Prevent the minions of Variphor from stealing the knowledge about how to use the Godbreaker from the Secret Library of Zathroth.


Access to the Falcon Bastion, Deep Desert (Elite Skeletons), Ancient Ancestorial Grounds (Deathlings), The Extension Site (Thais Museum), underground Asura Palace and the Secret Library, as well as a Bone Fiddle, the basic Battle Mage Outfits and the Battle Mage and Library Liberator achievements.

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Find Dedoras southeast of Cormaya, here. Talk to him to learn about search and he will mention the 6 puzzles you have to solve in order to gain access to the Secret Library.

High and Dry

To get this document, you'll have to shipwreck on a secret island. Talk to Charles in Port Hope and ask him for a shortcut passage, say yes and then select between Edron, Thais, Liberty Bay or Yalahar. The first time you take the shortcut, you'll be sent to the correct island, west of Meluna.

Note: If you have already been to the island once but did not take the Sealed Scroll, you can go there again, however, after the first time you'll not always shipwreck, and if you do you may arrive in 4 different islands. You can only shipwreck by getting a shortcut from Charles once per day, however.

Upon arriving at the island, go northwest, down the stairs and pick up the Sealed Scroll from the Brass-Shod Chest. Now that you got what you came for, you must find a way to leave.

1. Use the Heap of Rubbish south to receive a Hawser Hawser (Item).
2. Use the Hawser Hawser (Item) on the southeast corner of the Raft, which needs to be fixed.
3. Go back to the south shore and use the Ship's Telescope Ship's Telescope to get navigation orientations. You must do this at night, otherwise you'll receive the following message:

  • The telescope provides a perfect view over the endless ocean - no land in sight.

If you receive one of the following messages, it means you can already proceed to the next step:

  • By using the telescope you observate the stellar constellations. This should help you to navigate your way back to mainland. or
  • You already have all information you need from observing the stellar constellations.

4. Go to the Raft and walk on it, you'll sail back to Fibula. You'll get the following message:

  • The raft was not that solid in the end, its parts are floating in the ocean now. But at least you reached dry land.

The Path of Defiances

Go to the Deep Desert, west of Darashia around here through the sand vortex. There are 4 puzzles you must solve in order to receive special items which will be required for a ritual. Go out the building to the south, then walk around it to the west and go down the hole here. Be careful, you'll have to fight several Skeleton Elite Warriors and Undead Elite Gladiators which are very strong.

First Puzzle

The first puzzle consists of walking an invisible path around a room towards a quest door, starting at the carpet. If you take a wrong step, Red Musical Notes will appear on your character and you'll have to start over. After crossing the door, pick up the Ritual Stone Tablet in the Brass-Shod Chest north of the room.

The Secret Library Quest - Darashia Path.png

Second Puzzle

From the first chest, leave through the sand corridor to the east and follow it. This puzzle consists simply of fighting through the horde of Skeleton Elite Warriors and Undead Elite Gladiators which you will find in abundance in this narrow corridor. After going around the passage, you will find yourself back in the build and receive a quest log update. Pick up the Exultant Ritual Figurine in the chest there. Now you can go back using the sealed door just south of you, and continue to the southwest where you'll find another sealed door.

Third Puzzle

After going through the quest door, walk west around the building and go down the stairs to the north, here. This puzzle requires you to step on the coloured carpets the correct amount of times and order, as shown just north of the lava pool.

  1. Step once on the Green Carpet;
  2. Step twice on the Red Carpet;
  3. Step three times on the Blue Old Carpet.

You should see this message: Access Granted!

Note that if you see Musical Notes on your character, you made a mistake and have to start over at the green carpet. Enter the teleport to cross the lava and take the Ritual Sword from the chest.

Fourth Puzzle

From the lava room, leave to the north, follow east and then south. You'll find yourself in a room with 4 Bonelord Statues, the northern one having a glowing eye. Here, you'll need 3 units of Food (e.g. Ham, Meat, Apples or Brown Mushrooms) to please the statues. Place the food on top of the tree southern Stone Blocks (the corresponding statue's eye should light up) and run to the sealed door to the east, where you will find a Ritual Figurine.

The Ritual

After finishing all puzzles and obtaining all 4 ritual items, go back to the entrance at the upper floor and go up the long stairs west. Perform the ritual by using the items on the corresponding Stone Sockets. You should now be able to go through the 4 doors just east of this same room.

Before entering the teleport, be ready for a fierce solo battle against a Furious Scorpion as well as 4 Skeleton Elite Warriors and 2 Undead Elite Gladiators. You can use a Energy Bomb Runes and Poison Bomb Runes (or walls) to guard yourself from the creatures and only take damage from the miniboss. Yet, be very careful since it can easily hit for over 1000 damage. You have 5 minutes to defeat it or you'll be kicked out of the room.

