The brown book is found on the Isle of the Kings;
The red book is found on Kharos.

The liberators of the spark by Sericos
Also known as liberators of light and several similar names this Banor sect is dedicated to the so called 'liberation of the godly spark' from the unworthy. In theory they agree upon the doctrine of the Banor cult that each human and probably some of the non-human races are born with a part of the divine essence in them. Whereas other cults are dedicated to make this spark flourish for the good of the individual or civilisation, the liberators argue that certain persons are not worthy of the godly spark and it is better to set the divine essence free by killing them in ritual combat. Certain splintergroups of the liberators go even further and claim that a person can claim the divine essence of those slain to strengthen themselves. So this heresy led to two equally dangerous and forbidden subsects of the banor cult. While the original heretics killed only criminals after their foundation, the term 'unworthy' soon became more widely defined, and they began to slay cowards and everyone they considered weak. The so-called 'new liberators' brought this heresy to another equally mad degree. They argue that if you can claim the divine spark of others by killing them you should not target the weak, but the mighty. They 'honor' their victims in duels and admittedly more then one new liberator met his well deserved end at the swordtip of an opponent far superior to him. Still there ARE a considerable number of new liberators around and doing their perverted work for their god. The church of Banor in turn has outlawed both heresies and affiliation with either of those sects is punished with lifelong laborcamp or execution.

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