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Basin creatures: [[Duskbringer]]
Basin creatures: [[Duskbringer]]
[[File:Magician quarter basin.jpg|120px]]
[[File:Magic quarter hellspawns.png|100px]]
[[File:Magic quarter hellspawns.png|100px]]

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The Lightbearer event is an event occurring in November in which participants must keep torches lit. It was first introduced in 2009 (Link to Official News) but already tested in the tester server preceding the summer update of 2009 and again in the test server preceding the autumn patch of 2009.

The event consists of keeping 10 different Lightbringer's Basins burning for 96 hours.
Each player can use each of them only once within 5 days. The torch is used to keep the Lightbringer's Basins burning and vanishes in 24 hours.

After using your magical torch on the basins you have a chance to get 5 minutes of respawn. Creatures that respawn depends on what basin you are and they can come in packs from 1 to 5.

The event requires a lot of teamwork and organization specially on servers with not many people.

Basins locations

There are 10 Lightbringer's Basins:

Formogar Glacier

Basin creatures: ?

You will face Crystal Spiders, Ice Golems, Wyverns and Mammoths on the way to basin.

Go north from depot/carpet, use levitate on the blue spots, red spot is the basin
Lightbearer Formorgar Basin 1 Lightbearer Formorgar Basin 2 Lightbearer Formorgar Basin 3

Outside Knightwatch Tower (plains of havoc)

Basin creatures: Midnight Warrior

Map plainsofhavoc lightbrearer

Forbidden Lands (near behemoth cave)

Basin creatures: Midnight Spawn

Dwacatra Prison (most northern point)

Basin creatures: ?

Dwacarta Map Lightbearer

Bonebeast Island

Basin creatures: Shadow Hound

BB Island lightbearer

Edron Demon single spawn (not in demon room)

Basin creatures: Herald of Gloom

Drefia near Necromancer Quest

Basin creatures: Acolyte of Darkness

Drefia lightbearer

Hellgate library floor

Basin creatures: Nightslayer

Hellgate Lightbearer

Tarpit Tomb (first hunting floor, a bit northwest of entrance)

Basin creatures: ?

Tarpit tomb lightbearer

Magician Quarter (Hellspawns)

Basin creatures: Duskbringer

Magician quarter basin Magic quarter hellspawns


Failing leads to raids of Essences of Darkness in every city.
Winning leads to raids of Spirits of Light in every city, and the possibility to get rewards.

Bad Side

If the event is failed, the following creatures can be fought on the bad side of the Temple of Light:

Bad Side Creatures

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Eclipse Knight Eclipse Knight 4650 45000 --/--
Gloombringer Gloombringer 6000 50000 --/--
Harbinger of Darkness Harbinger of Darkness 8700 120000 --/--
  • This creature drops no loot.
Spawn of Despair Spawn of Despair 2550 35000 --/--
  • This creature drops no loot.

They deal a lot of damage, have a lot of hitpoints, and are not intended to be killed (although it is technically possible to kill them).

Good Side

If the event ends in success, the following creatures can be fought on the good side of the Temple of Light:

Good Side Creatures

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Weak Eclipse Knight Weak Eclipse Knight 4650 5550 --/--
Weak Gloombringer Weak Gloombringer 6000 6000 --/--
Weak Harbinger of Darkness Weak Harbinger of Darkness 8700 15000 --/--
Weak Spawn of Despair Weak Spawn of Despair 2550 2500 --/--

They don't deal as much damage and have good loot.


Rewards may include a trophy with descriptive text, such as a Golden Fafnar Trophy, a Silver Fafnar Trophy or a Silver Lightbearer's Trophy, other items are expected with the trophies. Rewards can only be gotten if the game world succeeds in the event.

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