Note that you will not be able to leave without killing the boss, and it's a solo-battle. You can fight this battle every 2 hours.

Liquid Death

Go to Edron and talk to Spectulus, ask him about rumours and say yes.

Go to the Deathlings' Sunken Temple north of Banuta, here. Jump in the water vortex, go up the stairs and then fight your way to the center room of the lower floor. You’ll see twines in this room; stand on the tile to the east of the twines, face west, and levitate upwards (here) to end up a small room. You should receive a quest log update after seeing the Large Seashell Book in the room and learning about the Deathlings plans. Report back to Spectulus.

Travel to Gray Beach and then go down the hole east of the beach, here. Go down the ramps and then follow the map below to reach the Deepling Ancestorial Grounds.

The Secret Library Quest - Liquid Death Route.png

You'll find a new passage there to a location where the Deathlings are attacking the Deeplings. Your task is to help the Deeplings by restoring 9 Broken Idols you'll find around this area (just use them). You can follow the map below to circle around the 2 floors fixing the Broken Idols.

The Secret Library Quest - Liquid Death Map.png

After doing that, you'll gain the right to fight the Deathlings boss Brokul with a team of up to 5 players. The portal to the boss can be found on the western most side of this cave, down here.

Note: If you want, you don't have to fight Brokul just yet. You can walk around the Deathlings area and fix more idols, up to a total of 45 idols. The more idols you fix, the lower Brokul's health will be at the beginning of the fight.
Note²: Once you start fighting Brokul, a number of Neutral Deepling Warriors will spawn in the room. Even though they may target you, they will also target (and be targeted) by the boss, so you may want to keep them alive and use their help.

After killing Brokul, all members of the party will loot The True Book of Death.

The Lament

This part takes place at the Asura Palace and you must have finished The Lost Brother Quest and the Asura Palace Quest to start it. Find a Wall Mirror (Quest) in the ground floor of the Palace, here, and use it to access the secret basement. You'll have to pick up some items on this floor by falling into some cracks. Check the map below for locations:

The Secret Library Quest - Asuri1.png

  1. Walk all the way east, fall some cracks and pick up the Lotus Key.
  2. Go back where you came from, then follow the hallway south, fall down the cracks and get the Strand of Hair.
  3. Use the Lotus Key to unlock the door further south and follow east.
  4. Fall down the cracks and take the Eye Key.
  5. Go back out the door, find the other door to the east and unlock it using the Eye Key.

Go down to the next floor. Right now, you won't do anything here, so walk all the way southwest and go down again.

  1. Walk north, then all the way east and enter the portal. Take the Silver Chimes here. You can go back upstairs now.

Now you'll also have to pick up some items and also fight some True Asuri mini bosses.

The Secret Library Quest - Asuri2.png

In order to fight the bosses, there are some requirements. Note that you must use or equip the items before entering the portal, otherwise the boss will be invincible.

Note: Currently, you don't have to kill the bosses at all, but this may be a bug that will be fixed. You just have to pick up the Piece of Ebony from the room with The Diamond Blossom and the Skull (Quest) from the room with The Lily of Night, without killing them, which means you don't have to take the steps to make them vulnerable.
  1. Equip a non-metal red armor (for example, Firemind Raiment or a Doublet), and enter the portal to fight The Diamond Blossom. Pick up the Piece of Ebony in the chest.
  2. Equip the Silver Chimes (as a Shield) and enter the portal to fight The Blazing Rose. Make sure you loot Perfume Flacon she will drop.
  3. Go back to the third floor.

The Secret Library Quest - Asuri3.png

  1. Go to the Death Portal in the center room. Use the Perfume Flacon and then enter it to face The Lily of Night. Pick up the Skull (Quest) before leaving.
  2. Go to the northern room and pick up The Peacock Ballad from the chest.

In order to access the final Energy Portal on the -2 floor, you must play and sing the Peacock Ballad. To do so, improvise a musical instrument by first using the Piece of Ebony on the Skull (Quest) to get a Bone Fiddle Without Strings. Then, use the Strand of Hair on it to obtain a Bone Fiddle.

Piece of Ebony + Skull (Quest) = Bone Fiddle without Strings
Bone Fiddle without Strings + Strand of Hair = Bone Fiddle

Go to the Purple Portal and use the Bone Fiddle in front of it (make sure you receive a Quest Log update, otherwise it did not work!). Despite that, you won't be able to enter it because the Ballad is cursed. To remove the curse, go back to Port Hope and find Gail above the depot (she's the missing girl's mother). Ask her about her daughter and by telling her about the story of his mother the curse will be lifted.

