Thank you very much! From now on you may open the warded doors to the catacombs.

Now you can enter the caves below the monastery. Somewhere in there, there's a pick hole which leads to the banshee quest area, but to find the book you'll have to pass the magic walls in ghostland.

player: hi
Costello: Welcome, player:! Feel free to tell me what has brought you here.
player: diary
Costello: Do you want me to inspect a diary?
player: yes
Costello: By the gods! This is brother Fugio's handwriting and what I read is horrible indeed! You have done our order a great favour by giving this diary to me! Take this blessed Ankh. May it protect you in even your darkest hours.

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