There's a storm in the way between Thais and Liberty Bay that may trap the ship and interrupt your trip.




Ability to travel to Goroma from Liberty Bay, access to Meriana, access to Laguna Islands, access to Nargor, access to Ramoa, Talahu and Malada. Achievement: Matchmaker.

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Access to Goroma


You need to travel from Liberty Bay to Thais and you need to be at least level 20. Sooner or later you will get shipwrecked on the island of Goroma.
The captain says that some Island Trolls stole parts of the ship. Kill Island Trolls until you have collected 30 pieces of wood, then give them to the captain. From now on he will take you to Goroma from Liberty Bay for 500 gps. The easiest way to collect 30 pieces of wood is to bring a shovel. With it, you can gain access to the 2 underground Island Troll areas.


player: hi
Jack Fate: Welcome on board, Sir player.
player: Thais
Jack Fate: Do you seek a passage to Thais for 180 gold?
player: yes
Jack Fate: I have to warn you - we might get into a tropical storm on that route. I'm not sure if my ship will withstand it. Do you really want to travel to Thais?
player: yes

Player: hi
Jack Fate: Hello, Sir Player. Where can I sail you today?
Player: sail
Jack Fate: I'd love to bring you back to Liberty Bay, but as you can see, my ship is ruined. I also hurt my leg and can barely move. Can you help me?
Player: yes
Jack Fate: Thank you. Luckily the damage my ship has taken looks more severe than it is, so I will only need a few wooden boards. ...
Jack Fate: I saw some lousy trolls running away with some parts of the ship. It might be a good idea to follow them and check if they have some more wood. ...
Jack Fate: We will need 30 pieces of wood, no more, no less. Did you understand everything?
Player: yes
Jack Fate: Good! Please return once you have gathered 30 pieces of wood.
Player: bye
Jack Fate: See you later, I hope you find enough pieces of wood to repair the ship.

Player: hi
Jack Fate: Hello, Sir Player. Where can I sail you today?
Player: sail
Jack Fate: Have you brought 30 pieces of wood so that I can repair the ship?
player: yes
Jack Fate: Excellent! Now we can leave this godforsaken place. Thank you for your help. Should you ever want to return to this island, ask me for a passage to Goroma.
player: passage
Jack Fate: Do you want to travel back to Liberty Bay?
player: yes

Access to Meriana

Required Equipment


There is a sign pinned on the wall in Liberty Bay's tavern which reads:
Missing ring!
High reward!
Contact Lady Eleonore in the Silverhand Manor!

To begin the quest, visit Eleonore in the Silverhand Manor located in the north part of Liberty Bay on a small hill (here).

Eleonore's Ring

  • Ask Eleonore about her missing ring. She will explain that it was stolen by a parrot, and taken to the nearby mountains, and she will reward anyone who returns it to her.
  • Take a rake and go directly east of Liberty Bay until you reach the main entrance to the large fortress (here) (go up the ramp to enter the fortress).
  • Go to the north side of the fortress and look for a place that you can Levitate (or use Parcels) to go up.
  • Continue climbing the mountain until you reach a floor with one or more Tarantulas, head east and you'll find a tree with a Parrot on top.

Eleonore Quest Map

  • Use the Rake on the tree to shake it. after you have done that, the parrot will drop Eleonore's ring. return the ring to Eleonore.

Eleonore Quest Parrot
You see a crystal ring. It weighs 0.90 oz. The initials E.S. are engraved on it.

The Errand

  • If you accept this assignment, Eleonore will give you 200 gp to take to Charlotta.
  • take the 200 gp and go to the far south-west part of town to find Charlotta (here).
  • Speak to Charlotta about the Gold. Once you have delivered the money, return to Eleonore.
  • Once she considers you a trustworthy person, tell Eleonore the secret codeword given by Charlotta; "Peg Leg".