Finally, go back to the Asura Palace, to the second floor of the quest area and play the Bone Fiddle in front of it again. You should be able to enter now. Inside, there will be 5 True Asuri in the room, which is related to Zathroth's plans. Walk in front of the Writing Desk north to receive a Secret Map. You may report back to Dedoras now.

The Order of the Falcon

Note: This mission can only be started during Night.

Travel to Edron and go up the ramp just north of the Wyvern Mountain here. Cross the bridge south. You will see a bed of chalk. Use the Chalk on the ground to get a Bucket Filled with Chalk (Fine). Levitate up (facing south at the south-east corner), and then go up the stairs to access the Falcon Outpost. Pick up the Page from a Mystic Book in the chest, which has the instructions of the ritual you must perform to access the Falcon Bastion. The ritual consists of pouring the first two ingredients on south-east side of the symbol on top of the burning joss stick and the chalk on the north-east side of the Falcon Order symbol that is on the ground.

  1. First, pour the Blood on the symbol (Joss Stick).
  2. Pour the Water on the symbol (Joss Stick).
  3. Use the Bucket Filled with Chalk (Fine) and you'll be teleported to the Falcon Castle.

    Use the bucket filled with chalk on the highlighted tile which is the upper right square of the painted symbol.

Note: Blood and Water only need to be poured by one player, the rest of the team can only pour the Chalk.

Inside the castle, you'll find several chests, corpses and furniture in which you'll be able to take valuable items, a Can of Grease (which you need to open the gate downstairs), the Key 0909, and 9 documents that talk about The Grand Master of Verbal Debate (keep these documents because they are a valuable reference for killing the final boss). There is also a spawn (more than once daily) of the Key 0808. Watch out for cracks on the floor, if you step on them you'll fall to the lower floor.

Your mission here consists on fighting 4 minibosses to gain access to certain quest doors. Note that you have to kill them in order otherwise you won't have access to the next area. Make sure everyone in the team deals considerable damage to the minibosses too (players must receive the message Your deeds have been noticed. in their Loot Channel). The minibosses spawn like regular creatures approximately every 5 minutes, so just wait if you need to kill it again or if it was recently killed by someone else. Be careful specially when going up or down stairs since you can be surrounded by Falcon Knights and Paladins.

Grand Commander Soeren.gif 1. Start by going up to the rooftop and then go to the room north-east here to fight the Grand Commander Soeren.

Preceptor Lazare.gif 2. From this, walk all the way south and go down the stairs (not the same one you came from, south of that). To the east, you'll find Preceptor Lazare in a small room north of the monks.

Grand Chaplain Gaunder.gif 3. Go down two floors, past the quest door and then go to the large room north to fight the Grand Chaplain Gaunder, here.

Grand Canon Dominus.gif 4. Go down to the ground level and all the way north to a small boat here. Use it to travel to an island to the north where you will find the Grand Canon Dominus.

After killing all of the minibosses you can enter the room that connects with the underground area.

Shortcut between zao and the bastion isle.

Underground area, the star marks the energy portal

Note: Once you reach the ground floor, make sure to leave the castle to the north, walk around it west and enter the swimming area. South of it, you'll find a small boat (you can also reach this area by unlocking the door from the castle using the Key 0909). Use one of its ends to gain access to a shortcut to the castle. Once this is done, you can travel to the castle by using the boat northeast of the Zao Steppe, here. You must have finished The New Frontier Quest in order to get access to this shortcut.

Once you reach the underground area, you'll first have to defeat another miniboss northwest, a Dazed Leaf Golem, here. Afterwards, enter the Electric Sparks to the south. In the northwest part of this room (which looks like a Falcon head on the Automap), you'll find Mystic Flames (which represent the Falcon's Eye). Enter them.

Grand Master Oberon

You'll have to fight Grand Master Oberon now. This battle is both physical and verbal. During the battle, once the boss reaches red health, he will summon a Falcon Knight or a Falcon Paladin and heal completely, as well as keep healing for every amount of damage you deal to him and start arguing with you, popping up an orange message until someone speaks in local chat, then he will stop talking and become vulnerable again. Each time he gets to red hp and heals there will be a different message from him, and in order to defeat him you must reply with the correct argument. This verbal confrontation has to be done correctly 3 times during the fight and then the boss can be killed. When you reply with the correct answer, Oberon will grunt (GRRRAAANNGH!), but if you do not reply correctly he will laugh at you (HAHAHAHA!).

All the arguments you need to reply to the boss can be found in the documents that you can get inside the castle, there is a total of 8 volumes and each one contains a quote.

