The Spike is a crystalline structure created by the Gnomes. It extends deep into the earth and holds various challenges. The spike division is independent from Gnomebase Alpha, so players will need to earn the respect of the gnomes there by doing missions.[1]

The spike contains three divisions: Upper Spike for low leveled characters (25-49), Middle Spike for mid-leveled characters (50-79), Lower Spike for high leveled characters (80+). Players cannot enter divisions unless they are in their respective level ranges.


The divisions contain perhaps the largest hunting grounds in existence (see the maps). However, the combination of monsters in each make it either very dangerous, annoying and/or wasteful to hunt here.

The upper spike has ghosts and zombies, which together make it terrible for all vocations, and although mages could easily ignore the zombies and have a decent hunt (there are few on the first 2 floors), it cannot compare to other places for experience rates; however, if one can deal with the two weaknesses, the cave has plentiful Gargoyles, possibly being the best area to complete the task to kill them.

The middle spike has Crystalcrushers which are severely overpowered for this level range (they were designed for 80+) and will annihilate anyone who tried hunting here. Crystalcrushers aside, the Earth Elementals will rightfully deter any knight or paladin from hunting here. Although it could be suitable for a mage using Great Fireballs, it is advised to look elsewhere.

The lower spike is harder to analyze because it does not have a maximum level, however a glance at the list of monsters suggests it will be poor loot- and experience-wise. You will likely struggle until level 150+.

Although CipSoft intends for this to be a large and very popular hunting ground, the combination of monsters, bad level ranges and subpar experience rates will make this solely a tasking area.


There are daily tasks which can be completed in the caves. Some of these objectives are only possible on the last floor of that division. On the other hand, some can be completed outside of the Spike altogether, such as when your objective is to kill generic creatures.


The Spike NPCs (15 NPCs)
A Behemoth
A Behemoth.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 8 levels down.
A Dragon Lord
A Dragon Lord.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 7 levels down.
A Drillworm
A Drillworm.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 6 floors down.
A Lost Basher
A Lost Basher.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 7 floors down.
A Lost Husher
A Lost Husher.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 8 floors down.
A Lost Thrower
A Lost Thrower.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 7 floors down.
A Nightmare Scion
A Nightmare Scion.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 6 floors down.
A Vulcongra
A Vulcongra.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 6 floors down.
A Wyrm
A Wyrm.gif
Missing File
SpyThe Spike 8 floors down.
Missing File
OfficerThe Spike, level -7
Missing File
OfficerThe Spike, level -4
Gnome Trooper
Gnome Trooper.gif
Missing File
GuardThe Spike -6 (here and here), -7 (here and here), and -8 (here).
Missing File
OfficerThe Spike, level -2
Missing File
OfficerThe Spike, level -1
Missing File
ShopkeeperThe Spike, level -6.

See also: Upper Spike, Middle Spike, and Lower Spike

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