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The lost garden
Princess Maharuh was said to be the kindest creature that ever walked the earth. She was dearly loved both by her people and by the djinns. One day as the princess wept because of all the pain and the evil ways of the world the djinns came to comfort her. And since they loved her so much they called upon their powers to grow a garden of magnificent beauty. From now on, Maharuh visited her enchanted garden whenever she was sad, and she never went there but a smile came to her face, and she found new strength to continue her work with renewed vigour and inspiration. But humans grow old and weary, and time did not fail to do its cruel work on fair Princess Maharuh. As she grew old her visits to the garden became less and less frequent and one day when she laid down to rest underneath her favourite tree she never woke up again. The garden was perhaps the most valuable thing she left behind, and it was certainly the one she had held dearest while still alive. But her people did not share her love for nature's beauty, and all they saw was a splendid example of horticulture that could be turned into money. Soon after her death a merchant caravan came, and the strangers offered great sums for the garden and for all that belonged to it. They dug out the trees and took the fruit because they believed they could rebuild the garden in their native land. However, soon after the caravan had left the city a terrible sandstorm arose. After the storm had cleared the caravan was gone and with it all that was left of the garden.

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