Raymond Striker

  • Now find Captain Waverider, he is on a small peninsula south-east of the Liberty Bay Depot (here). tell him the codeword (Peg Leg) and he will then take you to the rebel camp of Sabrehaven for 50gp.
  • In Sabrehaven Find Raymond Striker, he is in a house at the centre of the island (here). When you find him, ask him about Eleonore and the mermaid
  • Now you need to find the man-stealing mermaid and try to break her spell over poor Raymond, the mermaid Marina is near the northern coast of the island (here).
  • When you find her, ask her about Raymond Striker and you will discover that she does in fact have a spell on him, and will not release him unless someone better comes along.

Breaking the Spell

  • If you explore the area just south-west of Sabrehaven, you will find the reclusive Djinn Ocelus on a mountain (here). Ocelus is in love with Marina, but he is too shy to ask her for a date. He would like you to ask for him.
  • Now you need to return to Marina and ask her for a date with Ocelus. She will turn him down out of disappointment that he wasn't romantic enough.
  • Now you need to return to Ocelus with the bad news. He will tell you to get a poem for him, if you didn't buy one already, head to Ab'Dendriel and buy a Love Poem from Elvith.
  • Once you have the love poem, return to Ocelus, and he will magically grant you the ability to recite the poem as a true elven poet.
  • Now you need to go recite the poem to Marina and impress her with the Djinn's romantic and poetic abilities. She will then give you the ability to ride her sea turtles, allowing you to access the Laguna Islands, you will also get the achievement, Matchmaker for this mission.

Now return to Eleonore in Silverhand Manor and talk about your errand.
See also: Meriana Quest and Pirate Outfits Quest


Eleonore's Ring

Player: Ring
Eleonore: My ring was stolen by a parrot, directly from my dressing table near the window. It flew to the nearby mountains and I fear my ring will be lost forever. Whoever returns it to me will be rewarded generously. ...
Eleonore: I guess that evil parrot hid the ring somewhere on a high tree or a rock so that you might need a rake to get it.

Player: Ring
EEleonore: Oh, my beloved ring! Have you found it and want to return it to me?
Player: Yes
Eleonore: Oh, thank you so much! Take this gold as a reward. ... which reminds me, I would need some help in another matter. It is only a small errand. Are you interested?

The Errand

Player: Yes
Eleonore: Thank you! It is not a difficult matter but a rather urgent one. I need to send some money to a person in town. Would you be willing to run this small errand for me?
Player: Yes
Eleonore: I was hoping that you'd agree. Please deliver these 200 gold pieces to the herbalist Charlotta in the south-western part of the town. If you return from this errand, I will grant you 5 gold pieces as reward for your efforts.

Player: hi
Charlotta: Ah, welcome! Welcome Player! If you need druid spells, you've come to the right place. Otherwise it's just nice to have a visitor.
Player: errand
Charlotta: Oh, so you brought some gold from Eleonore to me?
Player: yes
Charlotta: Hmm, it seems that Eleonore does trust you. Perhaps she is even right. However. Since we need some help right now I guess we can't be too picky. Return to Eleonore and tell her the secret password: 'peg leg'. She will tell you more about her problem.

Player: Hi
Eleonore: Be greeted. What brings you here?
Player: Errand
Eleonore: Great, thank you! As promised, here are your 5 gold pieces. Is there ... anything left that you might want to discuss with me?

Raymond Striker

Player: Peg Leg
Eleonore: You have returned my ring and proven yourself as trustworthy. There is something I have to discuss with you. Are you willing to listen?
Player: Yes
Eleonore: I am glad to hear that. So please listen: Due to circumstances too complicated to explain now, I met Captain Ray Striker. He is ... a freedom fighter and would not find my father's acceptance, but we fell in love ...
Eleonore: Even though he had to hide for a while, we have stayed in contact for a long time now. And our love grew even further against all odds ...
Eleonore: However, recently we lost contact. I don't know what has happened to him and fear the worst ...
Eleonore: We always have been aware that something terrible might happen to him due to his lifestyle. But perhaps there is a harmless explanation for the absence of messages <holds her tears back>. I have arranged a passage for you to Ray's hiding place ...
Eleonore: Contact Captain Waverider, the old fisherman, and tell him the secret word 'peg leg'. He will make sure that you arrive safely ...
Eleonore: Please look for Ray and find out what happened to him and why he was not able to answer. Return to me as soon as you have found something out. I wish you a good journey.

