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Required Equipment

Mission 1: A Taste of Things to Come

Once you cross the bridge after finishing The Beginning Quest and walk a little northward, you will be teleported to Kraknaknork's Dimension, where Kraknaknork's Demon will attack and kill you. Once you log back into the game, you will spawn next to Asralius. Talk to him so he restores your experience. Open the blue treasure chest to get a Backpack with a Wooden Sword and a Torch.

Mission 2: Defence!

Head over to Vascalir in the Rookgaard Academy and ask him for a mission. He will tell you about how the evil Orc Shaman Kraknaknork is trying to take over Rookgaard. Vascalir wants you to load two catapults with the stones found in the barn. Accept the mission he presents to you.

When you have accepted the mission, go to the barn just north of Tom's shop. In the basement you will find piles of stones. Use a pile and you will obtain a Heavy Stone. Take that heavy stone to any of the four destinations: one on Norma's roof, one on Obi's roof, and two on the roof of the academy. You will get 5 experience for each stone you load onto the catapault. Note that you can't use the stone twice in succession, so you should do it one by one, taking two trips to the barn.

Once you have two stones loaded onto the catapults, return to Vascalir. You will receive a Studded Shield.


Mission 3: A Rational Request

It's hunting time! Ask Vascalir for another mission. Vascalir wants you to go into the sewers and kill 5 Rats. The closest sewer grate can be found in the center of town, just south of the academy.

Once you complete this mission, go back to Vascalir and tell him that you have finished.


Note: You can check your quest log to track your progress. It will tell you how many you have killed.

Mission 4: Home-Brewed

Vascalir has directed you to Lily's store. Head to the temple and follow the road south-west. You should come across Lily's store, ask her for a mission. Lily will tell you about Hyacinth, and old potion brewer who can't make his way to the village anymore. She asks that you deliver some herbs to him so that he can brew more potions.

Head north to the bridge leading out of the town. Once you cross the bridge, follow the dirt track east until you hit a rocky mountain. Walking along the side of the mountain, you will come across a ramp inside the mountain. Go up until you find Hyacinth.

Tell Hyacinth about your mission and he will take the herbs from your inventory. In exchange, he will offer you 2 Small Health Potions. He will then give you a Star Ring and teach you how Rings work. Hyacinth will direct you back to Vascalir.

Note: don't forget to search the box behind Hyacinth! It contains 5 Brown Mushrooms.

Mission 5: Web of Terror

Go to Vascalir and ask him for another mission. He says he may have found a possible way to trap the orc shaman. He requests that you obtain a sample of the Spider Queen's silk (here). He warns you that you can't possibly take her on, but he explains that the queen detects its prey by strong olfactory stimulation. He suggests finding a way to block her senses by covering yourself in grease. Head to the spider lair to the north passed the bridge to the west. The lair is marked on your minimap. Go down all the way until you see blue rocks. Use a rock and you will gain temporary invisibility.

You have two minutes to find a spider web and use it. One can be found very close to the stairs, on the wall a little to the west.

If you fail to leave within 2 minutes, the spider queen will chase you down and wrap you a web. You will then be taken to a giant web. Free yourself by walking (very slowly) to the hole just to the south. You must then repeat the step above until you leave with the silk properly.

Note: the spider silk is not an item, it does not get put in your inventory.

Mission 6: Run Like a Wolf

Vascalir has told you to see Tom the Tanner as he may be able to equip you with a pair of Boots. Go to Tom and ask him for a mission, he will tell you that he can craft you a pair of boots, but you must supply him with ingredients. He insists that you not wear shoddy boots like those made from Rat leather, rather, he wants you to go to a Wolf den for some War Wolf hide. He informs you about a poacher who frequents the wolf den, and says you should get some leather from the war wolf that he kills.

Head to the war wolf north-east of Rookgaard. Go in the cave and search the dead human. The dead poacher will carry a skinning knife, and plans have now changed to skin the wolf yourself. Head deeper in the cave and skin the dead war wolf. You will hear sounds by wolves in the distant, now it is time to run! Hurry east (you are hasted by 90 levels) before the wolves catch you (you will never see wolves, but you have a time limit to reach the ramp to the east).

Note: If you fail, you get to try running again without penalty.

Note: In the box on the -2 level is a small health potion. Do not forget to take it.

