Property Value
Aliases Marina Quest, Spool of Yarn Quest.
Est. Length
Level 0
(10+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active






Ability to deal with Marina.

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Ability to deal with Marina


Marina, the mermaid from Meriana will help you to create yarn from spider silk, but first you have to bring her 50 honeycombs. You can get them by hunting Wasps and Bears.


Player: silk yarn
Marina: Um. You mean, you really want me to touch that gooey spider silk just because you need yarn? Well... do you think that I'm pretty?
Player: yes
Marina: Well, everyone would say that in your position. Do you think that I'm really, absolutely the most stunning being that you have ever seen?
Player: yes
Marina: <giggles> It's funny how easy it is to get humans to say what you want. Now, proving it will be even more fun! ...
Marina: You want me to touch something gooey, so you have to touch something gooey for me too. <giggles> ...
Marina: I love honey and I haven't eaten it in a while, so bring me 50 honeycombs and worship my beauty a little more, then we will see.
Player: 50 honeycombs
Marina: Did you bring me the 50 honeycombs I requested and do you absolutely admire my beauty?
Player: yes
Marina: Oh goodie! Thank you! Okay... I guess since my fingers are sticky now anyway, I will help you. From now on, if you bring me 10 pieces of spider silk, I will create one spool of yarn.

Dealing with Marina

Required Equipment


Player: silk yarn
Marina: Okay... a deal is a deal, would you like me to create a spool of yarn from 10 pieces of spider silk?
Player: yes
Marina: Ew... gooey... there you go.