Grand Master Oberon Reply Document
The world will suffer for its idle laziness! Are you ever going to fight or do you prefer talking! I
People fall at my feet when they see me coming! Even before they smell your breath? II
I will remove you from this plane of existence! Too bad you barely exist at all! III
Dragons will soon rule this world, I am their herald! Excuse me but I still do not get the message! V
I lead the most honourable and formidable following of knights! Then why are we fighting alone right now? VI
You appear like a worm among men! How appropriate, you look like something worms already got the better of! VII
This will be the end of mortal men! Then let me show you the concept of mortality before it! VIII
The true virtues of chivalry are my belief! Dare strike up a Minnesang and you will receive your last accolade! IX

Tip: Since killing Oberon is a daily routine for many players, it's usefull to have the answers to the fight in hotkeys or action buttons. Due to how Dialog with NPCs work in Tibia, it's possible to setup only 2 buttons with all the answers, and you can use two others to indicate which button to use. This works by combining the replies to the 3 arguments that start with a T (I, VIII and IX) in one message, and the remaining replies on another. The correct reply will be recognized even when it's mixed with other replies. The reason you can't use a single message for all replies is that it would exceed the character limit for a message.

  • Button 1: Are you ever going to fight or do you prefer talking! Then let me show you the concept of mortality before it! Dare strike up a Minnesang and you will receive your last accolade!
  • Button 2: Even before they smell your breath? Too bad you barely exist at all! SEHWO ASIMO, TOLIDO ESD Excuse me but I still do not get the message! Then why are we fighting alone right now? How appropriate, you look like something worms already got the better of!

You can set two buttons with the replies above and two to indicate which is which, like this:

Oberon Fight Buttons.png

Once you kill the boss, you should loot The Spatial Warp Almanac.

MoTA Bursting at the Seams

This part takes place at the Museum of Tibian Arts.

Go to see Gareth and if you haven't done so yet, talk to him about becoming a Patron of the museum. Then, ask him about the Extension of the museum, he will tell you that they have been facing Problems and will ask you for help, after offering your help he will grant you access to the sealed door here. Behind this door there is a Fire Portal that leads to The Extension Site, where you will find Floating Savants, Retching Horrors, Furies and Hellhounds.

First Seal

  1. Head to the west and then follow the hall to the north until you find a big Bone Lever Bone Lever and a sealed door, here. Use it, but nothing will happen just yet.
  2. Go back to the museum entrance and ask Gareth about it (bone).
  3. Back in the dungeon, go to the room at the center (guarded by 4 Hellhounds), here. Use this lever Lever2.gif and then run back to the Bone Lever and use it as well, which should switch to a different position. The recommended strategy for this step is to kill the creatures first and then use the lever and run to the bone lever.

Note: The Bone Lever takes a few seconds to switch back to the default position. If your team has multiple players doing this access it's better to do the final step a few seconds apart to make sure the lever will be on the right position.

After doing that you'll be granted access to the Sealed Doors south of the Bone Levers to the lower floor.

Second Seal

After going down the stairs, walk around the water to the northeast and pick up the Bony Rod Bony Rod here. You'll need it later. Beware that you'll also face Demon's here.

Mine this crystals

On this floor you have to mine the blue Crystals you can find around the room, using a Pick or a Secret Service tool. You may get one of three different energy balls: Yellow Energy Ball, Green Energy Ball or a Red Energy Ball. You will need one of each crystal, and you have to wait a few minutes before attempting to mine another one.

Each Energy Ball must be used on its corresponding empty Coal Basin. Since they disappear about one minute after being mined, it's better to focus on one color at a time near its respective basin.

  • Yellow Energy Ball The Yellow Ball has to be used on the western basin;
  • Green Energy Ball The Green Ball on the center basin;
  • Red Energy Ball The Red Ball on the eastern basin.

600?cb=20201122033202&path-prefix=en&format=originalFile:The Secret Library Quest - MoTA Map 2.png

After using all three energy balls correctly, you may advance to the next seal.

Be careful: if you try to walk through the teleports without having properly used the Energy Balls on the respective Basins, you will be teleported back to the basin, which by this time could be full of creatures. If you can't handle the spawn alone, a good strategy is splitting the team so all 3 basins are covered while every member of the party checks if the access was obtained successfully.

Third Seal

For this seal, you'll need the Bony Rod Bony Rod you found previously. To complete this mission you have to act quickly, so make sure you understand what to do before starting.

Fight your way to the western most part of the floor, here, where you'll find a chest. Use it to receive a Ruby Fire Stone Ruby Fire Stone and immediately use it on the Bony Rod or it will vanish. You'll get a Bony Rod (Ruby) Bony Rod (Ruby).