Mission 7: Attack!

Go to Vascalir and ask him for another mission. He says that while you were gone the trolls have infiltrated the academy and set it on fire. Now you will go down at academy and find the Library Vault. You will see a Quest door (Red pommel), go through the door and head downstairs. Go to the north-west, where you must use a Destroy field rune that is on a table (unlimited uses) on a fire field to reach a Blue Chest box. Use the chest to obtain the Book of Orc Language and return to Vascalir.

He will reward you with 100 experience points and 100gp.

Mission 8: Less Risk - More Fun

Vascalir wants you to pay Paulie a visit. Go to Paulie in the Academy, use his services and deposit any amount of money. He will add 50 gold to your balance for doing this the first time.

Now head back to Vascalir and ask about your mission.

Mission 9: Rock 'n Troll

Vascalir sents you to the troll cave north of town, at the ruins. There you should make sure the cave dug by the trolls that leads to the library vault will colapse. Enter the troll cave and follow the path that's leading west (you will face young trolls on the way). This is the new dug cave. Go down two levels and get a Pick and leather legs from the chests. Now you need to weaken five beams. You can do this by using the pick on them. All five of the beams are in this room. When you weakened all of them, get out of the cave. Once you are up one level, the cave below collapses. Return to Vascalir. He will reward you with 50 experience points and a Brass Helmet.

Mission 10: Tomb Raiding

Vascalir wants you to search the sarcophagi in the graveyard for a fleshy bone. Leave Rookgaard from the north bridge and head south-east. Once you find the graveyard, go into the dungeon (the stairs can be found in the building). Once there, head north-east, enter the quest door and search for a Sarcophagus (one you might find in Ankrahmun Tombs). In another coffin on the way you can find a small health potion and there is a box near the ramp with five brown mushrooms.

He will reward you with 150 experience points and a sword.

Mission 11: Sweet Poison

Vascalir wants you to get a sample of the poison of a wasp. This should be the last thing necessary to weaken Kraknaknork. He gives you a bottle in which you can store the poison. Take the north exit from town again, over the bridge. Head to part west of the river and take the southern ramp down. Follow the road to the west untill you see a tower. This tower is filled with wasps. Just kill one and use the bottle Vascalir gave you on the body of the wasp once he is dead. Return with the filled bottle to Vascalir and he will reward you with 150 xp and a Brass Shield.

Mission 12: Into The Fortress

Get the bag with the tools you need in the blue Chest near the Bank in the basement. Go to the orc fortress very close to the Wasp Tower you went to earlier. You cannot enter the orc fortress, you will need a disguise. With your rolling pin, head around the back of the fortress where you find a Peeing Orc. Hit him with the rolling pin to steal his disguise.

Now enter the front of the fortress before the disguise wears off. Once you are in, head to the north where you will find an Elite Orc Guard. Use the fleshy bone on him and many Wild Dogs will spawn with a Running Elite Orc Guard. The elite orc guard is now distracted and you may go down the ladder he was guarding.

Once in the orc dungeon, find Kraknaknork's cauldron and use the flask of wasp poison on it. This will weaken the boss (though this step is mandatory).

You should open the blue treasure chest and get the 30 eggs in there. Also, open the trunk which is to the south-west of the kitchen to get 2 more small health potions .

Continue on until you find another orc guarding the portal to Kraknaknork's room. You will have to lure him to the other side of the room first, and then use the spider web on him to Paralyze him. Run through the teleport and prepare to fight!

When entering Kraknaknork 's lair, use the levers to clear your path to the teleporter. You should get into the room with the blue treasure chest to get the last small health potion . You should have 7 by now. If the wall reappears don't panic!, you just have to walk through it.

It would come in handy to hotkey potions here. Kraknaknork , although weakened, can pack quite a punch.

You should keep in mind that you shouldn't panic while you fight. Rookgaard floor is scripted so if you die, you won't lose your equipment nor experience. After death you can always come back there and try to kill Kraknaknork again.

Once Kraknaknork is dead, go through the teleport to claim your rewards.


