Use a special copper key to enter the door to the path that leads you to Hellgate. Once you are there, search for those who atone for the sins of their ancestors. Offer your help and make life easier for them, at least temporarily. If you manage to accomplish all tasks in one day, the repenters might reward you with something special.




Doing all tasks and getting the bonus: 10,600 experience (always); Pannier Backpack (rare); Achievement Repenter.


Since December 2, 2014 The Repenters Quest no longer yields monetary rewards. Previously the quest awarded 106 Platinum Coins but CipSoft removed the gold reward based on the feedback of players as it was heavily exploited by cheaters.

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Go to Ab'Dendriel underground and seek the staircase in the middle of town. Go down twice and then follow the path south and then east until you find a door with a blackboard labeling it Hellgate (here). If the door is locked, use Key 3012 to open it. Go on through and straight north is another door, which also requires Key 3012 to open. The portal on the west side of the room will take you out. Instead, go north through the door and into the portal to Hellgate. Keep in mind that when you enter the portal there is no turning back; in order to leave you must take a fairly long route.

Go up the stairs and across the bridge to the west. Follow the cave west until you find a path leading south. Go south and follow the cave south-east until you find the NPC Ashari. Ask Ashari for the tasks you want to do; the keywords are Magic, Fire, Mushroom, Watering. You can accept all these tasks at once if you wish. All of these tasks are daily tasks - you can complete them every 20 hours, the timer starting when you turn the respective mission in. If you do all 4 tasks within a day you can receive a bonus.

Note: for information on how to leave Hellgate, see Route:Hellgate.

About Watering a Garden

Keyword: watering.
Reward: 2000 experience.
Note: if you are grouping the tasks, it is recommended to do this one last.

You will have received an Elven Vial from Ashari. With it, follow the cave west of Ashari all the way until it splits into three different paths. Follow the southern-most path and go down the hole at the end (here).

You'll now be in a large cave with leaves scattered all over the floor. Go north-east, south and down the hole.

Follow the cave south until you find a small lake. There is a specific tile in this lake you can obtain water from, the tile without any tree roots. It is on the north side just behind the tree (see also the image below). Use the Elven Vial on the tile to obtain a Filled Elven Vial.

The water seems to develop a life of its own as it pours slowly into the vial.

Now leave the cave and head back to Ashari. On your way back through the grassy cave you may be attacked by up to five groups of 3 Leaf Golems, depending on your level.

You get a strange feeling of great unrest unround you as the leaves themselves start to come alive.

Now report to Ashari about your mission. Note that after 15(?) minutes, the water inside the vial will have poured out and you will have to repeat the task. For this reason it is recommended to do this task last, if you are doing all tasks at once.

Mushroom Soup

Keyword: mushroom.
Reward: 2100 experience.

Ashari gives you a Trained Fire Bug to disinfect diseased mushrooms. Go west to the far end of the cave. When the cave splits into 3 paths, take the middle path to the south-west. Follow the cave and go down the hole at the end (here). Go down the ramp to a Bonelord cave. You will find Bonelords and Gazers in here. All around the cave you will find various diseased mushrooms. Use the Trained Fire Bug on 5 of these to complete your task.

The mushroom has been sterilised and is no longer infected. — Succeeded
The mushroom has been sterilised. You treated enough mushrooms to keep the spreading infection at bay. — Succeeded & completed task

Report back to Ashari about your mushroom task.

Catching Fire

Keyword: fire.
Reward: 2200 experience.
Note: this is the hardest task and usually the longest. It is recommended to hotkey the Firecatcher Urn as you will use it a lot.

Ashari gave you a Firecatcher Urn to catch fire with. Go to the far west end of the cave, continuing north-west when it splits in 3 directions. Go down the hole at the end of the cave (here). Now go east all the way, cross the bridge and go down the hole. Go west and cross the bridge, turning north immediately after you cross it. Go down the hole you find (here).

You're now in a small cave with Furious Fire Elementals. You must kill them and use the Firecatcher Urn on their corpses immediately after they have been killed. You have only 10 seconds to use the urn on their corpses. You must catch 5 flames to complete the task. About 70% of the time you will fail to catch it. Whether you succeed or fail, the corpse becomes unusable and you must find another; therefore, you'll need to kill about 17 Furious Fire Elementals to complete this task. Their spawn cannot be blocked.

