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The Minotaurs by Iregarn Pt. 2
He was challenged and battled again and again. But Tha'kull had been one of the mightiest warriors in the wars and his meditations and understanding of the ways of the world gave him the edge.
Where his enemies attacked him with rage, he countered them with oversight. Where the enemies tried to hurt him with the powers born from rage, he slew them with elegance. No emotion clouded his fights and he was superior and victorious. The minotaurs of those days were accustomed that might makes right and so it was easy for this first warrior philosopher to gain followers. The harder part was to make them listen and only the patience gained in his meditations let him succeed in the end. After some time his philosophies spread like a wildfire in the minotaur tribes. His and Akkors pupils wandered the world and through example and patience spread their words. The higher teachings of the philosophy were never truly understood by the masses but even the least of them were taught to overcome the hatred and rage that made them tools in a war that was not theirs. By neglecting the rage at first the minotaurs became the prime targets of Blogs other minions but in the end the formidable skills and persistence of the warrior-philosophers combined with the inability to lead a two front war let the followers of Blog lose interest in pursuing the minotaurs who had fled underground and fortified several bases. In the coming years the minotaurs defended their new found freedom with all their might and the principles of their philosophy, known as Mooh'Tah, were founded.