Mission 1: A Taste of Things to Come

Asralius: Player! You finally woke up - I felt dark energy vibrating somewhere deep underground, but I couldn't save you in time. This place is safe. Are you alright?
Player: yes/alright
Asralius: You have been wounded in this battle and lost 10 percent of your experience and skills. Death in Tibia often means a grave loss. I'm sorry... but there might be a way I can help you.
Player: help
Asralius: I restored your experience. Since you are still young, it wasn't much you have lost, but next time, things could be a lot worse. Do you feel better?
Player: yes/better
Asralius: In any case, be careful when exploring dungeons you don't know. Be prepared to run away fast if you meet a monster that is stronger than you. Dying does hurt! This time you didn't have a chance though. By the way... did you open the big blue chest yet?
Player: yes/open
Asralius: Good. This should cover most of your losses. The backpack you found in the chest allows you to carry more items at the same time. ...
Asralius: You know... this must have been Kraknaknork's doing... he is a powerful orc shaman who has risen from the crowd of less 'gifted' orcs and started to terrorise Rookgaard. Have you seen him?
Player: yes/seen
Asralius: You have? I'm really worried about Rookgaard. We've never had orcs intruding our village, but Kraknaknork even seems capable of teleporting people to strange dimensions and summoning demons. I don't like this at all. What do you think? Speak freely.
Player: think
Asralius: I see... maybe you have a point. You know, maybe you'd want to talk to Vascalir in the Rookgaard academy. He has recently arrived to aid us with the recent orc problems. Should I teleport you back downstairs?
Player: yes
Asralius: Seek out Vascalir in the academy. I think if you can help him, he will be able to help you as well. And remember to be careful!

Mission 2: Defence!

Vascalir: Welcome, adventurer Player. These are dire times for Rookgaard... have you come to help in our mission?
Player: mission
Vascalir: Have you ever heard of Kraknaknork? He's a powerful orc shaman who has recently risen from the orc tribe and started to terrorise Rookgaard. Maybe we can kill several birds with one stone. Listen: ...
Vascalir: What would you say about you defeat Kraknaknork, save Rookgaard and earn some experience and better equipment on the way? Sounds good?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Great. We best start by reinforcing our defences. There are four large catapults positioned on roofs high over the village. If you want to fight, you have to build up some muscles. ...
Vascalir: Go into the barn just a few steps to the north-west of here and down the ladder into the cellar. You'll find a huge stone pile down there. Use it to pick up one of the big stones. ...
Vascalir: They are really heavy, so make sure you have lots of space in your inventory. ...
Vascalir: Carry one stone to each of the four catapults located on Norma's roof to the south, this academy and Obi's roof to the south. ...
Vascalir: Use the stone on the catapult to load the catapult. You can load each catapult only once, so try spotting all four different catapults. Have you understood all of that?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Awesome! Off to work with you. I've marked the barn on your map.

Mission 3: A Rational Request

Vascalir: Greetings, Player. I've heard a loud rumbling from the roof - I hope the stones didn't fall on your toes. Have you loaded all four catapults?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Well done! The villagers are much safer now that all catapults are ready to fire. You also look like you've built some muscles. ...
Vascalir: Great - so the piece of equipment I just gave you will not go to waste. Take this studded shield and put it to good use! ...
Vascalir: Actually I have some more equipment I could give to you, but first I want to see how you fight. You have fought before, haven't you?
Player: no
Vascalir: No worries, let's refresh your memory. To fight a monster, click on it in the battle list and you'll automatically attack it. It's as easy as that! If you want to practice, just hunt a few harmless rabbits south of here. Remember it now?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Ah, that came with confidence. Suited monsters to do some basic fighting would be rats - they actually fight back, but they don't hit that hard. Just make sure you wear your new studded shield and wooden sword. ...
Vascalir: You can find rats in the sewers. In case you might think so, this task is not a lame excuse to help us with some rat infestion, we got the rat population quite under control. ...
Vascalir: Also please don't come carrying their dead bodies - what adventurers somehow tend to do for some reason. Maybe they think they're cats? I'm going to believe you, promise. ...
Vascalir: So, back to the topic - please kill 5 rats and then come back to me. Shouldn't be too hard, should it? Just pay attention they don't trap you in a narrow passage and take on one at a time. ...
Vascalir: If you run low on health, go on full defence - click the little shield icon - and leave the dungeon. Nothing corwardish about running, because dying hurts. Are you ready to go?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Nice. I've marked two rat dungeons on your map. Kill 5 rats and return to me. If you should happen to forget how many you have killed in the meantime, simply check your questlog. ...
Vascalir: I should also give you a small word of warning - once you reach level 8, you should leave this island. Thus you won't be able to continue this quest once you've reached level 9. ...
Vascalir: It's not good to reach level 9 without having chosen a vocation - you'll be weaker than normal. ...
Vascalir: No need to be scared, just saying you don't need to plan large hunting sessions while helping me with this mission or kill more rats than I've asked you to. So, good hunting!

