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... The spectres where everywhere! Ghosts and undead swarmed us, clawing and biting at us. We chanted the prayers to Banor and fought like we never had fought before. Blessed steel cut rotting flesh and servered limbs and bodyparts that still did not stop to moove. Then all of sudden the undead horde retreated. They almost ducked under some unseen power, the deafening screaming of the dead became a frightened whisper. And then we saw IT! It was a mummy, aeons old and addorned with jewelry worth a kingdom. Slowly it aproached us, its undead minions ducking in fear to his feet. A moment it stood still and its faceles head seemed to muster us. I dared not to breath, the glance of the mummy seemed to stain my soul with rot and evil. I heaed my heart beating. Then the mummy slowly lifted its arm, pointed at us and spoke 'chamek ath uthul arak!' The priest of Fardos who was with us and survived that nighmarish ordeal later told us it means 'sacrifice your blood' in some ancient language of an extinct race. Of course we did not know how to react and noone would have given this godscursed creature even the dirt under our fingernails anyways. After a moment of silence the mummy raised its hands again and with anger yelled but one word: 'Kadash!' I did not need a linguist to translated that. It meant 'attack'. And within the next heartbeat the screaming horde stormed us, ready to flail our living flesh from our bones ...

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