Surpass the wrath of a madman and subject yourself to his twisted taunting.


Paradox Tower near Kazordoon


Up to two of the following: 10k gp, Wand of Cosmic Energy, 32 Talons, Phoenix Egg and the achievement Mathemagician

Required Equipment

Required items only for the first visitor of the tower that day

Note: If you have visited the tower already since the last server save, you will only need the skulls to get to the tower, since the fruits and chess pieces are only required to uncover the ladders to the floors above, and only need uncovering once per day unless someone else went there and switched back the levers or a floor reset has occurred. Then you will need to go there with all the items again, so better take everything just to be sure.

Notes and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • This quest takes a long time, and there is a lot of time spent walking. You should bring a lot of food and Blank Runes with you.
  • The Paradox Tower and the entire area around it is a Protection Zone, so you will not regenerate any mana or hp, nor can you attack anyone or be attacked by anyone.
  • When you sacrifice the skulls to get to the tower, the skulls will be replaced by Poison Fields. If you arrive and find poison fields on the Sacrificial Stones, you do not need to wait for them to vanish - just place the skulls on top of the poison fields and walk onto the Glowing Switch in the middle.
  • You will need 4 skulls EVERY time you travel to the Paradox Tower.
  • You will need to cut the grass and wait for it to grow back EVERY time you travel to the Paradox Tower. Stepping into the doorway makes the staircase disappear again, so get your entire group inside the tower before stepping on the switchplate to reveal the stairs.
  • You will need to wait for the Ghoul to step on the plate EVERY time you travel to the Paradox Tower. When it moves into the top left corner, go up the ladder QUICKLY, because it will move away, and the ladder will disappear again.
  • There is a question that the Riddler will ask you: "What is your favorite color?". Any color will do the first time you are asked this question (even though this spoiler says 'green' as the color); however you have to answer with the same color the next time it is asked, and when you talk to A Prisoner. If you do not remember what color you said, just look at the Paradox Tower entry of your Quest Log.
  • If you try to talk to A Prisoner too soon, he will not tell you your number; instead he will reply "I think you are not in touch with yourself, come back if you have tuned in on your own feelings."
  • If you step on ALL of the switchplates in the treasure room, you will DESTROY EVERY REWARD, and receive nothing for the quest. Be careful where you step.
  • The area in Hellgate you are teleported to isn't very dangerous. You don't have to open backpacks of runes when answering Riddler's last question. Follow the maps below to get out of Hellgate (Note: you do not need the Hellgate key, so don't waste 5k on it).
Mission Time spent
1 - The Feared Hugo 25 minutes
2 - Talk with Riddler #1 45 minutes
3 - The Secret of Mathemagics 20 minutes
4 - Talk with Riddler #2 30 minutes
total 2 hours


Mission 1: The Feared Hugo

  • Go to Padreia (Druid Guild in Carlin, here) and talk to her. Say "hi", "crunor's caress", "footnote". Now you can take the boat to Thais, or walk all the way.
  • Go to Lubo (North of Thais, South of Mount Sternum, here) and talk to him. Say "hi", "crunor's cottage", "flower guys", "accident", "stable". Now you know about the creation of the Demonbunny.

Mission 2: Talk with Riddler #1

This mission consists of:

  1. Getting to the Paradox Tower
  2. Talking with the Riddler
  3. Getting out of Hellgate

Mission 2.1: Getting to the Paradox Tower

  • Now you will visit the Paradox Tower for the first time. First you will need a key (to open a door inside the tower). Key 3899 is north of the Paradox Tower in a Dead Tree (here). You will need to go through a Minotaur Cave to get to it, passing directly under the tower itself. Use your Shovel (or equivalent) to enter the cave here, then travel as far north as possible and rope yourself up. You will emerge here, north of the Paradox Tower. There are only Minotaurs and Minotaur Archers in the cave, and only Bears on the surface north of the tower.
  • The tree is booby trapped so you might lose up to 200 hp and Poison Fields may block your path to leave the tree (this trap is not always triggered).

The Paradox Tower 1.png

  • To reach the Paradox Tower, go here, south of the entrance to Kazordoon and use the Levitate spell or parcels to climb up the "stairs" on the mountain. On third level above ground level you will face two Wyverns. To get to next level from the wyverns, you have to be on the left part of the edge where you came up, face north and levitate/parcel yourself up to next level. If you are parcelling yourself up, some monster or player needs to be infront of you. A wyvern or a friend would do the trick.


Paradox Tower Quest Skull Sacrifice.jpg

If you step on one of the four strange carvings here, you will be teleported back away from the tower.

