Gain the trust of the Order of the Lion and help them fight the usurpers trying to take control of their castle.




Achievement Lionheart, Title Hero of Bounac and the ability to kill bosses for a chance to loot items from the Lion Set.

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Note: This quest is dependent on the Tibian day/night cycle and will often require you to wait for the next cycle or a full day, so completing it may take a few hours even if the missions themselves don't require that much time. Note²: In Bounac you will encounter both Members of the Order of the Lion and Usurpers which are trying to take control of the Order. These two groups will fight each other, and the Lions will not attack you, which makes moving around the castle considerably easier. Note, however, that if you kill one of the Lions you'll be sent to jail for a few seconds.

Travel to Edron and find the small boat north of the mountain pass on the location shown to the right.

Bounac Residents

Evrard the Miller

Note: This first part can only be done during the Tibian day (between hh:15 and hh:45 in real-life time).

Find the NPC Evrard the Miller in the mill-house (shown on the map) and answer yes to his questions. He will ask for your help looking for two things in the Usurpers camp.

Go down the stairs here, then follow the cave south-east and go up to the surface again. Here you'll have to find two items:

  • The Ledger (a Parchment) is located inside a book in the small house south of the boat:
  • The Map is in the boat, on the lower floor (levitate down in front of the stairs), in a box.

Return to Evrad the Miller and tell him of your findings. You will now be granted access to the southern side of the island. Go down the same stairs as before, but this time follow all the way south and go up the stairs. Around here, you'll have to find 5 NPCs, and each one will ask you for a small task.

NPCs Locations

All Bounac NPCs have two locations depending whether it's day or night. For the 5 NPCs below, you can use the follow maps to find them based on the time of the day. For this part, the NPCs will deliver and receive the tasks regardless of their position.

The Order of the Lion Quest - NPCs Day.png

The Order of the Lion Quest - NPCs Night.png

Wes the Blacksmith

After greeting him, use the keyword Yselda to receive and deliver your task, which is to bring him 20 Broken Longbow Broken Longbows that you have to loot from the Usurper Archer.

Jehan the Baker

Say hi, then Yselda. Jehan needs the 10 loafs of Bread Bread.

Onfroi (Wizard)

Say hi, then Yselda and he will ask you to kill 20 Crypt Warrior that roam the ground floor of the island.

Dal the Huntress

Say hi, then Yselda and he will ask you to kill 20 Deers (there are some around Bounac as well).

Fral the Butcher

Say hi, then Yselda and deliver the 20 Ham Ham.

Kesar the Younger

After gaining the trust of Bounac residents, you will be allowed into the castle. To do so, go to the third floor using the stairs where Onfroi is during day, follow north, then west until you find the Bounac Guard. Say hi, pass, yes.

First day

Follow to the next floor, where you'll find Kesar the Younger. Ask him about the siege. You will now have to wait one Tibian day (one hour) for him to take care of your request.

Note: To leave the castle, go to the floor below the throne room, then walk the ramp south and walk into the elevator. You can now also use this elevator as a shortcut to the castle.

Second day

When you talk to Kesar again, he will propose a plan in which you'll have to fight the Usurper leaders. Again, wait one full hour and then go to the throne room when it's night (you may have to wait as much as 1h30min if you talked to Kesar right at dawn). When you do that, Fugue will spawn along with one Usurper Knight, one Usurper Archer and one Usurper Warlock. Kill Fugue and wait until it's day again to talk to Kesar the Younger.

Talk to Kesar again about the siege. He will ask you to accompany him to the fields on the eastern side of the island to meet with Drume. One more time, you have to wait one hour to talk to him again and go to the meeting.

Third day

Once another hour has passed, ask again about siege and Kesar will teleport you to a small room where you'll watch his meeting with Drume. After that, you'll have to talk to Kesar about the siege once more. Seeing as the peace negotiations were not successful, you'll have to fight Drume in the field.



The Order of the Lion Quest - Drume

Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. Specially on Commanders
Avoid Earth Icon.gif
Don't use Earth Damage during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight.
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.

Go to the area east of the island again and up the ramp, where you can team with up to 4 other players to fight Drume.

After entering the fields, you'll find yourself among several members of the Order of the Lion. There are three squads of each side (Lions and Usurpers). Your first objective is to kill the 3 Usurper Commanders. The regular Usurpers and Lions will attack each other, but the Usurper Commander will always target you. Since they do not spawn at the exact same place, you can move south-west slowly as to only lure one of them at a time. Once a Commander dies, its squad will disappear.

In order to help you find the Commanders in the battlefield you can set your Battle Window to Sort Descending by Name, and this way the Commanders will always be the first in it.

Note: If all three Lion Commanders die, you will fail the battle and be kicked out.