The flickering flames flinch from your grasp. — Failed
The flames of the elemental seem to be sucked into the urn. — Succeeded
Finally, the urn is filled with flames. The urn is a lot hotter now but still cool enough to carry. — Succeeded & completed task

If you stay in the cave for a long time, the fumes will start intoxicating you. In order to avoid this drunkenness you can leave the cave for a moment when you're waiting for the spawn, or just use a Dwarven Ring to deal with it.

When you have completed your task, your Firecatcher Urn will have turned into a Hot Firecatcher Urn. Bring this back to Ashari and turn in your task.

Using a Firecatcher Urn on dead Furious Fire Elementals, 138 trials.

Tries to get 1
Fail 104 75.36% 2
Success 34 24.64% 5

Cultivated Magic

Keyword: magic.
Reward: 2300 experience.

Ashari sends you to cultivate wild magic found within a nearby cave. He has given you a Empty Receptacle to collect it in. Go far west until the cave splits into 3. Choose the north-west passage and go down the hole at the end of the cave. Go north-west and down the hole (here).

You will find yourself in a crystal cave with visible essence of magic. Use your Empty Receptacle on the different colored sparks in the following order:

  1. Wild Fury Magic.gif Wild Fury Magic ( red)
    You catch a sparkle of wild fury magic and capture it inside the receptacle.
  2. Wild Nature Magic.gif Wild Nature Magic ( green)
    You cut off a chunk of wild nature magic and capture it inside the receptacle.
  3. Wild Fire Magic.gif Wild Fire Magic ( yellow)
    You grab a piece of wild fire magic and capture it inside the receptacle.
  4. Wild Water Magic.gif Wild Water Magic ( blue)
    You soak up a bit of wild water magic and capture it inside the receptacle.

If you get the order wrong your collection is reset and you will have to start over (from red again).

When you have done this, your Empty Receptacle becomes a Filled Receptacle. Return to the repenters' camp and talk to Larfion the Shaman to turn in your task. Be careful when speaking to Larfion; if you say the wrong thing your quest will be reset.


If you complete all 4 tasks on the same day that you received them, you can receive a bonus from Ashari. The bonus is an extra 2000 experience. You may also rarely receive a Pannier Backpack.

When you receive the bonus you also gain access to the shortcut just east of Ashari. This shortcut will take you just passed the rotworms toward the Hellgate Library. You can only use this shortcut 5 times in your character's lifetime, with no way to replenish them.


Getting Started

Player: tasks
Ashari: Oh if you want to help me, you can lend me a hand watering our garden, cultivating wild magic for our shaman, collecting fire for our settlement.
Ashari: You can also start by helping us sterilise the dangerous mushrooms that have been preventing us from entering our crystal mines. They are literally spreading like a disease lately.
Ashari: If you manage to get all of this done in a single day, I will offer a bonus!

The Repenters Quest

About Watering a Garden

Player: watering
Ashari: Thank you. We use the unscathed tears of the gods we found in these hellish depths to water our gardens. It is thanks to these that we can survive down here. The garden feeds us as the fire gives us warmth.
Ashari: Take this vial and venture down the path of these depths to find the unspoilt cradle of tears. Oh - and please heed my words: there are old remains of the forest above down there. They seem connected to the cradle. Sometimes... they can come alive.

The Repenters Quest

Returning with a Filled Elven Vial:

Player: watering
Ashari: Great, so you found the cradle and brought back the tears! Thank you so much on behalf of everyone here. Don't forget to talk to me if you think you're ready for your bonus.
Ashari: Please return tomorrow if you want to help us again, the gardens need to be watered every day.

The Repenters Quest

Mushroom Soup

Player: mushrooms
Ashari: We mine crystals from some nearby mines. The meagre ore veins we found were not enough to make and repair useful, durable tools for everyone.
Ashari: The crystal cave we used to visit to get the crystals is near our camp, yet we cannot go there anymore. The cave is also hotbed for large mushrooms. Those are not exactly edible but not dangerous, either.
Ashari: However, our workers started to get sick mining there. We used to train firebugs to use them as a means to create fire. They would help a great deal in eliminating this spreading disease.
Ashari: When we discovered that it's a strange illness that befell the mushrooms, most workers refused to go even near that cave. Now we have no elf left to fight this plague. Please go to the mine and burn away that pest.

