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The Origin of Vampires
Since the vampiric curse is spread through infectious bites, many vampires know only little about the origin of their kind. Then again the longevity or even immortality of vampires makes it possible that they have even existed before the creation of mankind.
Of course such beasts are hard to capture and they do not like to share their knowledge. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to talk to one, you cannot be sure if he is telling the truth. In fact, most questioned subjects were making up stories and boasted about their importance, age and accomplishments.
Lacking historical knowledge, such individuals can usually be cornered by accurate historical questions. This leaves a few sources that can be seen as credible to some extent. Still, their reports are diverse and share only a few facts. These common facts are the most reliable information we have these days.
The vampires claim that the eldest of their kin still remember a time when humankind was still divided in nomadic tribes that suffered in the wars of the gods. Some see this as a reference that the creation of the first vampires took place before the Corpse War.
The majority of vampires agreed that there was only one shrouded forefather vampire, though few mention also a small coven from which the vampire plague was initiated. The most reliable sources tell about some 'lost kingdom' where the first vampires ruled over a herd of humans that they treated like cattle.
At some point in history, the younger vampires rebelled against the elders who suppressed them. Others claim the rebellion took place to gain power in this static aristocracy in which the older vampires would have never made room for the next generation due to being near to immortal. It is unknown which side won. In fact the discrepancies in the single stories are so large that we assume that the vampires themselves are unsure about the happenings in these obviously chaotic days. Some claim the rebels won and chased the aristocracy away, others say the ruling cast won and met the rebels with such brute force that the few survivors could only flee. Then again there are stories that the fight between the vampires awakened something evil which drove the surviving combatants off their once safe haven. A few stories even claim that the humans used this opportunity to rebel against their cruel oppressors.
There are no hints about the location of this lost vampire kingdom. It is assumed that it was somewhere overseas, though. Some historians suggest Edron, but, the ruins in Edron are said to origin from much earlier times. Others assume it might have been on the mysterious continent Darama, either in Drefia or in Ankrahmun. However, the destruction of Drefia took place much later and there were no reports about undead activity, except for the works of several local necromancers, before this time. Ankrahmun, on the other hand, has a very accurate historical library and there is no such thing like a vampire kingdom mentioned at all.

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