Player: hi
Captain Waverider: Greetings, daring adventurer. If you need a passage, let me know.
Player: peg leg
Captain Waverider: Ohhhh. So... <lowers his voice> 'you know who' sent you so I sail you to 'you know where'. <wink> <wink> It will cost 50 gold to cover my expenses. Is it that what you wish?
Player: yes

Player: hi
Raymond Striker: Be greeted. Is there anything I can do for you?
Player: Eleonore
Raymond Striker: Eleonore ... Yes, I remember her... vaguely. She is a pretty girl ... but still only a girl and now I am in love with a beautiful and passionate woman. A true mermaid even.
Player: mermaid
Raymond Striker: The mermaid is the most beautiful creature I have ever met. She is so wonderful. It was some kind of magic as we first met. A look in her eyes and I suddenly knew there would be never again another woman in my life but her.

Player: hi
Marina: Oh, hello Player. A visitor, how nice!
Player: Raymond Striker
Marina: <giggles> I think he has a crush on me. Well, silly man, it is only for his own good. This way he can get accustomed to TRUE beauty. And I won't give him up anymore now that he is mine.

Breaking the Spell

Player: hi
Ocelus: Greetings, dear visitor Player.
Player: Eleonore
Ocelus: I heard the birds sing about her beauty. But how could a human rival the enchanting beauty of a mermaid?
Player: mermaid
Ocelus: Oh yes, I noticed that lovely mermaid. From afar of course. I would not dare to step into the eyes of such a lovely creature. ...
Ocelus: ... I guess I am quite shy. Oh my, if I were not blue, I would turn red now. If there would be someone to arrange a date with her.
Player: date
Ocelus: Will you ask the mermaid Marina if she would date me?
Player: yes
Ocelus: Thank you. How ironic, a human granting a djinn a wish.

Player: hi
Marina: Oh, hello Player. A visitor, how nice!
Player: date
Marina: Is that the best you can do? A true Djinn would have done something more poetic.

Player: hi
Ocelus: Greetings, dear visitor Player.
Player: mermaid
Ocelus: Oh my. Its not easy to impress a mermaid I guess. Please get me a love poem. I think elves are the greatest poets so their city seems like a good place to look for one.
Player: Marina
Ocelus: Oh my. Its not easy to impress a mermaid I guess. Please get me a love poem. I think elves are the greatest poets so their city seems like a good place to look for one.
Player: love poem
Ocelus: Did you get a love poem from Ab'Dendriel?
Player: yes
Ocelus: Excellent. Here, with this little spell I enable you to recite the poem like a true elven poet. Now go and ask her for a date again.

Player: hi
Marina: Oh, hello Player. A visitor, how nice!
Player: date
Marina: This lovely, exotic Djinn is a true poet. And he is asking me for a date? Excellent. Now I can finaly dump this human pirate. He was growing to be boring more and more with each day ...
Marina: As a little reward for your efforts I allow you to ride my sea turtles. Just look around at the shores and you will find them.

Player: Ray Striker
Eleonore: <blushes> Oh, he is so wonderful. A very special man with a special place in my heart.
Player: mermaid
Eleonore: I can't thank you enough for freeing my beloved Ray from that evil spell. I am still shocked that a mermaid could steal his love that easily.

The Counterspell

Required Items


  • On Goroma, go to the west until you find a hole (here), go down, you'll notice a energy barrier and a dead body, open it to get the Spellbook of Dragha.
  • Go to Meriana and speak with Chondur (here). He will take the spellbook from you and tell you that he needs some animal corpses to perform a ritual and create a counterspell.
  • Give him a Dead Chicken, Dead Rat and Dead Black Sheep.
    Remember: since Update 9.5 you cannot just summon them (summons disappear after dying).
  • When you have given him all of the ingredients, he will provide you some kind of protection, which allows you to pass through the strange energy wall on Goroma.