Vascalir: Welcome back, Player. Are you done with the 5 rats I asked you to kill?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Good job. Here's your promised reward - a sabre. You can replace your wooden sword with it, if you still have it - the sabre does more damage. ...
Vascalir: If you look at a piece of equipment, you can check its stats. By the way, if you use sword weapons such as sabres or swords, you are training your 'sword fighting skill'. ...
Vascalir: This is quite important if you plan on becoming a melee fighter - the better your sword fighting skill, the higher the damage you do will be. ...
Vascalir: Anyway, I think you're well enough equipped now to leave the village of Rookgaard for another small task. Find Lily south-west of here, she will tell you what she needs done.

Mission 4: Home-Brewed

Player: hi
Lily: Oh hey, Player! Vascalir must have sent you to help me with a little mission, right?
Player: mission
Lily: That's great to hear! You see, I'm not the only potion brewer on Rookgaard. The hermit Hyacinth has his little alchemy lab outside the village. ...
Lily: He's old and can't make his way into the village anymore, but needs some of the herbs that grow only around here. Could you please deliver a bag of herbs to Hyacinth?
Player: yes
Lily: Here you go, honey. I really appreciate your help. To find Hyacinth, leave the village to the north and go pretty much straight to the east. ...
Lily: His little alchemy lab is on top of a mountain. I'll mark the ramp leading up on your map, here. Don't stray from the path! There are dangerous monsters roaming the island.

Hyacinth: Greetings, traveller Player. You must be the one sent by Lily. Do you have a sack of herbs for me?
Player: herbs
Hyacinth: Thank you so much! I'm just too old to walk into the village each day, and the herbs must be fresh. Say, would you like to have a sample of my potions as reward?
Player: yes
Hyacinth: Here you go - two small health potions. If you use them on yourself, they will recover some of your hitpoints. ...
Hyacinth: I recommend setting them on a hotkey so you don't have to search for them in a case of emergency. ...
Hyacinth: Once you are a bit more experienced and have chosen a vocation, you'll have access to many different potions and also spells to restore your health. ...
Hyacinth: Oh, and I also have another present for you! Do you still have some space in your inventory?
Player: yes
Hyacinth: Take this star ring. When you wear it in your ring slot, it will improve the effect of food that you have eaten. So as long as you're not hungry, you will have increased hitpoint regeneration. ...
Hyacinth: There are a lot of different rings in Tibia, but this one only works as long as you haven't learnt a vocation, so don't be afraid to use it. ...
Hyacinth: Anyway, thanks so much for your help. I can brew a lot of potions from these herbs. If you're in the area and find yourself in need of potions, don't hesitate to drop by and ask me for a trade. ...
Hyacinth: Anyway, this old man has taken enough of your time. Why don't you go back to the village and talk to Vascalir? If you stay on the path, you should be safe. Don't forget your potions!