Your objective is to use this rod on an empty basin on the other side of the room, however, it will lose its charge unless you constantly recharge it. To do so, use it on the Coal Basins Coal Basin that can be found all around the dungeon. It's recommended that you do this part without killing the monsters, run through the south corridor and recharge the rod on every basin you find. Energy Bomb Runes can be used to avoid most of the creatures here. At the eastern part of the floor, use the charged Bony Rod on the empty basin to be able to go through the door.

600?cb=20201122060001&path-prefix=en&format=originalFile:The Secret Library Quest - MoTA Map 3.png

Note: If you fail to use keep the Bony Rod (Ruby) charged, you'll have to pick up a new Ruby Fire Stone. There is a 2 minutes cooldown on that, from the moment you picked up the last one.
Note²: To open the chest near the door you need a Sample of Monster Blood Sample of Monster Blood, which you can get on the first floor, here. Use the vial on the skull near the chest (the one without blood) and then enter the door south of it to receive a Broken Compass. This is not required for this quest, though.

Fourth Seal

As soon as you enter the teleport after completing the previous seal you'll be greeted by 10+ Lava Golems. You must walk over the inscriptions on the northwest side of the room, and once you do that you must stay in this room for 3 minutes before being allowed to leave. You don't have to kill the Lava Golems, but it's safer to do so. Be warned, however, that they respawn very quickly. If you want to avoid the fight, you can stand on Energy Bombs since the Lava Golems don't walk over them.

Leave through the teleport south-west and you'll find yourself at the entrance of The Extension Site. Report back to Gareth about the extension.

The Secret Library

Talk to Dedoras after finishing all previous missions. Ask him about search and then say the name of all the previous missions. Finally, ask him to check the information you brought him. You should receive the Battle Mage achievement as well as the basic Battle Mage Outfits.

The entrance of the Secret Library is at the Isle of the Kings. To access it, use a Scythe on the Monument to the right of the Altar.

In the library, you will have to look for "mini" bosses before the final challenge. The bosses can be fought in teams of up to 5 players. Be very careful when walking around this place as some of the stronger creatures of Tibia reside here, sometimes in large packs. Right at the entrance of the library there are some statues that throw a beam every few seconds. Avoid it or you'll take over 1000 holy damage.


Battle recommendations:
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Stone Shower.gif
Use Earth Damage during this fight.

From the entrance, go to the Energy Section and go all the way west before the hunting area where you'll find a teleport. Enter it and pull the Ostentatious Bookstand once your team is ready for the fight.

Start by attacking the boss. A few moments later, the team will be sent to the center of the room with the invincible boss and trapped by Force Fields (they look like Magic Walls). At this moment, the team should all focus on the same magic wall and kill it as soon as possible to leave the trap, because within the trap Lokathmor will repeatedly cause an explosion that deals death damage, starting with around 700 damage that increases rapidly with each turn.

After leaving the trap, a Dark Knowledge (gray book) will spawn north of it. Kill it and quickly pick up its corpse (a Parchment of Dark Knowledge). Use it on the Writing Desk (Quest) on the west side of the room and then use the desk, it will destroy the remaining Force Fields and set Lokathmor free, allowing the team to attack it for 20 seconds. After this period, the trap will restart, and players will have to repeat these steps until the boss has been killed.

Time is of utmost importance in this fight, and losing one turn may be decisive for a failure. Some hints for optimal performance are:

  • It's recommended to select a Force Field that is not near any Knowledge Raider as they can move towards into the square and re-create the trap. Usually the team will destroy a Force Field north of the boss, leave the trap and move to the left by the desk, while the Knight stays near the Book. With this strategy any remaining summons should be left of the trap, lowering the risk of them taking the Force Field position.
  • The Force Fields deal Damage Reflection, and thus area attacks should be avoided at all costs, specially Ultimate spells which can be fatal for the mage casting it. They also barely take any Death Damage, so SD runes are pointless.
  • When trapped, the team may take a lot of damage. It's recommended to use Might Rings and even SSAs since the boss also deals constant Death Damage on all players.
  • When killing the Dark Knowledge, have one player stay by the desk and then when it dies someone throws him the corpse in a pre-defined spot (e.g. under the character), so it's quickly used and no time is wasted doing this.


Battle recommendations:
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.
Stone Shower.gif
Use Earth Damage during this fight.

Go to the Earth Section and downstairs here (south of the Biting Books), then walk north to find a teleport. Enter it and pull the Ostentatious Bookstand once your team is ready for the fight.