Note: Rats here and Chickens here can be found on the island near Chondur's house. The closest spawn of Black Sheep is in the Cult Cave (here, the black sheep are located here). However, Black Sheep weights 700 oz. so its heavy, make sure you have the cap. Alternatively, if you are short of capacity, you could do this:

1. Drop all your items in Liberty Bay depot
2. Carry the Dead Black Sheep from Liberty Bay
3. Head over to Meriana and drop the Dead Black Sheep on the ground
4. Head back to Liberty Bay
5. Pick up your items in Liberty Bay
6. Head back to Meriana, and drag the Dead Black Sheep to Chondur
Keep in mind that if you are not fast enough, the sheep's body will rot and become useless. The dead sheep will reach its first decay state in 5 minutes, but a level 45 with haste can walk the route in 4 minutes.


You see a spellbook.
It weighs 58.00 oz.
It apparently belonged to someone called Dragha, the apprentice of a voodoomaster.

Player: hi
Chondur: Be greeted, child.
Player: spellbook
Chondur: Ah, thank you very much! I will honour his memory.
Player: energy field
Chondur: Ah, the energy barrier set up by the cult is maintained by lousy magic, but is still effective. Without a proper counterspell you won't be able to pass it.
Player: counterspell
Chondur: You mean, you are interested in a counterspell to cross the energy barrier on Goroma?
Player: yes
Chondur: This is really not advisable. Behind this barrier, strong forces are raging violently. Are you sure that you want to go there?
Player: yes
Chondur: I guess I cannot stop you then. Since you told me about my apprentice, it is my turn to help you. I will perform a ritual for you, but I need a few ingredients. ...
Chondur: Bring me one fresh dead chicken, one fresh dead rat and one fresh dead black sheep, in that order. Summoned ones will do as well as natural ones.
Player: counterspell
Chondur: Did you bring the fresh dead chicken?
Player: yes
Chondur: Very good! <mumblemumble> 'Your soul shall be protected!' Now, I need a fresh dead rat.
Player: counterspell
Chondur: Did you bring the fresh dead rat?
Player: yes
Chondur: Very good! <chants and dances> 'You shall face black magic without fear!' Now, I need a fresh dead black sheep.
Player: counterspell
Chondur: Did you bring the fresh dead black sheep?
Player: yes
Chondur: Very good! <stomps staff on ground> 'EVIL POWERS SHALL NOT KEEP YOU ANYMORE! SO BE IT!'
Player: thanks, bye
Chondur: Good bye.

Access to Ramoa

This island is also known as the undead island. From now on, you can pass by the energy forcefield on Goroma. You have access to deep dungeons to hunt cult members but you will need to do some other things to access the other islands. There is a Teleportation Hub to the north that connect all the islands, but you cannot use it yet. To use it, you must access the other side of each teleporter, by passing through all the islands.

Warning Icon Red

If the Fire from the Earth Mini World Change is active, prepare to face: Demons, Diabolic Imps, Dragon Lords, Dragonlings, Hellfire Fighters.
It is highly recommended to wait for this mini world change to end.



  • Pass the forcefield rope yourself up then go to the south side of Goroma's volcano.
  • Follow the image using the spell Levitate or Parcels to make your way up the volcano.




  • Down here you'll find 2 teleporters, the one to the left will take you to Goroma and will make you able to return to Ramoa using the teleporter whenever you want. The teleporter to the right take you to Talahu but you cannot access it using the teleporter yet.

Access to Talahu

This island is also known as the Hydra island.

Required Items


  • Go to Ramoa through the Teleportation Hub. Return inside the cavern by heading south west. You'll be on that same spot on the blue mark, now go on the yellow mark:
The Shattered Isles Mushrooms
Sacrifice the four mushrooms in the order given:
  • Inside this room there will be four basins and a teleporter. You must place the mushrooms on the basins in the correct arrangement and enter the teleporter. Keep in mind that every time someone enter the teleport, the four mushrooms vanish. The order is: white on upper left, brown on lower left, green on upper right, dark on lower right (like in the image). You can find the mushroom riddle in this document Sacrifice Notes (Book) located at Lich Hell. As soon as you enter the teleporter, you will be in a room with a single Bog Raider.
  • After that, go up on the hole. DON'T enter the teleporter, or else you'll return to the mushroom room and will need mushrooms again. You'll meet several Quara Scouts and Bog Raiders on the way. Head to the south east until you find a hole to go up. Go up again and watch out since you'll find several Hydras and some Water Elementals.
  • Go heading to the west killing the monsters, and you'll find near the water the ladder to go down. This is the Teleportation Hub. Notice that on this island there's a Mailbox. This room looks like the one on Ramoa. The left teleporter take you to Ramoa and you gain access to go Talahu whenever you want using the right teleporter on Ramoa. The teleporter to the right take you to Malada, but you cannot use it yet.

