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"The Order of the Cobra" Compendium
(by an unknown chronicler)

IV - Order of the Cobra

An extraordinarily successful year for Scarlett and her followers follows. Under the symbol of the cobra, the order now raids tombs, temples and crypts dishonourably for artefacts and burial objects. Artefacts are simply sold instead of being destroyed. She will not find a trace of Galthen during this time. Scarlett and her remaining knights decide to occupy an abandoned bastion at the eastern shores of the Darama desert. They operate solely from the shadows from that time on. With the power of the amulet, Scarlett can now see all attackes through obstacles and in any cranny. Her body is now imune against every kind of poison, sickness or decay. Her unnaturally long life makes the cobra order grow constantly. Recrutes are found in the underground. Where they whisper of Scarlett and the Cobras in the south. Which plunders and hoards, promising riches and power beyond all imagination. These promises and the legendary power of the Cobra, which is carried on in the murky, sordid Taverns and dark corners of Tibia, provides never ending supplies and new blood.

In her desperation, Scarett will never interpret the warning of the cursed amulet. The cursed artefact now ensures that she can see everything except the thing, she carries deep in her heart. And so Scarlett still looks for Galthen, all-seeing except for the one of whom she yearns so much.

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