The Secret Library Quest - Mazzinor

Together with this boss there will be several Wild Knowledges (they look like Energy Elementals). Once you kill them, they will become a purple vortex. Every few rounds, Mazzinor will become Supercharged Mazzinor (a sphere), which is invincible. After 8 seconds, it will cast an energy ultimate explosion that hits all squares of the room and deals 13,000+ Energy Damage. This hit, however, can be avoided entirely, and to do so players must step on the existing vortexes to gain the appearance of a Knowledge Elemental Knowledge Elemental.gif. Note that this transformation also lasts 8 seconds, so it's recommended that you wait about 2 seconds after the boss transformation to step on the vortex. If you do it too soon, you may not be able to renew it until it runs out and will be susceptible to the boss UE. Keep killing the Wild Knowledges and attacking the boss while this happens to defeat it.

This fight can go bad very easily if the team starts taking the Energy UE. A possible strategy is this: the blocker stays with Mazzinor near the center of the room, and the shooters spread around them. Everyone should attack with Stone Shower Runes at this area, hitting multiple Wild Knowledges. Furthermore, everyone should always choose a Wild Knowledge/vortex as soon as possible and stand next to it, preferably communicating this for the team. When there are plenty of vortex on the floor and/or no Wild Knowledges, the team can use these turns to single target Mazzinor.

Other tips:

  • If a player doesn't manage to step on a vortex and is about to take the damage, wearing a Shockwave Amulet Shockwave Amulet will be of huge help, reducing the damage taken to 3-5k. Since it only has 5 charges, however, it must be equipped right before the explosion.
  • Avoid moving around too much as you may end up stepping on a vortex by mistake and become unable to reset the transformation in time. (Check 7min40s on the video). If this happens you can still try to transform again by walking back and forth on the vortex (10min50s on the video).
  • Watch out for Wild Knowledges that are about to die and try to avoid killing them above an existing vortex, otherwise you'll "waste" it.
  • After being transformed, keep attacking with AoE damage so you clear the summons for another player or for the next round.


Battle recommendations:
Drown Protection Icon.gif
Equip Drown Damage Protection during this fight.
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight.

Before going into the library, make sure to bring a Depth Galea or Helmet of the Deep, as it will be very important against this boss. From the entrance, go to the Fire Section and go down to the second floor. Go to the room south-east where you'll find the teleport. Enter it and pull the Ostentatious Bookstand once your team is ready for the fight.


The Secret Library Quest - Ghulosh

During the fight, Ghulosh will transform into Ghulosh' Deathgaze. Your objective then is to get rid of the Deathgaze, but you can't kill it yourself. First, destroy The Book of Death that spawns north of the room to release a Concentrated Death (it's advised that you initially attack the Book until it's on red HP first and then just finish it when required). Now, you have to line up Ghulosh' Deathgaze with the Concentrated Death, so when it uses its Death Beam (it deals 6000 Drown Damage) it will receive a lot of damage as Damage Reflection.

The Deathgaze attacks from distance and cannot be trapped (or it will teleport to the center of the room). To control it, it's recommended that the knight challenges it and forces it to one of the wall corners. Then, Magic Wall Runes and Wild Growth Runes can be used to prevent the Deathgaze from walking to the sides, and another player should bring the Concentrated Death in front of the Deathgaze, as shown below. The Concentrated Death dies rather quickly by players and summons attacks, so make sure not to damage it yourself. If it dies, the Book will shortly respawn and you can get another one.

The Secret Library Quest - Ghulosh Trap.png

The first two times that the Deathgaze hits the Concentrated Death, it will immediately disappear and Ghulosh will spawn back. The third time, however, will force you to get Ghulosh' Deathgaze to hit itself several times until it's almost dead, and then you'll finally be able to finish the boss. During the fight you'll also have to deal with several Bone Jaws as well as Blood Tears. These should be cleared whenever possible so they don't pile up, just make sure not to kill the Concentrated Death in the process.


Battle recommendations:
Fire Protection Icon.gif
Equip Fire Damage Protection during this fight.
Use Ice Damage during this fight. On the minions and the boss.
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. On the boss.

From the entrance, go to the Fire Section, then all the way east and then south where you'll find the teleport. Enter it and pull the Ostentatious Bookstand once your team is ready for the fight.


The Secret Library Quest - Gorzindel

To kill Gorzindel you will first have to weaken it. To do so, start by attacking the Stolen Tome of Portals north of the room (you can ignore the Malicious and Mean Minions for now). When it dies, its corpse will be a teleport in which everyone should quickly jump into (since the boss deals heavy Paralysis, it's better to walk towards the Book when it's about to die). Each team member will be sent to a small room with a Malicious Minion and another book that is responsible for one of the boss' abilities or strengths. You will have 3-4 turns to attack it before being sent to the main room again. Note that after returning from the small rooms, several Minions will have spawned. Together they can deal significant damage, so it's better to use Avalanche Runes on them to clear the room, specially from the Malicious Minions which die faster.

