Property Value
Aliases Raging Mage Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log
Level 0
(100 recommended)
Classification World Change
Version 9.1
July 6, 2011
Status Active


A mage in Zao has created a portal to another dimension, which can only remain open while he is alive.


Zao Steppe, another dimension


Raging Mage, Yielothax loot. Access to Uniwheel (Mount).

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South-west of Zao Steppe, a vicious Raging Mage has created a dimensional portal on top of a tower in order to access the energy buzzing there. The wizard himself is keeping the dimensional rift open. So as long as he is alive you are able to enter Another Dimension where you will encounter Yielothax, strange and tough creatures with rare loot. Also, you might come across the Uniwheel, a very specific Mount. Killing yielothax will also weaken the raging mage and if a certain number of them has been slain, the raging mage can be defeated and you can get your hands on his unique loot. However, the dimensional rift will break down soon after killing the mage and players will have to leave the dimension until the raging mage will return and restore the portal.


Note: you must have completed the mission 2 of The New Frontier Quest to access the Mage's Tower.

First ask a guide about the Mage Tower. If the Raging Mage is at his tower, you can proceed.

Travel to the Zao Steppe and go to the ramp here. Climb it until you reach the top level, where you will meet Death Blobs on each of the levels except the top where you will meet the mage and find the portals.

The Energized Raging Mage will be on the top floor. While he can be killed, he does not drop loot and will resurrect immediately unless his power is weakened. You can ignore him and go through the portal to another dimension where you will encounter Yielothaxes and may find a Uniwheel to tame. In order for the Raging Mage to spawn your server will have to kill 2000 Yielothaxes (before update 9.2, only 300 were needed to be killed). Then, the Energized Raging Mage will be weakened and when killed will resurrect once more but weaker as a Raging Mage. Once killed, the portal to another dimension will become destabilized and will collapse in five minutes, until the next Server Save.

Furthermore, in order to be able to fight with the Raging Mage, you need to have killed at least 250 Yielothaxes. Otherwise, if you didn't kill the required 250 Yielothaxes, you will get a message when you try to enter the tower when Raging Mage has spawned.

You have not proven worthy in the dimensional struggle against the yielothax.

After you kill Energized Raging Mage and he changes into the Raging Mage a message appears:

"GNAAAAAHRRRG!! WHAT? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!! I... I feel the energies crawling away... from me... DIE!!!!

Once the Raging Mage is dead another message appears:

I WILL RETURN!! My death will just be a door to await my homecoming, my physical hull will be... my... argh...

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