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Name The Voting Results
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Classification Utilities
Other Properties
Version 10.5
July 7, 2014
Status Active
The Voting Results.gif
You see the voting results.
This board will notify you of all relevant voting results, courtesy of the Rathleton Magistrate.


Rathleton Magistrate entrance floor (+2), near Marvin and Ezebeth.


When used, it will print information about what the citizens of Rathleton voted on; related to the Rathleton Quest.
Possible messages are:

  • The citizens of Rathleton voted for the shortcut back from the <minotaurs/fungi/catacombs>. — Which Oramond hunting area will have an active shortcut back to town.
  • The citizens of Rathleton voted for the <golems/minotaurs/wrath of evil> in the dungeon. — Which group of creatures will populate the Oramond Dungeon.
  • The citizens of Rathleton voted for <Bullwark/Lisa/Glooth Fairy>. — Which Boss can be fought in the sewers: Bullwark, Lisa, or the Glooth Fairy.
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