After killing the Usurper Commanders, Kesar and Drume will spawn. Kesar won't move, but can be targeted by Drume. Drume will target any Lion or you, and retarget somewhat frequently. You can use that to your advantage and use the Lions as blockers to mitigate the damage you take. It's also possible that Grand Chaplain Gaunder, Grand Canon Dominus, Grand Commander Soeren or Preceptor Lazare spawn with Drume. If this happens, beware that the Falcon aid will always target the same creature (or player) that Drume does.

After that, talk to Kesar the Younger again. You'll receive the Lionheart Achievements and the Hero of Bounac Title (upon next login). You will also be granted access to all areas within Bounac, including the Depot (here) and the ability to trade with Bounac NPCs.


Bounac Residents

Evrard the Miller

Player: hi
Evrard the Miller: Greetings. Can I help you, traveller?
Player: yes
Evrard the Miller: Alright, look. You already know that camp to the east, with the bad guys roaming around, right? Great. ...
Evrard the Miller: They have a ledger and a map there, and I want that. Both these items. The ledger is in a warehouse at the habour. ...
Evrard the Miller: I don't know where that map is, though but I am sure they have one where they've marked all the locations they've been at. ...
Evrard the Miller: And most importantly: BE QUIET! Try not to be seen. Be a shadow. Got that?
Player: yes
Evrard the Miller: Good, now go. Remember: be like a light summer breeze - quick, almost unnoticeable and most importantly QUIET!

Player: hi
Evrard the Miller: Ah it's you, any news? If you just want to use the mill, you can do so, too.
Player: news
Evrard the Miller: What about the small errand I mentioned? Did you get the stuff?
Player: yes
Evrard the Miller: You did it! Let me just take a peek... ...
Evrard the Miller: What? No, no - keep them. I uhm, don't want to have anything to do with this. Just wanted to... take a quick look, you know. ...
Evrard the Miller: Have you been quite as I asked you?
Player: yes
Evrard the Miller: Oh you have? Why did I hear screams of battle, fear and loathing from over there about the time you were gone? ...
Evrard the Miller: And I really hope yours were the screams of battle and not those of fear. ...
Evrard the Miller: Anyway, you did it and that's very good. I am thankful for that and I'll open up an underground route I sometimes use when I want to enter the city quickly. ...
Evrard the Miller: This way you can get past any guards and find out more about the situation. And one more thing: ...
Evrard the Miller: There's a passphrase: YSELDA. Remember that. Now go and the best of luck to you, traveller!

Wes the Blacksmith

Player: hi
Wes the Blacksmith: Hail, customer! Welcome to Wes and son, blacksmith (and teacher). Can I do something for you?
Player: Yselda
Wes the Blacksmith: Ah yes, right. You came to the right place, ahem. ...
Wes the Blacksmith: Well, for quite some time we are planning to help our king during this awful siege. As you know the passphrase, one of us already trusts you. ...
Wes the Blacksmith: Outsiders are not welcome here during the siege. If you want to get into the castle, you will have to earn all our trust. ...
Wes the Blacksmith: If you can do that, a member of the lion guard who is in contact with us, will let you in. ...
Wes the Blacksmith: Just ask any of us the passphrase and we will see what we can do for you.
Player: Yselda
Wes the Blacksmith: Alright then, let's see if you are really trustworthy. I need more material to forge better equipment for our men. ...
Wes the Blacksmith: Bring me about 20 broken longbows from fallen usurpers and we will see.

Player: Yselda
Wes the Blacksmith: Hail, customer! Welcome to Wes and son, blacksmith (and teacher). Can I do something for you?
Wes the Blacksmith: Alright then, let's see if you are really trustworthy. You have about 20 broken longbows there, this is exactly what I need to fulfill my next order from the king. ...
Wes the Blacksmith: Are you willing to hand them over to me?
Player: yes
Wes the Blacksmith: Excellent, just what I needed. You have earned my trust, traveller. Good luck!

Jehan the Baker

Jehan the Baker: Welcome to the Bread & Butter! Do you want to buy pastries or butter? Because we're all out of bread.
Player: Yselda
Jehan the Baker: To prove trustworthy to me... hm, well, you could... oh, yes! Of course, we have a severe shortage of bread! If I knew someone who could organise about ten loafs of bread, I'd be saved for today!

Player: Yselda
Jehan the Baker: Ten loafs of bread! Colour me impressed. Will you hand those over to me?
Player: yes
Jehan the Baker: Thanks, you saved my day and most certainly earned my trust!


