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The Larokhon are entities made up entirely of wind and of heat. They appear to be nothing but mere blurs in the sand, and those who are unfortunate enough to see them believe their eyes just played tricks on them. But then, the Larokhon are rarely ever seen by mortals since they shun daylight. They prefer those twilight moments when there is still some warmth left from a scorching day although night has clearly fallen. This is the time when the Larokhons' move from their secret hideouts to prey on unwary dreamers that are haunted by nightmares. Their sense of smelling fear is infallible, and once they have found their prey a mere crack in a wall is large enough for them to enter. Once they are close to their victims they feast on their innermost fears, evoking images of horror and despair that are so horrible that they often cause the dreamer's death. So take this word of warning, traveller: Beware the nights that are hot and windless, for a mere breeze of hot air may cause your demise.

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