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The lamp of Tazur was made of finest gold by the most skilled goldsmith of the land. He bound one of the mightiest and most evil djinn into it. The djinn was forced to do his every bidding. Using his power the artisan defeated legions of enemies. He even travelled to distant Drefia which in those days was at the zenith of its glory, and he met many necromancers who were willing to share their knowledge with him. This way he became even more powerful. Using stolen lifeforce he lived longer than any man was meant to live, and with his own eyes he saw the might of his necromancer allies decline. Legend has it that one day the djinn of good decided to stop the outrageous cabals of Drefia. Other stories say that it was in fact the evil djinn who saw their power threatened by it. Whatever the true cause might be, one night a star fell down from the sky and smashed most of Drefia, breaking its evil power forever, and the goldsmith finally met his fate. His most prized treasure, the lamp of Tazur was lost that night. It is said that it is still there somewhere, hidden on the ocean bed, waiting for a new owner.

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