Player: Yselda
Onfroi: You mean it, right? Where did you got that from, actually?. ...
Onfroi: Now, I have indeed a favour to ask. If you can accomplish that, you've earned my trust surely. ...
Onfroi: There is a crypt down below the town. It is ald and seismic activity has stirred up some bad energies down there. ...
Onfroi: I want you to venture exactly to that crypt and see if there are any powerful creatures down there. ...
Onfroi: And if there are... please... remove them. Rest assured that I have nothing to do with the rise of any mortally-depleted entities down there ...
Onfroi: At least not this time. You see, the locals are starting to suspect me. But I'm not much of a fighter or warlock. ...
Onfroi: So if there is indeed something below us and you can destroy let's say 20 of it, I'd be in your dept.

Player: Yselda
Onfroi: You did it, excellent! Most respectable, you did great! That took a load of my mind. And you've earned my trust!

Dal the Huntress

Player: Yselda
Dal the Huntress: So, you truly want to prove your worth to us... well, I'd like to ask for a favour then. ...
Dal the Huntress: There are plenty of deer in the woods of Bounac. However, with the siege going on and the strict regulations, I can't hunt. ...
Dal the Huntress: Hunt 20 deer for me to protect our forest and keep our hunting grounds in good order.

Missing delivery transcripts

Fral the Butcher

Player: Yselda
Fral the Butcher: If you want to prove trustworthy to me, I need you to bring me some raw ham, about 20 chunks if you can. Then we'll see.

Player: Yselda
Fral the Butcher: Good, I can smell about 20 pieces of raw ham there in your pockets. ...
Fral the Butcher: Will you hand those over to me?
Player: yes
Fral the Butcher: Great, thanks. And?`Oh, yes. Consider my trust... earned.

Kesar the Younger

First day:

Player: hi
Kesar the Younger: Hail, traveller. What brings you here during these dire times under siege? The fair Bounac is suffering greatly.
Player: siege
Kesar the Younger: You will have to wait until I have time to take care of your request. In the meantime, take a seat. ...
Kesar the Younger: Usually they're reserved for my council but they never seem to sit down... and somehow I doubt you will, either.

Second day:

Player: siege
Kesar the Younger: So, I trust you're not here to join the usurpers besieging our humble enclave. Otherwise my men would've surely put you in your place before you even passed the gate. ...
Kesar the Younger: Sources are telling me that you helped our small community quite a bit. And you seem to know your way around the usurpers. ...
Kesar the Younger: I will trust you, as I trust my men who already put faith in you. What do you say, are you interested in a plan?
Player: yes
Kesar the Younger: Excellent. Here is my plan. Either Fugue, Drume or both will appear here soon. If they try anything funny - defend yourself. ...
Kesar the Younger: If we can get them both at the right moment, they're done for. They will pay for what they have done. ...
Kesar the Younger: However, if only one of them appears and one of them is left... well, we shall not think of that now.

After killing Fugue and it's day again:

Player: siege
Kesar the Younger: Fugue... he attacked right away and had to be punished. You did the right thing. However, this will probably mean all out war if Drume does not come to his senses. ...
Kesar the Younger: I will have to arrange a meeting with him immediately to prevent the worst from happening. There is still another way. ...
Kesar the Younger: Will you escort me to the camp of the usurpers?
Player: yes
Kesar the Younger: Good, however, we have to wait until the recent skirmishes along the coast have settled down. ...
Kesar the Younger: We will venture down to the battlefield as soon as the other fights have died down.

Third day:

Player: siege
Kesar the Younger: Will you escort me to the camp of the usurpers?
Player: yes
Kesar the Younger: Alright, let us go then. And thank you.

Player: siege
Kesar the Younger: What news from the orders of the Falcon and the other successor order? ...
Kesar the Younger: The Order of the Cobra you say? Both destroyed...? The flame of virtue, the power of righteousness - dimished? In all of them? Oh... ...
Kesar the Younger: Far too long have I stayed silent and idle. Drume wants war. We will meet him in battle near the eastern coast of Bounac. ...
Kesar the Younger: Prepare yourself and I will see you on the battlefield. Good luck, my friend.

After defeating Drume:

Player: siege
Kesar the Younger: It is done. Drume's forces lie broken on the battlefield. You witnessed the fall of a great enemy of the Order of the Lion. ...
Kesar the Younger: You stood tall against the enemy forces and helped our cause wherever you could. ...
Kesar the Younger: I will therefore announce you the 'Hero of Bounac'. You are honourable citizen of this town now. ...
Kesar the Younger: Feel free to roam Bounac as you please. This also means certain benefits when trading with our court trader Augustin. ...
Kesar the Younger: Whenever you're here for a visit, the large house to the south of Bounac is now completely at your disposal. ...
Kesar the Younger: And if we can pursuade you into a longer stay perhaps, there is a small house further to the south of the island which may pique your interest. ...
Kesar the Younger: Thank you for your service to Bounac, Hero.

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