This book was one of the winners of the Write a Book contest. It was written by Apocc.

The terror of the depths unknown...

...And so there we were, counting the seconds hastily heading towards the deepest grounds of Goroma, the wizards of the academy were alarmed and calling for help to protect the realm from the great evil forces being summoned in the volcano, known by many, seen and survived by few.

- Hurry up!- Said my comrade -If we're there late we won't have any fun!- like any of us thought this was gonna be fun. The crowd was following carefully, but the danger was still far deeper under the ground.

- We will become LEGENDS! He shouted again, trying to keep the spirits up -We can do it -He said more quietly with an uncertain voice.

When I arrived to the place, the strongest warriors and most powerful wizards were already gathering in the place, watching carefully and whispering, some in fear, some excited even knowing death was certain for most of us.

- C'mon guys, we will be legends, they will sing about us, we don't die today! -Said the brave warrior leading us.

The knights had their heaviest shields and armors, the wizards prepared the strongest spells and runes.
The heat was raising, the volcano was active and I could hear the ground roar and the whole volcano quaking, or maybe it was just me.
Then all of a sudden a very deep silence filled the place, the volcano quieted completely and then a very loud voice I'll never forget... "I AM MORGAROTH, LORD OF THE TRIANGLE!" the ground cracked open with huge flares and there he was, Morgaroth.

With battlecries knights charged towards the beast, surrounding and distracting him but the endurance was tremendous, some were taken down instantly by the evil spells he casted and the demons appearing every time he'd roar.

I trusted my luck a little bit too much, I took a few steps away from the crowd and then the worst happened, with a single blow and the loudest roar I heard in my life, an immense power came down, unwary wizards died instantly, druids were resourceless and the knights couldnt survive without them, my friend endured just one more attack, I saw him die, the scene was horrifying, and I knew I was next. The creature gazed while charging at me and with one blow ended with my life as I saw my comrades lying on the ground...

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