Property Value
Est. Length
Level 0
Classification Quest
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active


Release the Tainted Souls roaming the Green Claw Swamp from their plight.


Tainted Caves in the Green Claw Swamp.


Chance to fight Ekatrix.



Obtaining the Items

First, you will need to obtain a Sacred Antler Talisman. To make one, you will need some Antlers, looted from Deer; a Star Herb, looted from Witches or bought from Luna in Edron; and Holy Water, able to be bought from Henricus in Thais after reaching mission 4 of the The Inquisition Quest.

When you have obtained all three of these items, use the Star Herb on the Antlers to obtain Antler Talisman.
Star Herb + Antlers = Antler Talisman (You entwine the antler with fresh star herb.)

Then use Holy Water on the Antler Talisman to obtain Sacred Antler Talisman.
Special Flask (Holy Water) + Antler Talisman = Sacred Antler Talisman (You besprinkle the antler talisman with holy water. It glitters faintly.)

Freeing the Souls

With the Sacred Antler Talisman, head to the Tainted Caves in the north of the Green Claw Swamp, here. In this cave you will encounter Tainted Souls, Toads, Gloom Wolves, and Witches. The cave has 4 floors with the same monsters on each floor. Explore the caves and use the Sacred Antler Talisman on all the Tainted Souls that you find. Do this until you have freed 100 souls. Note that you can free the summons as well. By luring two Tainted Souls on you and freeing their summons you can collect the required 100 in less than 10 minutes.

When you have freed 100 souls, go to the 4th floor and enter the Mystic Flame. You will be teleported to a nearby room with Ekatrix. Kill her. After doing so, the quest will immediately restart and you can start freeing souls again. Ekatrix can only be killed once a day, however.

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