Mission 5: Web of Terror

Vascalir: Welcome back, Player. Glad to see you made it back in one piece. I hope you're not too exhausted, because I could use your help again.
Player: help
Vascalir: That's the spirit Rookgaard needs. Listen, while you were gone I thought about a way to weaken and fight Kraknaknork - that orc shaman who terrorises Rookgaard. ...
Vascalir: Even if we could make our way into his stronghold past all his minions, we cannot hope to defeat him as long as he is powerful enough to summon demons and access other dimensions. ...
Vascalir: While studying the fauna of Rookgaard I came across an interesting specimen that might help us in our battle. Deep in the underground tunnels, there is a spider queen - a tarantula, who is bigger and deadlier than all the other spiders here. ...
Vascalir: Her web is enormous - and causes a strong paralysis. If you could get a small sample of her web, I might be able to craft a trap that we can use to paralyse the orcs so you can get past their defences. ...
Vascalir: Do you dare sneak into the tarantula's lair and retrieve a sample of her web?
Player: yes
Vascalir: That's very courageous. I mark the spider lair on your map. If you leave the village to the north again like before, but walk north-west and cross the bridge, you will find it. ...
Vascalir: Listen, I have some more important information regarding your task. ...
Vascalir: The spider queen is far too strong for you to fight and if she catches you, you might end up in her stomach. The good news is that she is almost blind and relies on her sense of smelling to find her prey. ...
Vascalir: Deep in her lair you'll find some blue greasy stones. If you use them, you'll rub some of the smelly grease on your body. From that moment on you'll be invisible to her, but only for a short time. ...
Vascalir: If you run into her lair, you should have enough time to retrieve a sample of her web before she catches you. Just USE one of her intact cobwebs in her lair. Good luck!

Vascalir: Oh, well done! Let me take that spider web sample from you - careful, careful... it's sturdy, yet fragile. Thank you! I should be able to make a great paralyse trap with this one. Here, I have something sturdy for you as well - want it?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Here, this studded armor will protect you much better. Fits you perfectly! Now - let's work on your footwear. Tom the Tanner can create great boots out of quality leather. You should pay him a visit!

Mission 6: Run Like a Wolf

Tom: Hey there, Player. Did Vascalir send you to me for a mission?
Player: mission
Tom: I can help you get boots, but I can't give them to you for free. Besides, you'd want good boots, not that stuff made from rat leather. The best leather you'd find on Rook is wolf leather. ...
Tom: War wolf leather, to be precise. Problem is - war wolves are rare, and you can't hope to fight and defeat them. So your only chance is to find an already dead war wolf, take his skin, and escape really fast. ...
Tom: What an interesting coincidence that I've seen a poacher sneak into the wolf den just a few hours ago. I'm not exactly a fan of poachers - they kill too many of our wolves. ...
Tom: Sooo... what I'm suggesting is: follow his traces into the wolf den, and if you get lucky, you'll be able to take one of his illegally obtained war wolf skins. ...
Tom: That's why I wouldn't call it 'stealing', what an ugly word... anyway, if you bring the skin back to me, I'll make some great war wolf boots from them. What do you say?
Player: yes
Tom: That's what I thought. I marked the wolf den on your map. To go there, exit the village to the north and walk north-east. Good luck finding that poacher and figuring out a plan to take those skins! Hehe.

Tom: Hey there, Player. You look... exhausted. Did you run a lot? And more importantly, were you able to find some war wolf leather?
Player: yes
Tom: Hmmmm... unfortunately the skin is damaged too badly. Whoever skinned this wolf wasn't very skilled at it. Hmmm. ...
Tom: Ah, no need to fret. Tell you what kid, I'm gonna give you some normal leather boots instead. They should keep your feet warm as well. Here you go. ...
Tom: By the way... that running you did to get out of the cave will be your normal walking speed when you are several levels higher. With each level you gain, you'll also become a little faster. ...
Tom: There are also other items, spells and equipment that increase your speed. ...
Tom: You can also tame creatures to ride on that will also increase your speed. So don't worry if you're out of breath now - you won't always be that slow. Now off with you and back to Vascalir, I have work to do.

Mission 7: Attack!

Vascalir: Player! Thank the gods you are back! While you were gone, something horrible happened. Do you smell the fire?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Time is of the essence now. The library vault is on fire! It's where Rookgaard's oldest and most important books are stored. ...
Vascalir: The trolls from the northern ruins somehow found their way into the vault by digging a tunnel from the other side and set everything on fire. ...
Vascalir: You HAVE to go down there and look for our copy of the book of orc language - while I'm thinking of a reason why I can't go myself. ...
Vascalir: Just kidding, I need to find out just how the trolls got in there before they wreak more havoc. I think there's something bigger behind all this. ...
Vascalir: The vault is likely set on fire - be careful down there, and don't run into open fire, it can and will hurt you. There should be a rune in the vault that can at least weaken fire, just in case. ...
Vascalir: Are you ready go go?
Player: yes
Vascalir: You can find the vault if you go down the stairs in the northern part of the academy. The book should be in a large blue chest somewhere down there - I hope it's not burnt yet. ...
Vascalir: Make sure you're healthy - if you are wounded, ask Cipfried in the temple for a healing first. Good luck!

