Wine and beer casks are in the big hall on floor 4, 8 Bamboo Lamps, 8 Bamboo Wall Lamps, 3 Dustbins.


In the middle of the Tiquanda jungle, northeast of Port Hope.


It is located in a giant tree. These are the rooms:

  • ground floor: 10sqm entrance room
  • second floor: 6x6sqm area with 4 hammocks, 6x6sqm area with 2 hammocks, 5x6sqm area with 3 hammocks, 5x6sqm passage area
  • third floor: 17sqm room with 3 hammocks, 23sqm room with 4 hammocks, 3x6sqm room with 4 hammocks, 13sqm room with 3 hammocks
  • fourth floor: 12x15sqm open area


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 24120 gold per month.

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