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The Shattered Isles

Nargor is a hostile rock surrounded by treacherous reefs. Since it is uninhabitable and almost unreachable it is of no interest.

Treasure Island is not only desert-like but also quite deserted. The only people you meet are treasure hunters that travel there occasionally to try their luck.

The inhabitants of the town Liberty Bay live on the numerous plantations. The town has developed into a major trading center in recent years, and is under Thaian rule.

The Forbidden Islands to the north-west are dangerous not only because of the volcanoes that are found there but also due to frequent quara activity. Since there is no real reason to visit these islands, no regular shipping route was ever established.

The Laguna Islands are quite often visited by passing ships to refresh their supply of water and food. Still the isles are too desolate to establish a settlement there. It is rumored that a small tribe of savages calls one of the isles its home.

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