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The perilous adventures of captain caveworm Pt. I
The saga of captain caveworm begun with a daring couple of cave explorers. After their wedding the two scientists decided to go on a rather unusual honeymoon trip and to explore some recently discovered caves together. Venturing into the unknown depths beneath Rathleton they became cut off from their return route by a cave in. Using their unique knowledge of the subterranean flora and fauna they managed to survive and build a shelter to await some sort of rescue. Because they were assumed dead this rescue never arrived though. As time passed they became aware that they would have to work on their rescue all alone. This became more complicated by the pregnancy of the wife. They decided to focus on survival first and to find a way to escape later on. The husband begun the capture and training of caveworms, a more social and less dangerous cousin of the rotworm. They were used as means of digging, hunting for food and providing some protection against the more aggressive rotworm colonies nearby. For a while some sort of stability was achieved and the woman gave birth to a boy. Due to unforeseen complications in birth the wife never fully recovered from pregnancy. So it was up to the husband and his caveworms to provide them nourishment and shelter. The attacks of the rotworms continued and became even more fierce. The couple did it's best to raise their child and give it the best education they could provide under this circumstances. At some point the wife's strength finally failed her and she died in her sleep. The grief stricken husband was ridden with guilt and his spirit broken. So one day he let his guard down and their shelter was overrun by rampaging rotworms. He sacrificed his life to allow his son to escape, accompanied by their most trusted caveworms. That much could be deduced by later excavations and reading some remaining notes of the couple and also due to remarks of captain caveworm to some of the people he met and befriended. What then had happened to the boy is a wild mix of myth, speculation and deduction.
It seems the caveworms kind of raised him as one of their own and he learned to live in the caveworm way. It is said that the caveworms discovered a small colony of worms that were closely related to the goothworm and yet astonishing different on several regards. The kid used them as one of his food sources what begun to change him even more than the environment and his foster parents already did. He developed uncanny senses and his teeth and fingernails became incredibly hard and sharp. He also acquired a high grade of agility and a flexibility of his body to wind his way even through the narrowest and winding tunnels.
For some years he lived the adventurous life of a caveworm until one day the rotworms found his new home. This time though the youth would not flee but use his new found powers to fight back. He managed to slay the murderous worms but his new shelter was destroyed and his foster parents were killed.

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