Vascalir: Oh my, what happened to your hair? Your face is all black, too - it must have been a hell of flames down there. That's so brave of you. Did you get the book?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Great job down there! You do deserve a reward for your courage. Here is some gold for you. Let me take a look at the book... ...
Vascalir: Argh... the pages are barely readable anymore. I was trying to figure out a way to get into the orc fortress by maybe using their language... but that won't work now I fear. ...
Vascalir: We do have to stop the trolls though before taking care of the orcs. I found their tunnel in the northern ruins. Are you prepared for your next mission?
Player: yes

Mission 8: Less Risk - More Fun

Vascalir: First things first. I think by now you should have gathered some money, and it's better to play things safely instead of rushing into the trolls' lair. You might have seen the Bank of Rookgaard downstairs. ...
Vascalir: Each Tibian inhabitant has a bank account where you can store your money safely - so in case you die, you won't lose it. ...
Vascalir: You don't have to worry about item loss here on Rookgaard, but as soon as you grow stronger and learn a vocation, it can happen to you that you lose some of your items when dying. ...
Vascalir: It's probably safer to get used to depositing all of your money on the bank before you leave for a hunt. ...
Vascalir: Go downstairs and talk to Paulie. I'm sure he can explain to you everything you need to know, and he might also give you a small bonus for your account.

Paulie: Welcome Player! Special newcomer offer, today only! Deposit some money - or deposit ALL of your money! - and get 50 gold for free!
Player: deposit all
Paulie: Would you really like to deposit 100 gold?
Player: yes
Paulie: Alright, we have added the amount of 150 gold to your balance - that is the money you deposited plus a bonus of 50 gold. Thank you! You can withdraw your money anytime.
Player: bye
Paulie: Good bye, and remember: entrusting us with your gold is the safest way of storing it!

Mission 9: Rock 'n Troll

Vascalir: Now that you know how to store your money, it's time to go after the trolls. I'm even going to give you some more equipment as reward. Do you feel ready for that mission?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Very well. What I know is the following: somewhere in the northern ruins, the trolls have found a way to dig a tunnel that leads to the library vault. That's how they were able to set fire to it. ...
Vascalir: You need to discover that tunnel and find a way to make it collapse. Maybe you're able to use some of the trolls' tools. Make sure that they can't enter the village via that tunnel anymore! ...
Vascalir: And please don't hurt yourself in the process. You'll probably have to fight them, so bring food and maybe a potion. If you need to buy something, don't forget that you can withdraw money from your bank account. Good luck!

Vascalir: Player, welcome back! That was great work you did there. Let me give you something for your efforts - you deserve it. Here, want a helmet?
Player: yes
Vascalir: This brass helmet will make sure you don't hurt your head. Probably I should have given that to you BEFORE you made a rocky tunnel collapse! Take your well-deserved break. Once you're ready for the next mission, talk to me again.

Mission 10: Tomb Raiding

Player: hi
Vascalir: Greetings, Player. Are you ready for your next mission?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Now that we got rid of the troll threat, it's about time we get back to the imminent danger coming from the orc side of Rookgaard. The spider web you retrieved was only the first step - I've thought of something else. ...
Vascalir: To infiltrate the orc fortress, we're going to make use of a technique I've learnt on the battle field - distraction! I'll explain the plan to you when everything's ready, but for now I have a small favour to ask. ...
Vascalir: Please go to the graveyard east of the village, enter the crypt and retrieve a bone. Now I know this is a little morbid, but it would be best if it still had some meat on it. ...
Vascalir: The graveyard hasn't been used by the villagers for a long time. It's cursed - skeletons are roaming around, so be careful. Take this garlic necklace just in case. ...
Vascalir: Undead monsters tend to drain your life - because their own life force is gone. If you wear it, you'll be protected from it. Search around in the coffins in the crypt, one of them should hold a nice fleshy bone. See you soon!

Vascalir: Welcome back, Player! Did you find a nice, fleshy bone in the crypt?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Well done, this bone is exactly what I needed! Great. I have to do some preparations, but as reward for your great work, I have a shiny new weapon for you. Here, would you like to have this sword?
Player: yes
Vascalir: This sword has helped me in many fierce battles. I hope you can put it to good use. Once you're ready for the next mission, talk to me again.