Pdox2.PNGParadox 7.jpg

  • Cut grass from point A to point D. Then cut to point B as shown (including point C). After that, sit at point B and wait (~5 minutes) until the grass at the door starts growing back. Right when it does, step on point C and run to point D where stairs will have appeared. (light green=cut grass, dark green=grass, grey=stone/stairs, pink=switchplate, blue=spot you have to stand on)
  • The next room will have a couple of bookshelves and a series of levers, which need to be in the following directions (from left to right): Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left. This is found out when reading the text in this book backwards.
    Ghoul 3.png
    Ghoul 2.png
  • In the next room, flip the switch to make a Ghoul appear. If it stands on the right tile a ladder will appear until it walks away (as shown on the picture). After some time the ghoul dissapears and the lever is reseted.
  • In this room you will need to use the Key 3899 that you got from the Dead Tree.
  • After opening the door, place the fruit on the tables in the following order (from left to right): melon, banana, cherry, apple, grapes, coconut. This is made clear after reading this book. When the fruit is on the tables, flip the lever and a ladder will appear. Go up the ladder.Paradox 2.jpg
  • There will be two statues on the far wall. Examine them and place the black and white knight chess pieces on the correct sides (just look a the statues) and pull the lever (see image below). Another ladder will appear. Go up again.
Bw knight.png

Mission 2.2: Talking with the Riddler


Player: hi
Riddler: Player! HEHE! Another fool! Excellent!
Player: test
Riddler: Death awaits those who fail the test of the three seals! Do you really want me to test you?
Player: yes
Riddler: FOOL! Now you're doomed! But well ... So be it! Let's start out with the Seal of Knowledge and the first question: What name did the necromant king choose for himself?
Player: goshnar
Riddler: HOHO! You have learned your lesson well. Question number two then: Who or what is the feared Hugo?
Player: demonbunny
Riddler: HOHO! Right again. All right. The final question of the first seal: Who was the first warrior to follow the path of the Mooh'Tah?
Player: Tha'kull
Riddler: HOHO! Lucky you. You have passed the first seal! So ... would you like to continue with the Seal of the Mind?
Player: yes
Riddler: As you wish, foolish one! Here is my first question: Its lighter then a feather but no living creature can hold it for ten minutes?
Player: breath
Riddler: That was an easy one. Let's try the second: If you name it, you break it.
Player: silence
Riddler: Hm. I bet you think you're smart. All right. How about this: What does everybody want to become but nobody to be?
Player: old
Riddler: ARGH! You did it again! Well all right. Do you wish to break the Seal of Madness?
Player: yes
Riddler: GOOD! So I will get you at last. Answer this: What is your favourite colour?
Player: green
Riddler: UHM UH OH ... How could you guess that? Are you mad??? All right. Question number two: What is the opposite?
Player: none
Riddler: NO! NO! NO! That can't be true. You're not only mad, you are a complete idiot! Ah well. Here is the last question: What is 1 plus 1?
Player: any number
Riddler: WRONG!

  • Warning: If you answer any question wrong, you'll have to talk to him again to answer all the questions correctly, because A Prisoner won't talk to you in this case.

Mission 2.3: Getting out of Hellgate

Because your last answer was wrong, you are sent to Hellgate. You'll now have to walk out of there, just follow the following maps:

Hellgate1.gif Hellgate2.gif Hellgate3.gif Hellgate4.gif Hellgate5.gif Hellgate6.gif Hellgate7.gif Hellgate8.gif Hellgate9.gif Hellgate10.gif

After following the path shown on 9th map, you have to levitate 2x then go up the ladder. When you'll go up as shown on the last map there will be a room with a switch. The switch makes a bridge appear upstairs, pull it if after roping up there's no bridge. Now you should be able to go out of the Wasp cave and walk to Ab'Dendriel. If you follow the maps you will only meet Skeletons, Ghouls, Rotworms, Carrion Worms and Bonelords, but be prepared to face Elder Bonelords, Demon Skeletons and possibly The Evil Eye.

Mission 3: The Secret of Mathemagics

After you left Hellgate, take the boat from Ab'Dendriel to Thais. Go to Mintwallin and talk to the NPC A Prisoner. He is two levels up in the prison of Mintwallin (here). The prison is on the west side of town. You may need to find Key 3620 to unlock a door, which is in the guards' sleeping quarters near the south gates.

Talk with him and say "hi", "math", "yes", "<your color, see quest log>", "yes". A Prisoner will provide you with a number unique to you, which is 'the secret of mathemagics'. This is the number you have to tell Riddler (it will also appear in your quest log). You will also earn the achievement Mathemagician.

