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The Book of Qjell, The Second Coming

Edition II, Translation from 'Jekhr' (language of the Deeplings)
By Lagatos, Chronicler and Scholar

Note: The texts I discovered that deal with the time after the First Coming seem to be in a younger tongue and written entirely different from the older works. The newer passages are more like chants to be recited and memorised.

And Qjell rose and brought light.
And Qjell conquered and became light.

And we awaited the return of our God King Qjell.

And in the darkest of nights,
in the twin sun's nadir,
their touch fading from the ocean's bed,
He returned.

This time shall be known as the Second Coming.

And Qjell spread word of the light.
And Qjell pointed upward beyond.
And Qjell united us to obey.
And Qjell marched onward.
And follow we will.

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