This book was one of the winners of the Write a Book contest. It was written by Anastases.

The Tricked Trickster

Once upon a time, in the long-forgotten lands of Nova, there was a young and promising sorceress. While very cunning, her yearning for riches often got her in trouble. She got expelled from the Ivory Towers of Edron following the disappearance of several wondrous artifacts. Penniless, the teen rascal got to Thais as a stowaway. She devised a series of swindles that allowed her to hold up, although it was never enough. She was infatuated with legendary treasures brought to Thais by merchants, recovered from the deepest dungeons of Tibia.

Necessity is often the mother of invention, and so she brought forth her master heist. All it took was a wealthy adventurer, a dark alley, and her vile wits. The sorceress would boost the unwary hero’s ego with flattery. Then she would ask the adventurer to show his belongings, ideally the most prodigal item of his arsenal. Next, she would summon mystical fires to engulf the treasures. The heroes would be startled, unable to reach their belongings, now buried by flames. Killing her was often discarded by the victims, doing so in the middle of the city was often a bad idea. Removing the flames required a specific rune spell, one that most did not carry with them. She was obviously in possession of the rune, so the witty thief only had to hide, wait for the victims to run for help and collect the treasures. Dozens fell for the trick and soon enough she got quite rich.

This success got the attention of other thieves, as well as praise amongst her fellow bandits. One of them, nicknamed “Thunderfingers”, dared the now prideful sorceress to bet on her most valuable possession in a contest for speed. She accepted right away. The most infamous thieves of Thais met in a dark street as witnesses. Both contestants betted on a demon helmet, a rarity stolen from the depths of Hell. The idea was to place it in a pedestal between the challengers. The quickest to retrieve it would be the winner.

The sorceress was ready, confident, and placed the helmet on the pillar with ceremony. Immediately after, a torrent of dark magic struck her. The last thing she saw before the gods claimed her wicked soul was “Thunderfingers” grinning at his accomplices. As she passed, she understood that he never intended to play fair. Just like she ever did.

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