Property Value
Est. Length 10 minutes
Quest Log Adventurers Guild (Quest)
Level 0
(200+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active


Help a merchant find out what happened to his brother who followed a beautiful woman into a luxurious palace.


Tiquanda, Asura Palace.


3000 experience points, ability to trade with Tarun, a Red Gem, and the achievement Lost Palace Raider (if the further requirements are met).

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Go and find Tarun in the Tiquanda jungle. He is located near the Kha'zeel Pass, here. Ask for a mission and he will tell you that he wants you to find his brother, who gave in to temptation when a beautiful woman tried to lure him into a luxurious palace. Accept the mission and walk north to reach the Asura Palace. Be careful when entering, though, as many Dawnfire Asuri, Midnight Asuri, Frost Flower Asuri and Hellspawns reside here.

Fight your way up to the fourth floor and walk on Some Cracks in the northeastern part of the room. You will fall down into a room containing two Massive Fire Elementals. Kill them or ignore them and walk south of the Skeleton (Object). The message You stumble over some old bones. Something is carved into the stone wall here: 'Tarun, my brother, you were right. She's evil.' will appear and your quest log will be updated. Go back to Tarun and say mission again. He will be sad to hear his brother has died but will recompense you for your efforts with a Red Gem and 3000 experience points. If you have previously completed the Asura Palace Quest you will also receive the achievement Lost Palace Raider.


Asking for the mission

Player: hi
Tarun: Greetings!
Player: mission
Tarun: My brother is missing. I fear, he went to this evil palace north of here. A place of great beauty, certainly filled with riches and luxury. But in truth it is a threshold to hell and demonesses are after his blood. ...
Tarun: He is my brother, and I am deeply ashamed to admit but I don't dare to go there. Perhaps your heart is more courageous than mine. Would you go to see this place and search for my brother?
Player: yes
Tarun: I thank you! This is more than I could hope!

When returning with the bad news

Player: hi
Tarun: Greetings!
Player: mission
Tarun: So, he is dead as I feared. I warned him to go with this woman, but he gave in to temptation. My heart darkens and moans. But you have my sincere thanks. ...
Tarun: Without your help I would have stayed in the dark about his fate. Please, take this as a little recompense.

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