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The perilous adventures of captain caveworm Pt. II
He lonely roamed the caves for a while but eventually the youth begun to long for human companionship and used his skills to search for the people of his parents. It seemed the first people he encountered were some simple glooth farmers in some remote caves. They befriended the shy kid and took him in. He once more showed his ability to adapt and soon grasped the concepts of human society. But not all he learned though appealed to the youth who had grown up with the lectures of his scientific parents and the simple but just way of the caveworms. The kid got himself into some fights against what he saw as unjust and oppressive and he had to flee once again. This time he returned under the cover of a made up identity and kept a low profile. Since his sense of justice had not been diminished he created yet another identity, that of a masked freedom fighter whose uniform bore the likeness and symbolism of the caveworms. For a while 'the worm' appeared out of nowhere, where the weak were severely mistreated, to bring them freedom and punishment to their oppressors.
This culminated into a battle against a powerful factory owner who not only abused his workers but also secretly planned to take over the city. After years of battles in the shadows this lead to a desperate attempt of the factory owner to hastily use his private army to overthrow the government before his schemes were revealed to the public. He might have succeeded if not for the masked figure who managed to lead a huge army of caveworms and other subterranean beasts against him.
The factory owner was defeated and his mysterious opponent disappeared into the darkness of the caves once again. In the gloothpapers he first had many new names like 'the worm general' but soon the public begun to call him captain caveworm instead.
In the days to come the mysterious man would switch more and more to fighting powerful criminals who he saw as a more immediate threat for the people. And indeed there seemed to be no shortage of freaks, mad scientists and criminal masterminds to keep him occupied. Some of the most notorious arch enemies that Captain Caveworm acquired over the years were the nefarious Dr. Dentist, the seductive Minowoman, the sinister Mean Green, the lethal Glooth Fairy and the powerful Pulverizer.
The captain never made a public appearance and his existence is shrouded with myth and rumours.

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