The Repenters Quest

Having used the Trained Fire Bug on 5 different mushrooms:

Player: mushrooms
Ashari: Burning away the illness from those mushrooms helped us a great deal but it is a long way until the caves are truly free from this plague. Thank you very much. Don't forget to talk to me if you think you're ready for your bonus.

The Repenters Quest

Catching Fire

Player: fire
Ashari: Our ancestors were sent into the fire for their sins. Yet, our small settlement needs the fire to survive. We also need fire to cleanse ourselves in a traditional ritual.
Ashari: There are harmless flames emanating from the ashes of fire elementals in extremely hot areas. There is a cave not that far from here where we used to gather fire for the ritual using firecatcher urns.
Ashari: However, recently the heat down there has risen tremendously. The only way to gather the fire from the ashes would be to quickly get in, eliminate enough elementals and gather the flames from their ashes with the firecatcher urn I gave you.

The Repenters Quest

Returning with a Hot Firecatcher Urn:

Player: fire
Ashari: You gathered the flames with the firecatcher urn! Thank you very much on behalf of everyone here. Don't forget to talk to me if you think you're ready for your bonus.

The Repenters Quest

Cultivated Magic

Player: magic
Ashari: Our shaman, Larfion, has asked me again to cultivate some of the wild magic for him that roams free in some nearby caverns. I do not know what this is for, but he seems to need quite much of this lately.
Ashari: It is a demand we simply cannot fulfil with all our other tasks at hand.
Ashari: Please take this receptacle to the magical cavern, you will recognise it when you are surrounded by magic. There are strangely coloured crystals down there but they are harmless.
Ashari: You will need to concentrate to cultivate the wild magic there. Listen carefully as I will try to explain to you how this is done:
Ashari: The most important thing is the order. First you gather 'fury magic' which usually appears red, second you should gather 'nature magic', appearing green. The third component to combine the two previous is 'fire magic' which should be fiery yellow.
Ashari: To neutralise all three and complete the cultivation, you should add a tiny bit of 'water magic' which shimmers blue. The components in the receptacle will now melt to a physical form and form a dry, rough powder.

The Repenters Quest

Returning with a Filled Receptacle:

Player: something
Larfion the Shaman: Yes, well you see, I am... waiting for something. Did Ashari tell you anything? Or ask you to do something?
Player: yes
Larfion the Shaman: So you have it? Yes? Well then give it to me! Hand it over... I mean... I really need to check if the cultivated magic has been... treated properly. You know? Do you understand? And I want to see it... now.
Player: yes
Larfion the Shaman: Oh indeed... INDEED. This is what I was looking for. I... I now need some time alone but if Ashari ever happens to send you gathering more of this... you know where you can find Ashari.
Larfion the Shaman: Oh a reward? Of... of course, here you go. If you want some sort of bonus you would have to talk to Ashari.

The Repenters Quest


Player: bonus
Ashari: So you want a bonus, let's see what you did there. You helped us watering the gardens, you drove back the disease at the mines, you collected flames for our ritual.
Ashari: And - perhaps the most important task in the eyes of our shaman - you cultivated wild magic for him. And all this in a single day! Thank you on behalf of our humble enclave, here is your bonus.

The Repenters Quest

Or, receiving Pannier Backpack:

Player: bonus
Ashari: So you want a bonus, let's see what you did there. You helped us watering the gardens, you drove back the disease at the mines, you collected flames for our ritual.
Ashari: And - perhaps the most important task in the eyes of our shaman - you cultivated wild magic for him. And all this in a single day! Thank you on behalf of our humble enclave, here is your bonus and a pannier to carry it all.

The Repenters Quest


Ashari: One more thing, as I believe you can handle yourself quite well. ...
Ashari: You can now use the passage back there to shorten your way back to the surface a bit. I can only grant you five passages, however, as I do not wish the others to think I allow strangers to come and go as they please.

The Repenters Quest