Access to Malada

This island is also known as the Giant Spiders Island.


Return to Talahu, head to the south east and follow this route:


Be prepared to face every kind of Quara Scouts. When you reach the surface, watch out because there are several Giant Spiders and some Water Elementals too. At this point just head to the north and you'll find the Teleportation Hub. This one only has an accessible teleporter to the left that will take you to Talahu and will grant you access to go Malada using the teleporter whenever you want.

Access to Kharos

To access Kharos, you must travel south of Malada, where you will find a pitfall leading to the island underground, here. There you'll find Ferumbras Citadel, and if you just go to the east you'll find a one-way teleporter down a hole to go back to Goroma, here.

In order to access the citadel, you must attempt to step inside the electric barrier barring it. Once you have done this, leave through the teleport and travel to Edron, where you must talk to Zoltan about Ferumbras' citadel. He will then give you permission to enter Ferumbras Citadel on Kharos for 500 gp. This fee will allow you entry for one time. Once you enter and leave, you must pay the fee again.

There are no direct hubs to Kharos, and one must travel through the caves to reach it, even if they've done the quest.

Once you passed the energy barrier blocking Ferumbras Citadel, you can't leave from the energy barrier. You need to go east, down a hole, head west and go up a rope hole to leave.

Player: hi
Zoltan: Welcome Player, student of the arcane arts. I teach the fiercest {spells} available.
Player: Ferumbras
Zoltan: I see, you managed to reach Kharos, the harbinger isle, and discovered the gates to Ferumbras' citadel, and now you are here full of questions. Are you ready to listen?
Player: yes
Zoltan: So know that destroying the mortal shell of the being called Ferumbras was the best we were able to achieve with our combined efforts in the past. ...
Zoltan: He was destroyed not only once but several times. Eventually we were able to figure out the secret of his seeming immortality. ...
Zoltan: On one of the most remote islands of the Shattered Isles, he built a citadel with demonic aid right around a powerful magical nexus. ...
Zoltan: The only reason for the whole complex was to establish a point of return into our world. Whenever he is slain, his soul retreats to some demonic dimension to regain enough strength to re-enter the world. ...
Zoltan: We were not able to destroy his citadel, this unholy construct. To make matters worse, the nexus makes it easy for demons of all kind to pass into our world. ...
Zoltan: The best thing we could do was to seal the citadel and to install a device that will alarm us whenever Ferumbras tries to re-enter our world. ...
Zoltan: We grant heroes like you the permission to pass our seals and enter Ferumbras' citadel. ...
Zoltan: Just ask for the permission if you are ready to go there. Be warned that the citadel is no holiday place though. You will encounter large amounts of demons and traps that scare off most adventurers. ...
Zoltan: On the other hand, WHEN Ferumbras re-enters the world we need heroes like you to face him on his very own ground before he can escape. ...
Zoltan: His return is not very likely but it can happen each and every day. If you should manage to defeat him, bring a proof of his death here and you will be rewarded.
Player: permission
Zoltan: The attuning to our seals is a costly process and it will grant you access to the citadel ONLY ONCE. Each time you want to enter, you will need a new attuning. Are you willing to pay 500 gold pieces to become attuned to the seal of the citadel?
Player: yes
Zoltan: SO BE IT!
Player: bye
Zoltan: Use your knowledge wisely, Player.

Access to Nargor

To get Access to Nargor and Pirate Outfits complete the Meriana Quest.

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