Sea floor has a 2×12 dining table and shop/bar counter with wine, beer and lemonade. There's also a Brown Bear Fur just in front of the counter and 4×14 Red Carpet. Throughout the ship are 6 Dustbins, 2 Blackboards, a Steering Wheel, 17 Wall Lamps, and 6 Coal Basins.


Greenshore, northwest of Thais.


Located in Greenshore, north of Thais right on the coast. The entrance level and upper deck are open to anyone. Second floor from the sea has 6 rooms (one with no beds) and 10 beds. The basement floor is one room of 12 beds. There's a daily respawn of 16 Wooden Chairs, 12 Small Tables, 2 Small Round Tables, 2 Lit Candelabrums, 7 Boxes, a Rope and Bucket. You can also see a Blood Crab (Underwater) and a Crab from the basement, however there is no way to get to either of them. There is a lever on the main deck that used to allow you to open/close the draw bridge. This functionality was later removed due to players being able to safely mana sit / train without the worry of pks.

These are the rooms:

  • Berth deck: 149 sqm room with 12 cots
  • Lower deck: 129 sqm room with kitchen area behind a counter and a big table to east at
  • Upper deck: two 4×5 rooms with 1 bed each, two 3×5 rooms with 2 beds each, 43 sqm with 4 beds, 3×5 room, 2×11 and 5×5 passage rooms
  • Main deck: 3×4 room, 4×5 entrance room, large open deck (not ownable part of Tibianic)
  • Stern deck: 8×9 area with tables and chairs


The idea to the Tibianic's design and construction was brought to Knightmare by the guild known as Alliance of Free Tibians, intending to have a great guildhall in which the guild could live with comfort; and to experience some great roleplaying adventures in it as well.

The name of this Guildhall makes allusion to the Titanic, but sadly, a Ship's Telescope is placed just before the bowsprit impeding the recreation of the exact scene in the movie Titanic. Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 34500 gold per month.

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