The Triangle of Terror is a group of three archdemons.

Edowir says the following about it:

Edowir: The Triangle of Terror is a cabal of three archdemons that have put aside their quarrels to establish some power in the shadows of the Ruthless Seven. Although they are all very mighty demons, compared to one of the seven, they appear weak. So they try not to interfere much with the doings of the seven and look for power elsewhere. Their members are Morgaroth, the schemer, Ghazbaran, the lord of blades and Zoralurk, the demon with the thousand faces.

The Triangle, unlike the The Ruthless Seven, whose power is themed around destruction and damnation, seem to specialise in intrigue, acting from the shadows and using puppets to do their dirty work. Morgaroth is a master of lies and schemes, much like Bazir of the Ruthless Seven. Ghazbaran is a master assassin, denoted by his deadly blade-themed abilities and the Deathslicers that accompany him. Zoralurk is the master of disguise, shown by her shapeshifting abilities. Despite this cloak-and-dagger aproach, the Triangle is more than willing to fight hands on, displaying incredible powers that would send Orshabaal running for the hills. It is likely that the Triangle of Terror are the hardest bosses in the land of Tibia, requiring many adventurers to kill them. However, the rewards are well worth it.

This image is based upon the distance being approximately the same between the three archdemons, the same with the angles, making a perfect triangle. That would position Zoralurk most likely on or near Cormaya. See also: File:Triangle_of_Terror2.png

The Triangle of Terror

Name Exp HP Loot
Missing File
? ?
  • This creature drops no loot.
Missing File
15000 60000
Missing File
15000 55000

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