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I can't figure out how to reanimate

dragons and other monsters yet. I am sure the secret was hidden by this ancient knightly order after they defeated Goshnar. I am also sure that the 'thing' called 'necromants nectar' is crucial to find the secret entrance to the Pits of Inferno. And what is the meaning of the phrase 'feed those in need', which I discovered in the ancient scrolls of my former master, before he hid them from me. I have to find them or figure out the secret on my own. I will never share my secrets and the success with the brotherhood, but now that the summoning of Urgith went wrong I have to spend to much time in fighting the undead back that are out of control. But now, after all what I did allready to become the new necromant king, I can't give up and i will not. Never!

The secrets of death will be mine! MINE!

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