Repeat this process until all 5 books are dead and the boss weakened, and at this point all you'll have to do is attack Gorzindel until it dies. During that time it's recommended that the shooters stay near the left wall of the room to avoid the Stolen Tome's Death spell around itself.

The following books must be destroyed:

Final Battle


The Secret Library Quest - The Scourge of Oblivion

After killing all 4 previous bosses, you can enter the teleport to the final battle. From the entrance, go south and then follow west. Go down a few floors until you reach a small room here. Enter the teleport to find the room with an Ostentatious Bookstand. Unlike the other boss fights, this once can be fought with a team of up to 10 players.

You'll be teleported to a large room with NPC Cerebrir and Magic Discharges. After 30 seconds, several creatures will start to spawn in the north of the room: Rift Spawns, Rift Minions, Imp Intruders, Ravenous Beyondlings and Yalahari Despoilers. Kill them with area attacks. One minute after this, the following message will appear at the center of the room:


The Spellstealer

Enter the teleport to the northeast. Inside, you'll find The Spellstealer and Demon Slaves. The Spellstealer is initially invulnerable to all attacks. To kill it, it must be lured to the vortex corresponding to its color: if the boss is green, lure it northwest to the Creation Vortex (The creation vortex consumes the stolen energy!; if it's red, lure it southeast to the Destruction Vortex (The destruction vortex consumes the stolen energy!). When the boss steps on the correct vortex, it changes to a light gray color and becomes vulnerable. After some time being hit, it will become invulnerable again (The spellstealer absorbs the power of destruction! or The spellstealer absorbs the power of creation!), and it will have to be lured to the corresponding vortex. Repeat this until it's killed and then go back to the central chamber where a new raid will start (After the death of the spellstealer the invasion of the central chamber continues!) with the addition of Invading Demons.

The Scion of Havoc

After another minute killing the raid, the southeastern wing will be opened:


Inside this wing you'll find The Scion of Havoc and several Spawns of Havoc. You should not kill the Spawns of Havoc (Fire Elementals), since when they die they will explode and deal 1000+ damage to all players around it. This damage also heals The Scion of Havoc. Thus, in order to kill it it's better to trap it in a corner while one or two members of the team keep the Spawns of Havoc away from the boss. After killing The Scion of Havoc, go back to the central chamber where a new raid will start (After the death of the scion of havoc the invasion of the central chamber continues!)

Brother Chill & Brother Freeze

After another minute killing the raid, the southwestern wing will be opened:


Inside this wing you'll face Brother Chill and Brother Freeze, as well as Biting Colds. The Brothers and the Biting Colds heal each other, thus, in order to defeat them you have to keep them away from each other. You can start with either Brother while the rest of the team keeps the other one and the Colds away from the Brother being killed. After killing Brother Chill and Brother Freeze, go back to the central chamber where a new raid will start (After the death of the frozen brothers the invasion of the central chamber continues!)

The Devourer of Secrets

After another minute killing the raid, the northwestern wing will be opened:


Inside this final wing you'll face The Devourer of Secrets together with War Servants and 4 The Book of Secrets. Do not destroy the Books, as they will make The Devourer of Secrets stronger. Simply kill the boss while healing the books with Mass Healing and UH runes (they will take damage from the boss and the summons). After killing The Devourer of Secrets, go back to the central chamber where a new raid will start (After the death of the devourer of secrets the invasion of the central chamber continues!)

The Scourge of Oblivion

After some more time killing the raid in the main room, the following messages will appear:

The Masterbook has filled up with the wrath of the library!
The Leader of the invasion finally joins the battle! Beware, the scourge of oblivion enters the fray!

In the central chamber, you will face The Scourge of Oblivion, which will constantly change between three stages. During the "regular" stage players should deal as much damage do the boss as possible. The two other stages will be accompanied by a broadcast:

  • The Scourge of Oblivion activated its reflective shields! The boss will change to a dark red color and reflect all damage it takes, so everyone should stop attacking it immediately.
  • The Scourge of Oblivion prepares a devastating attack! The boss will change into light blue color and shoot 4 very strong beams towards all directions (north, south, east and west) that can deal massive damage. During this stage the boss is also invulnerable so attacking it is pointless.

While the boss is invulnerable, the shooters shoot attack the summons around them that will keep spawning at the center of the room during the fight.

