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The lost order of the nightmare knights
The order of the nightmare knights was suposedly founded by some mystics and elffriends in ancient times. They were a constant source of trouble due to their prophecys of doom and frightening the good citizens of thais with their storys. So one of the thaian kings in his generosity gave them a pice of land near the area that later should become known as plains of havoc. The noble king saw it as both, a challenge to the order to proove their seriousness and as a trainingground to achive even more insight in the workings of fate. Though many did not understand the wise king in those days and plead the order not to leave, the order of the nightmares left the capital and only a few left the order frightened and exeposed as cowards.
After a while more and more warriors flocked to the order and embraced their strange teachings. Most came for the challenge provided by the nearby plains and its monsters, and the order of doom-prophets became more and more a mockery. The king knew they would eventually fail and did not forbid the foolish to join them. In the end the order was extingiushed in some neeadless battle against undead they provoked (probably pursuing some of their dubious prophecies). Still the wise king had long enough put the misguided there as a shield for the newly founded stelement of venore. In the end only the foresight of the clever king came true. The order did fade away as he expected, unable to live up to their loofty goals but at least their misguided energy was not wasted but used to further the prosperity of the thaian realm.

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