Mission 4: Talk with Riddler #2

  • Go back to the Paradox Tower and talk to Riddler again. He will ask you the same questions, and they have the same answers - just be sure to tell him the number that the prisoner gave you.
  • After that you will be allowed into the treasure room. In the treasure room, there are four chests and two rows of Switchplates on the floor that you need to walk over to reach the chests. Which of these switches you walk over determines what rewards you get. Each switch will DESTROY one of the rewards for you (you will see an explosion on the chest when you step on a switchplate)! You can move towards chests straight or diagonally, but you will step on at least two switchplates anyway.
Warning Icon Red.png

If you step on more than two switchplates, you will lose more than two rewards!


  • Which rewards will you get if you walk through switchplates marked by blue arrows:

Paradox rewards.png

  • Which rewards you won't get:

NOTE: The letters tell you which rewards you WON'T get. So, if you want 10k and 32 talons, walk over the two switch tiles E and W. This will remove the Phoenix Egg and the Wand of Cosmic Energy.
K = 100 Platinum Coins
W = Wand of Cosmic Energy
T = 32 Talons
E = Phoenix Egg

WARNING: You will have to walk over the switchplates which destroy the items you DON'T want to get, so be careful. The light green letters show which reward each Chest (Quest) gives.

Therefore, if you walk straight up the 2nd left, your rewards will be 100 Platinum Coins and 32 Talons (W and E removed).

  • Now you are done and need to walk through the teleporters to get back, all the way down the tower and past the Wyverns.


Mission 1: The Feared Hugo

Player: hi
Oldrak: Welcome player! Only rarely I can welcome visitors these days.
Player: hugo
Oldrak: Ah, the curse of the Plains of Havoc, the hidden beast, the unbeatable foe. I've been living here for years and I'm sure this is only a myth.
Player: myth
Oldrak: There are many tales about the fearsome Hugo. It's said it's an abnormality, accidentally created by Yenny the Gentle. It's half demon, halfsomething else and people say it's still alive after all these years.
Player: yenny the gentle
Oldrak: Yenny, known as the Gentle, was one of the most powerful wielders of magic in ancient times. She was known throughout the world for her mercy and kindness.
Player: bye
Oldrak: Good bye, Player!

Pplayer: hi
Zoltan: Welcome Player, student of the arcane arts.
Player: yenny the gentle
Zoltan: Ah, Yenny the Gentle was one of the founders of the druid order called Crunor's Caress, that has been originated in her hometown Carlin.
Player: crunor's caress
Zoltan: A quite undruidic order of druids they were, as far as we know. I have no more enlightening knowledge about them though.
Player: bye
Zoltan: Use your knowledge wisely.

Player: hi
Padreia: Welcome to our humble guild, wanderer. May I be of any assistance to you?
Player: crunor's caress
Padreia: Don't ask. They were only an unimportant footnote of history.
Player: footnote
Padreia: They thought they have to bring Crunor to the people, if people did not find to Crunor of their own. To achieve that they founded the inn Crunor's Cottage, south of Mt. Sternum.
Player: bye
Padreia: Farewell.

Player: hello
Lubo: Welcome to my adventurer shop, player! What do you need?
Player: crunor's cottage
Lubo: Ah yes, I remember my grandfather talking about that name. This house used to be an inn a long time ago. My family bought it from some of these flower guys.
Player: flower guys
Lubo: Oh, I mean druids of course. They sold the cottage to my family after some of them died in an accident or something like that.
Player: accident
Lubo: As far as I can remember the story, a pet escaped its stable behind the inn. It got somehow involved with powerfull magic at a ritual and was transformed in some way.
Player: stable
Lubo: My grandpa told me, in the old days there were some behind this cottage. Nothing big though, just small ones, for chicken or rabbits.
Player: bye
Lubo: Good bye.

Mission 3: The Secret of Mathemagics

Player: hi
A Prisoner: Huh? What? I can see! Wow! A non-mino. Did they capture you as well?
Player: math
A Prisoner: My surreal numbers are based on astonishing facts. Are you interested in learning the secret of mathemagics?
Player: yes
A Prisoner: But first tell me your favourite colour please!
Player: green
A Prisoner: Very interesting. So are you ready to proceed in you lesson in mathemagics?
Player: yes
A Prisoner: So know that everthing is based on the simple fact that 1 + 1 is your number!
Player: bye
A Prisoner: Next time we should talk about my surreal numbers.

Mission 4: Talk with Riddler #2

See mission 2, only difference is the last question:

Riddler: NO! NO! NO! That can't be true. You're not only mad, you are a complete idiot! Ah well. Here is the last question: What is 1 plus 1?
Player: number from a prisoner, see quest log

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