A burnt out version of this book can be found in the Old Fortress Library.

The Mooh'Tah
In our days the minotaurean philosophy of [Mooh'Tah is only known as a warrior cult of some sort. This is of course incorrect. Although the Mooh'Tah centers around perfection and the minotaurean Mooh'Tah masters are feared warriors and for many the epitome of skilled fighting Mooh'Tah is more! Its perfection in everything or at least anything, may it be music, may it be cooking, may it be poetry, may it be war. Secondly its about seeing the perfection in things. A Mooh'Tah master might spend hours in looking at a flower ... or some broken pottery and it's likely he writes a poem or song about it, only to walk into a battle minutes later. In general it's assumed that you can condense the philosophy into two principles: See perfection! And: Try to achieve perfection!