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The Minotaurs by Iregarn Pt. 1
The minotaurs claimed that they were once the marshals and favoured people of Blog, the raging one. In the wars over creation they were one of the most successful races. But as the war grew more and more fierce it were the wild and raging minotaurs that had to pay the worst blood toll. The berserker rage inherent to their race made them a formidable opponent but also very vulnerable.
Though victorious in most battles, in the end the berserking warriors had to surrender to their wounds or were left crippled and executed and fed to Blogs lesser followers. Even worse, the raging minotaurs knew neither friend nor enemy. Brother slew brother, fathers slaughtered their sons in their rage. Then, one day a minotaur, named Tha'kull conquered his rage. He withdrew from battle and became a hermit. In his travels he met Akkor, the blind one. This minotaur was by fate not subjected to the rage inherent to the minotauren race and had aquired a tranquility and wisdom, unknown to his kind so far. Tha'Kull thaught the blind one how to improve his body and fortitude and Akkor in return teached the warrior how to improve his soul.
He looked upon the world and for the first time in aeons a minotaurean warrior saw the world without hatred. He saw the beauty in things, simple and complex. He saw the harmony in creation and the place the living had in it. He also saw the place that was meant to be taken by the sentient beings among the living. And he went back to his people to teach. Never a warrior of the minotaurs had neglected his rage and even though he was cautious the angry berserker warlords would not allow the words he spoke to be heard by their people.