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The Legend of the Frostheart
As the frost walked the lands to put everything under a thorny blanket of ice crystals, he came to the house of the fisher Marl. He had seen the frost coming already from a good distance but he did not flee. Instead he took out his lute and started to play a lovely and solemn tune. The frost, who was quite tired from his long walk, could not resist and fell asleep. Quickly Marl put his hand into the frost's chest and stole his heart. With the heart in his hands, Marl also had the powers of the frost. So he constructed himself a palace completely made of ice and ruled over a land where every day was spring. As the the neighbouring king heard about this, he got envious and decided to invade the kingdom of Marl with his army. But Marl's people were peaceful and were not trained in any fighting. So the army reached the castle of Marl almost unchallenged. And Marl came out of the castle, pleading the army to leave. But they laughed at him and demanded his surrender. Then Marl took the frost's heart and threw it to the ground where it shattered. In that very moment everything on both realms was frozen with a thick layer of ice and each and everyone died. And the frost returned to power, but without a heart he was even more merciless than before.

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