Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Venore
Position 128.213, 123.247, 9
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Orc
Occupational Properties
Job Monarch
Other Properties
Version 6.1
December 23, 2000
Status Active
The Orc King
You see The Orc King.
NPC Bubble D
  • Harrrrk! You think you are strong now? You shall never escape my wrath! I am immortal!
  • Blubb.
  • Yes, flee this place, but you will never escape my revenge!


His Throne Room, deep inside Ulderek's Rock.


The Defiler-shaped King of the Orcs. His real name is Charkahn the Slayer. His appearance as a Defiler was caused by a curse casted upon him by a Djinn.

Warning: The first time you say 'hi' to him, he will summon 3 Orc Leaders, 2 Orc Warlords and 3 Slimes. A possible strategy is to stand on his Throne when saying hi (instead of running south), this way you can be melee attacked by a maximum of 3 creatures.
Orc King Strategy

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Player: hi
The Orc King: Harrrrk! You think you are strong now? You shall never escape my wrath! I am {immortal}!
Player: immortal
The Orc King: I am Charkahn the Slayer! The immortal father of the {orcs} and master of this {hive}.
Player: orcs
The Orc King: The orcs are the bearers of Blogs rage. This makes us the ultimate fighters and the most powerful of all races.
Player: hive
The Orc King: I can sense the presence and the feelings of my underlings and {minions}. I embrace the rage of the horde.
Player: minions
The Orc King: The orcish horde of this hive is under my control. I sense their emotions and their needs and provide them with the leadership they need to focus their {hate} and rage.
Player: hate
The Orc King: Hate and rage are the true blessings of {Blog}, since they are powerful weapons. They give the hive strength. I provide them with {direction} and focus.
Player: Blog
The Orc King: The Raging One blessed us with his burning hate. We are truly his children and therefore {divine}.
Player: direction
21:52 The Orc King: To conquer, to destroy and to dominate. Orcs are born to rule the {world}.
Player: divine
The Orc King: The orcs are the bearers of Blogs rage. This makes us the ultimate fighters and the most powerful of all races.
Player: world
The Orc King: One day I will rule the world, even when turned into a {slime}.
Player: slime
The Orc King: Pah! Don't mock me, mortal! This shape is a curse which the evil {djinn} bestowed upon me!
Player: djinn
The Orc King: This cursed djinn king! I set him free from an enchanted {lamp}, and he {cheated} me!
Player: lamp
The Orc King: For Eons he was trapped in an enchanted lamp by some ancient race. Now he's free to roam the world again. Although he cheated me I appreciate what he and his brethren will do to this world, now it's the time of the Djinn again!
Player: cheated
The Orc King: Because I freed him he granted me three wishes. He was true to his word in the first two {wishes}.
Player: wishes
The Orc King: He built this fortress over Uldrek's grave within a single night. Also, he granted me my second wish and gave me immortality. Test it and try to kill me if you want. Har Har!
Player: third
The Orc King: I wished to father more healthy and fertile children as any orc has ever done. But the djinn cheated me and made me a slime! Then he laughed at me and left for his abandoned fortress in the {Deathwish} Mountains.
Player: deathwish
The Orc King: His ancient fortress on Darama was deserted as the evil Djinn fled this world after his imprisonment. Now the time has come for the evil Djinns to return to their master although this will certainly awaken the {good Djinn} too.
Player: good djinn
The Orc King: I will not share anything more about that topic with you {paleskins}.
Player: paleskins
The Orc King: You are as ugly as maggots, although not quite as as tasty.
Player: bye
The Orc King: We will meet again.

First time only

Player: hi
The Orc King: Arrrrgh! A dirty paleskin! To me my children! Kill them my guards!

During the Djinn Quests

Player: lamp
The Orc King: I can sense your evil intentions to imprison a djinn! You are longing for the lamp, which I still possess. ...
The Orc King: Who do you want to trap in this cursed lamp?
Player: Malor
The Orc King: I was waiting for this day! Take the lamp and let Malor feel my wrath!

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