Upon killing The Scourge of Oblivion, you will get the achievement Library Liberator and the following messages will appear at the center of the room:



High and Dry

Player: hi
Charles: Ahoy. Where can I sail you today?
Player: shortcut
Charles: This passage is shorter and costs less gold - but on the other hand it is also a bit riskier. On this route there are frequent tempests and the severe winds may blow a passenger over board. ...
Charles: Few ship captains would sail this route. But if you want to take the risk, I can bring you to Thais, Edron, Liberty Bay or Yalahar for less gold than usual. Interested?
Player: yes
Charles: Do you seek a shortcut passage to Thais for 100 gold, to Edron for 90 gold, to Liberty Bay for 20 gold or to Yalahar for 200 gold?
Player: <Any of the options>
Charles: Set the sails and good luck to us!

The Secret Library Quest

The Lament

Player: daughter
Gail: I always feared that I lost her. And yet, all those years, I still had a gleam of hope. I'm devastated to learn about her fate - but at least I have certainty now. Thank you for telling me.

The Secret Library Quest

MoTA Bursting at the Seams

Getting the mission:

Player: hi
Gareth: You again? How could you flee from the last floor. The cultists should have 'dealt' with you! That beats me. You have to leave this place right now. There's nothing more to say.
Player: extension
Gareth: It is planned to extend the MOTA. But this will take time, because our workers have faced a little problem.
Player: problem
Gareth: Well, the situation is this: We have explored a portal, I would say a very aggressive, capriciously and dangerous one. Through this gate monsters entered the construction site and attacked our workers. ...
Gareth: With enormous effort they could have been dispersed. When my fellows tried to fill up the portal, it appeared again and again. So the only thing they could do was to stop working for the moment. Are you eventually interested in further investigations?
Player: yes
Gareth: You are a true patron of the arts! I have opened the construction site for you. Start your work right now!

The Secret Library Quest

After using the Bone Lever:

Player: bone
Gareth: Hmm, interesting. Several years ago I have read some books dealing with strange locking mechanisms. I think what you have found here is a bone lever of category 3. ...
Gareth: Normally this is not used because it is not secure. The production failed and the lever can always be activated as follows: back, back, up, right, left. Just have a try, it should work.

The Secret Library Quest

Delivering the mission:

Player: extension
Gareth: You have found an inscription I would like to translate for you. The tibianus cipher was used: ...
Gareth: Those who are accorded the honour to visit this exclusive place will smash their blindness and face the truth. ...
Gareth: Astonishingly, Dedoras from Cormaya has recently asked me for these kinds of inscriptions. For sure he is able to bring light into the darkness. You should visit him.

The Secret Library Quest

The Secret Library

Player: : hi
Dedoras: Greetings, seeker of knowledge. You seem to be just the person I'm looking for.
Player: search
Dedoras: I gathered some lore on my own, but I desperately need more information that you might provide me. ...
Dedoras: My leads are the museum in Thais, something strange in the Darashian desert, rumours about fishmen, an ancient order, the mysterious asuri, or a lost isle?
Player: museum
Dedoras: I have heard that it was recently planned to expand the Museum of Tibian Arts. In the course of these activities unexpected difficulties occurred.
Player: desert
Dedoras: There are rumors of a mysterious statue in the desert next to Darashia. Nobody really knows the meaning of it.
Player: fishmen
Dedoras: Sightings of strange fishmen in Tiquanda are stirring up the region. You should be careful when investigating this. ...
Dedoras: As far as I know a scholar in Edron already dealt with fish-like creatures before.
Player: order
Dedoras: Our world has seen many noble knights and orders throughout the centuries. Most of them vanished a long time ago but only few under such mysterious circumstances as the Order of the Falcon. ...
Dedoras: This noble alliance of honourable knights once resided in Edron to serve the king. Legend has it they vanished practically over night. Rumor has it their disappearance is connected to a forbidden book.
Player: asuri
Dedoras: There's a beautiful but very dangerous palace in the Tiquandan jungle. The young women who live there are actually demons and they are luring unsuspecting mortals in there. ...
Dedoras: A lucky survivor told me about a portal at the very top of the palace that may lead to another asuri hideout.
Player: isle
Dedoras: Talk to Captain Charles in Port Hope. He told me that he once ran ashore on a small island where he discovered a small ruin. The architecture was like nothing he had seen before.
Player: check
Dedoras: Marvellous! With this information combined we have all that's needed! ...
Dedoras: So let me see. ...
Dedoras: Hmm, interesting. And we shouldn't forget about the chant! Yes, excellent! ...
Dedoras: So listen: To enter the veiled library, travel to the white raven monastery on the Isle of Kings and enter its main altar room. ...
Dedoras: There, use an ordinary scythe on the right of the two monuments, while concentrating on this glyph here and chant the words: Chamek Athra Thull Zathroth ...
Dedoras: Oh, and one other thing. For your efforts I want to reward you with one of my old outfits, back from my adventuring days. May it suit you well! ...
Dedoras: Hurry now my friend. Time is of essence!

The Secret Library Quest