Mission 11: Sweet Poison

Player: hi
Vascalir: Greetings, Player! I'm in a really good mood, I must say. We're almost able to infiltrate Kraknaknork's hideout. I have one last little favour to ask and then my plan is complete. Are you ready?
Player: yes
Vascalir: I'm happy to hear that! <whistles> We already have the paralyse trap and the fleshy bone, and now we need one final ingredient to weaken Kraknaknork so that you stand a chance against him. ...
Vascalir: Wasp poison! There are many toxic creatures - like snakes or poison spiders - but none is as deadly as the wasp. At least none on Rookgaard. If we could poison Kraknaknork with it, I think he won't be able to make use of his spells for quite a while. ...
Vascalir: The only problem is - to get it, you need to get close to a wasp, kill it and extract some poison from its dead body. Wasps are located on the north-western side of Rookgaard, which is quite dangerous. ...
Vascalir: However, I can give you something for protection - a silver amulet. As long as you wear it, poison can't harm you as much as it would usually do. I'll also give you the flask which you have to use on a fresh, dead wasp. Are you prepared for that mission?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Alright. Here is the empty flask to use on a dead wasp. I also marked the wasps' nest on your map. Be careful and don't forget to wear your silver amulet for poison protection!
Player: bye

Vascalir: Welcome back, Player! Were you able to bring back some wasp poison?
Player: yes
Vascalir: Player, I must say I'm impressed. Not everyone would dare go into that region of Rookgaard and face creatures as strong as wasps. Wait, let me give something to you... ...
Vascalir: Here, with a drop of the wasp poison this potion turned into an effective antidote. Should you get poisoned again and are losing a lot of health, use the antidote potion to cure yourself. ...
Vascalir: There is also a rune and a spell to remove poison available once you leave this island and arrive on the mainland. It's always good to protect yourself! ...
Vascalir: And I have a good shield for you, too. Here, can you carry it?
Player: yes
Vascalir: This brass shield is actually brand-new. It's never been used! I hope it will serve you well. Take a small break, regenerate your health, and then talk to me again for your final mission!

Mission 12: Into The Fortress

Player: hi
Vascalir: Player, the time of our triumph has come. Are you ready to vanquish Kraknaknork once and for all?
Player: yes
Vascalir: The air smells like victory today. I've kept the items you brought from your journeys safe - the time has come to use them. ...
Vascalir: Enter the small treasure room under the academy - just down the stairs and to the right, near Paulie - and open the large blue chest to retrieve them. You'll find a rolling pin, the fleshy bone, the wasp poison and a tarantula trap. ...
Vascalir: Now let me explain the plan in detail. Go to the orc fortress - you've already been nearby when hunting for the wasp poison, it's the same way, but I'll mark it on your map just in case. ...
Vascalir: There you will have to find a way to sneak past the guards, they are much too strong for you. The rolling pin might come in handy during that part. Afterwards, the fleshy bone will help to create a distraction to get into the fortress. ...
Vascalir: Once you're inside the fortress, find the orc kitchen and pour the wasp poison into Kraknaknork's soup! The tarantula trap will come in handy if you meet a guard who might seem simply too fast for you. You can use it on him to slow him down. ...
Vascalir: Player, take the items and go claim your victory. I know you will do us proud. Good luck!
Player: bye

Vascalir: Player! You're back! And you're covered in orc blood... that can only mean... were you able to kill Kraknaknork?
Player: yes
Vascalir: You DID kill him indeed! Incredible! This little village can finally live in peace again - and you've grown so strong, too. I'm proud of you, Player. My work here is done - but you are not quite finished yet. ...
Vascalir: You have to reach level 8 by hunting some monsters, but that's something you should have grown accustomed to you by now. ...
Vascalir: Afterwards, talk to the oracle over the academy and travel to the Isle of Destiny. There, you will determine your future - which I'm sure is a bright one. ...
Vascalir: What will become of you? A mighty sorcerer? A fierce knight? A skilled paladin? Or a powerful druid? Only you can decide. ...
Vascalir: Rookgaard will miss you, but the whole world of Tibia is open to you now. Take care, Player. It's good to know you.

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